NSA Spying Declared Legal and the Third Jihad War Continues

US District Judge William Pauley has determined that when it comes to the NSA violating the 4th Amendment, it is constitutional to do so in the name of security against terrorism. While they violate the rights of citizens of the United States, Islamic subversive activities continue using taxpayer-funded programs operating charter schools, operating Islamic militant training camps [reported in 2009] across America [2012 report], and Islamic organizations infiltrating the infrastructure of government and society; just as it has been doing in Europe with progressive-liberal blessing. This turning of head by our government did not begin during Obama’s administration, but during the Bush administration. No one is listening to security analyst experts like Clare Lopez and think tanks like the Clarion Project. Islamic attacks upon Christians and Jews continue, no actions taken by the useless organization called United Nations and those that operate our government take sides with the Muslim Brotherhood instead of those being persecuted and attacked by Muslim organizations.


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The US Democratic Party was fervent in seeking impeachment hearings for Richard Nixon for covering up and lying to Americans for only one scandal incident. Today the DNC in order to insure that their political entity remains strong in Congress [and White House] who recently have communicated to the people [via email] that if they lost elections in 2014 that Obama will be impeached by Republicans.

The progressive-liberals side with those against the fundamental freedom that the framers of the Constitution made law and deny that the Jihad War has been declared by Islamic fundamentalists more than a decade ago – and continues using every subversive tactic to realize their goal of world domination. As in the medieval period of human history, Islam intends to implement world theocracy by the sword and deceit. In the 1980s this subversion has infiltrated Western civilization of Europe and discovered by the FBI in 1988. None of it has been taken seriously, but US District Judge has declared that the NSA has the right to spy on all Americans in the name of national security.

Islamic organizations demand tolerance, but offers none to anything other than their theocracy. Christians are reprimanded for open pray in US public schools and at the same time are teaching the fundamentals of Islam in the name of diversity and understanding. The Supreme Court prohibited school prayer in two decisions – one in 1962 and in 1963 stating that it violated the 1st Amendment. Apparently that decision only concerns Christians and not Muslims.

Clarion Project put together a film that examines the history leading up to events today entitled The Third Jihad. …

Progressive-liberals are afraid of Christians having any majority in the US, a religion who certainly has a checkered history; but who does not commit violent acts as a religious organization against other religions – something that cannot be said of Islam organizations.

Iran, one of the biggest threat to world peace has been appeased by President Obama in the name of diplomacy, et cetera.

Meanwhile, major media networks are part of the problem.

Long overdue, Congress requires a thorough cleaning and this step can be taken in the coming new year of 2014 elections.

The ball is in the court of We the People.

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