Corruption Runs in the Jackson Family

Ripping off the taxpayers seems to run in the family, as Judicial Watch reported back in August of this soon to end year – 2013 …

Although disgraced Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. suddenly developed a “mood disorder” as the feds were about to indict him, he qualifies for generous government disability payments because it’s considered a debilitating mental illness. Of interesting note is that Jackson Jr., sentenced this week to 2 ½ years in prison for corruption, never showed any symptoms of a “mood disorder” during his 17 years as a federal lawmaker. The mental illness surfaced abruptly last summer as the congressman, a member of Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list, was about to get criminally charged. … Junior’s wife, Sandi, a former Chicago City Councilwoman, is also going to jail for falsifying tax returns to cover up the illicit operation. They were sentenced on the same day, how special. With both parents going to the slammer, who knows what will happen to the Jacksons’ young children. A Chicago newspaper summed it up best in this headline: “Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife Sandi: From power couple to prison inmates.”

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Jackson Jr will be eligible for $8,700 per month in disability payment while incarcerated – AND – because We the People allow elected officials to collect pensions courtesy of the taxpayers, he will get $45,000 in pension payment unless Congress takes it away from him. No elected official should collect pension for their government service as a politician, and there should be term limits to ensure that they cannot vote themselves pensions. As far as Mrs. Jackson’s tax liability/cheating: now you know why politicians do not want to get rid of the income tax system, because no one can cheat than the Fair Tax system proposed to replace it.

Thanks to Joan B in Illinois for passing this bit of information via Judicial Watch.