Michele Obama Follows Her Husband’s Lead

It seems the “first lady”, Michelle Obama is doing as well with her programs as her husband is with healthcare. When Barack first became president she appointed herself food czar ind created a lunch program for government-controlled schools. The program served an awful gruel to school children that became an embarrassment because children would toss it in the trash because it was so disgusting. One student in Kentucky described it as tasting like vomit. [See Michelle’s lunch program sucks] The government school lunch program has the same effect as I experience when reading the Daily Kos – the Democratic-Socialist mouthpiece of the United States.

The Federal Healthy Lunch program wasted taxpayer dollars and was disastrous. Unabashed, she is now on a Drink Up campaign, promoting it while visiting in a rally in Watertown, Wisconsin; when she stated:

Water is so basic, and because it is so plentiful, sometimes we just forget about it amid all the ads we watch on television and all the messages we receive every day about what to eat and drink.

Meanwhile the federal government is scheming and planning to raise money to pay for ObamaCare that still doesn’t work and delivers none of the promises Obama and friends said it would produce. Plan on higher government fees and taxes, folks – on top of your more expensive healthcare which will end up practically nobody will be able to afford healthcare insurance. Just recently, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor put a stop to the part of Obamacare that requires birth-control coverage – at least temporarily. To bad the justices aren’t doing their job and declare the entire Affordable Healthcare Act unconstitutional – which it IS. BH Obama is supposed to be a constitutional expert – and he should know that; but he, like too many lawyers, are trained to seek loopholes in laws instead of complying with them. So, lesson learned: DON’T VOTE FOR LAWYERS.

When voting for congressional members who want to be elected or reelected – make sure they are constitutionalists and are determined to get rid of the Affordable Healthcare Act whose title is a lie in itself and will always be though of as “Obamacare” – part of his list of failures and legacy.

If government officials would not spend so much time figuring out ways to run our lives instead of how best to operate the government – the United States would be the better for it.