Year 2014 Could Be a Landmark Year, IF …

Bkgrd_ChimpTypingThe New Year is here – 2014. We all have to remember to put the correct year when writing checks, as so happens every year.

ron_paul_desk1As we depart from the New Year celebrations, many hoping that this year will be better than the last, we must begin to prepare for the dreaded time of year when we are forced to fill out paperwork or spend at least thirty minutes online to send the required forms of the draconian income tax system. It is a great scam, looking from different views. People actually think it is a good system because many of us get refunds, which in reality is money that the government took all year that under the system is “over-payment” of taxes, forcefully taken from your earned income, without paying any interest on the money held. If you do not meet the deadline in April to file, you will be charged interest AND penalty fees – plus the amount the IRS says you owe.

Owing money can come unexpectedly because the IRS changes the rules constantly, which is why the tax code is so long and complex that even those working for the IRS cannot fully comprehend it. If you paid taxes all year and find out it is not enough for the IRS, you may be charged a penalty for underpayment. Many people try to ensure that the government is overpaid in taxes to avoid that penalty, but once again, government does not provide interest for holding your money for a year.

On the Coronation of Lord Obama

The income tax system is presumably set up to be “fair” – but it is far from it. It is a system that supports the concept of redistribution of income via a government who cannot balance its own books, but demands that you do. The second unfairness is that those that make more, pay more; which in reality they are paying for those that pay very little or nothing at all after they receive their refund checks.

Govt Watch: Obama File - December 3rd 2009Without income tax, but an alternate consumption flat-rate tax, the only deduction from your paycheck would be social security and medicare payments towards retirement age, which the government raises every so often. Politicians blame the baby boomers, a large amount of people reaching retirement age for the lack of funds in the Social Security Trust account; when in reality Congress [both sides of the political fence] have been stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Ignorant, government-school educated people actually believe that nonsense and are angry at seniors of the “baby boomer” crowd because they might not get their social security [they are paying for all their working lives, if they are working] payments. They totally ignore logic and facts: baby boomers have been paying into the social security system all of their working lives. When someone pays into a retirement system, they certainly have the right to expect to collect – just as the spoiled “ME” generation angrily declares. Instead of blaming the poorly managed system on those operating OUR government, they astonishingly blame the scapegoat that liars have targeted.

Brainwashing, lies repeated enough to get people to believe, works, as communism and fascism proved in history.

Ron Paul has been fighting against the Federal Reserve system for decades, pointing out clearly that it is an institution that has no oversight, and when a congressional committee asks who is in charge they either don’t answer or state they do not know. Mr. Paul was not elected as President of the United States nor did the congressional committee follow-up on their inquiries with a complete audit of the Federal Reserve.

Griffin_04The Federal Reserve was set up when income tax was established, the 16th Amendment was allegedly ratified, and the bankers met on Jekyll Island to plan their coup to control government. Indeed, it was also clearly explained in the book by G. Edward Griffin entitled The Creature From Jekyll Island.

The Federal Reserve prints money even though they have no specie [gold] in Fort Knox to back it up. The Federal Reserve, in conjunction with banks and financial institutions have a real good system set up, good for them: if they screw up the government bails them out with taxpayer funds. Meanwhile, the taxpayer must deal with financial institutions that pay less than one penny on the dollar on interest and then tell you that you must have a certain amount in the bank or pay a minimum balance fee. People are beginning to think like folks in the 1930s where their money is better off hidden under our mattresses or in a secret place in our houses and property – if we can afford to keep them.

More people have credit card accounts than savings accounts. I wonder why? The United States is toward the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to citizens savings among nations of the world. I wonder why?

constitutionallawThe year 2014 is a congressional election year folks, and We the People must insist that only constitutionalists apply. Most in Congress, on both sides of the political fence do not deserve reelection – just for passing the Affordable Healthcare Act [“Obamacare”] alone; and allowing the president to have carte blanche when it comes to issuing mandates without congressional approval.

We need constitutionalists, not lawyers and political prostitutes, to operate our government. We need people to finally review and pass the Fair Tax Act that has languished in Congress since 2002 that would effectively and efficiently replace the income tax system to a consumption tax where those that can afford it will automatically pay more because they spend more and everyone pays the same tax rate. In effect, the people will have more control of their money depending upon their spending habits. The cost of bureaucracy upon the private sector would be greatly reduced because of this – AND – your employer will only have to deduct social security and medicare [unless Congress figures out another way] without costly paperwork and draconian tax system. This means that your employer would more likely to be able to afford better healthcare insurance and pay more into it, which is part of your wages and salaries. Abolish_IRS_5No longer will private sector businesses be the government’s tax collector [unpaid tax collector] – except to just collect state and federal consumption tax. Believe me when I say that when the federal government rids us of the income tax, state governments will follow soon after, as some already have, relying solely upon consumption tax to operate the state government – and not both income and consumption tax by a thing called budgeting. Most importantly: the IRS would be limited to an auditing agency and not an American Gestapo, used by government to intimidate and reduce political opposition via the executive branch – as the Obama IRS scandal has proven.

In the Fair Tax system things like food and home purchases will be tax exempt and those who fall below a certain income will get an additional break. Yet, such a system will see a better economy; especially if after the 16th Amendment is repealed and Fair Tax Act is passed, Congress begins to work on fixing, replacing, or repealing bad legislation in the past. That includes, foremost, Obamacare, which requires repealing not fixing. A better economy means people can afford to spend more and more often, which stimulates the economy far better than the government “stimulus” packages that only help businesses “too big to fail”. They know government will bail them out when they grow reckless. Yet, those businesses are also at the hands of draconian bureaucracy of the federal government – a growing, unlimited government instead of what the framers of the Constitution set up.


John LInder (R-GA) 2000
150,00 page vs. 135 pages – No Brainer!

The only problem I see about the present Fair Tax Act bill [H.R. 25] is that it was raised from 21% to 23%, and the original bill [1999] sponsored by John Linder [one of the few lawyers in Congress that was actually helpful] former Republican of Georgia representative had planned initially 21% and gradually reducing to 15% as the economy stabilized and a chunk of deficit was reduced. Another plus is that it inadvertently demands or requires that Congress actually budget the peoples’ tax funds! This bill has repeatedly been introduced and not even George W. Bush would push it, despite promising to “look into it”. Neither political party establishment entities want to “rock the boat” in Washington, DC because they would lose control.

And mentioning control, first government controlled your income along with the banks having a foothold, then they controlled industry, especially the automobile industry through unions and bailouts; now the feds have control of our healthcare – and the majority of Americans [even if you do not count fraudulent voting] does NOTHING.

There should be demonstrations outside Capitol Hill every day until those elected start doing their job they are paid for; and even that is a scam because people ELECTED are receiving pensions after only serving two or three terms! It has nothing to do with age and they certainly do not increase the factors of qualifications like they do for social security.

Realizing that they pass bad legislation, congressional members and their staff, including the president made themselves exempt until the people demanded that they must suffer the results of bad legislation with the rest of us.

NewYear-animated_01The year 2014 CAN be a landmark year – the year of the slow process of the return of the constitutional republic from the corruption and greed we see today. But it can only happen if WE the People unite and do our duty by voting responsibly and logically and forget political party loyalties. Our first loyalty should be the Constitution and at the same time loyalty to each other as fellow citizens. This concerns people from all levels of income. This concerns all citizens who want their rights and liberties returned, to quit fighting other nations’ wars, to build a strong defense without so many bases scattered around the globe. We need a strong military but should no longer ask our volunteer armed forces to put life and limb on the line for another nation who will never appreciate it and end up hating us – or become a handout of foreign aid at the expense of American taxpayers.

We need to focus on fair trade, our economy, and national security that includes finally securing our borders from unwanted invaders who break our immigration laws under the pretense that it is their “right” to want a better life. I say make a better life in your own country, and if it is screwed up – fix it, no more handouts or forgiveness for breaking our laws and becoming invaders. There is a yearly allocation for a reason when it comes to legal immigration – it is called common sense: making sure there are jobs for those new folks who intend to become citizens here – not just come here, cause trouble, ask for welfare, and send billions of dollars back to their home country who they hold more loyal than the country that made their life better.

Our national security can be improved by ridding America of the Fifth Element, subversive organizations who secretly fund our enemies, openly conduct militant training intent to attack Americans and their infrastructure, and provide NO tolerance for a religion who gives no tolerance and promotes violence against other religions.

Viable Solutions Require Truthful Problem IdentificationFolks, We the People and our elected officials have much work to do in order to fix a problem that has snowballed over the past five decades and more. We need to educate our children and renew the qualities of family values and virtues that makes civilization strong. We need an educational system that promotes thinking outside the box, not what those that operate OUR government think they should believe. We need an educational system that prepares our youth for a career in whatever field they choose, and have the self-pride to do it to the best of their abilities – and those abilities can be very good with good education system. We need to teach youth that freedom of choice cannot, should not, be taken by any government – for all humanity must have it and that freedom of choice always comes with responsibility of accepting the consequences of our choices.

We the People can be united, yet still retain and return our individual liberties. Indeed, united means that we no longer judge people by their material wealth, their skin pigmentation, nor their ethnic background – but by their character, as MLK once clearly stated. We can no longer tolerate religious or faction entities that demand tolerance but provides none in return, and whose doctrine is hatred and violence towards anyone who does not believe what they believe. We need to accept legal immigrants heartedly, but with a determination to demand that they, in return, become citizens, learn our language and our constitutional law – and be loyal to fellow Americans and protect the US Constitution as is their duty. This means that when voting, use logic and do so responsibly – not letting the controlled media or political entities persuade them otherwise.

Will life be rosy after that?

No, oTea Party_01f course not, anyone who could promise perfection are either insane or up to something. However, we will have more control over our lives and by neighbor helping neighbor instead of the government – it will certainly be a better situation. It all depends if you apply yourself. Bring opportunity to those who are willing to work toward achieving it, not taking it from others. We need more pride in ourselves and self-sufficiency.

I thought the bottom hit when the people did not protest against a president lying about his adultery [which is also against the law] with a government intern, called fraternization in the military, and put himself above the law and exempt as commander-in-chief. Congress did not press the impeachment issue like they did with Richard M. Nixon. The Obama administration has clearly put itself into the most corrupt administration in our nation’s history. I am sure the problem is not just a racial issue, but the fact that the moron Vice President Biden would then become president.

Indeed, reports are circulating that the DNC is raising funds to prevent Obama impeachment. I doubt the Republicans would have the intestinal fortitude, especially with so many RINOs filling congressional seats. Would the incompetent in the administration finally get fired for their corruption and incompetence. Would Hillary Rodham Clinton finally answer for her part in the cause of the death of Ambassador Stevens and those who fought to protect him and their lives for seven hours until they were overrun, killed or injured? Did she insure that the cry for increased security and/or evacuation was in order? Does it matter, as she so viciously stated in a congressional hearing?

SAVE OUR REPUBLIC – please! Generations from now, who also do their duty and protect it, will thank you for your concerted efforts – just as I am thankful for the wisdom of the founders and framers of our Constitution.

Snippets: May 20th 2012