Obamacare Revelations

It seems the government, unlike the military, has not learned about Keep It Simple. As the so-called Obamacare continues to roll along, it just gets worse and more lies about it revealed.

Reneta Adamson, Patriot Update wrote on January 1st 2014:

Constitution 101: Judiciary of the United StatesThanks to OBRA 93 (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) passed by congress in 1993 and TEFRA 1982 (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act) TEFRA liens may be placed on real property in local land recording office.  This prevents the gifting of a home to a non-disabled adult child or any other person before the state can file a claim against the property. …
When an individual has a private health insurance company, the company is paid premiums which offset the expense of insuring individuals.  When that individual dies the insurance company will not come take the family home. No one would want to buy health insurance from a company that would come after the estate. So why is it okay for the government to come after the estate of Medicaid recipients? You might think that it is okay because they do not pay premiums. Think again. Many, if not most, Medicaid recipients do pay premiums.

With Obamacare the elderly who have been on Medicare will be rolled off of Medicare onto Medicaid. This is going to have an adverse effect on all Americans as we watch the government take the property of our loved ones as they pass.When the government gets in total control of the health care system, will MERP eventually apply to everyone? Now a “Death Tax” is just a little something to think about.

Obamacare worksRemember when in the 2000 presidential election [and 2008 & 2012] when the Democrats made the big lie that the Republicans were out to screw seniors out of their Medicare? It seems it was a coverup of what the Democrats had in mind, but in effect they were correct because of the RINOs in Congress who allowed Obamacare to pass.

While the government comes up with ways to screw over its citizen taxpayers, Obama writes checks [from an account that does not have the specie to back it up] to foreign nations and foreign programs like AIDS, and supplies arms to enemies of the Free World Let’s not forget that the US is deep in debt to the biggest entity and enemy of US: China. Remember this and vote responsibly this year of congressional elections.

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