Constitutional Republic Replaced with Executive Monarchy

georgewashington_04George Washington had the opportunity to be a king, monarchy of the newly founded United States of America. But he didn’t because he knew throughout history that a monarchy or any type of leadership of a country that was not elected would end up like Britain in the 18th century.

John Locke was a British philosopher, an Oxford academic and medical researcher. He was considered a genius of his time (b. 1632, d. 1704). He was influential to the American colonist leadership, especially Thomas Jefferson.

Many are familiar with the Federalist Papers, written in pseudonym by Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and John Jay. Not as many are familiar with the Anti-Federalist Papers, a collection of articles written in opposition to some of the content of the Federalist Papers and questions concerning some ratifications of the articles of the US Constitution of 1787. Technically the Federalist Papers were afterthought and after-action reports to clarify why the articles of the US Constitution were written as they are. The Anti-Federalist Papers were also written under pen names by George Clinton, Robert Yates, Samuel Bryan and possibly Richard Henry Lee or Mercy Otis Warren with speeches inserted by Patrick Henry and Melanction Smith.

In Anti-Federalist No. 14 and Anti-Federalist No. 35, it explains [warns] about property rights, which provides knowledge of why citizens today have lost those rights. Anti-Federalist No. 24 and No. 25 provides an argument against a standing army, which was the main reason the Second Amendment is worded the way it is. While it was expected to have a small standing army to ensure quick defense measures, every citizens was expected to be part of the national militia to protect the Constitution and thus their rights and liberties as well as the government, both state and federal. In addition, the Second Amendment was a deterrent measure in case the government became tyrannical. Anti-Federalist No. 35 and No. 74 warns of allowing unrestrained federal taxation. Federalist No. 33 also covers that important issue.

270760When President Clinton succeeded in not getting impeached for his adulterous affair with a White House intern and lying under oath [while Clinton’s political party succeeded with Nixon], it gave the message of what We the People allowed to take place: the President of the United States is above the law.

When GW Bush was president, the bias media had a field day on everything he did; however, he like others before him, allowed transgression against civil liberties in the name of national security, refused to audit and control the Federal Reserve and refused to take a stand against the draconian and unfair taxation of the income tax system – among other things.

President Obama has transgressed against the Constitution more than any other president, and history will prove the most corrupted administration in our nation’s history. The executive branch of government, part of three branches in order to maintain a check-and-balance system that is no longer working because We the People have allowed the executive branch, the office of the White House and President of the United States to continue unchecked in terms of limited powers prescribed in the US Constitution. We also allowed political parties, the two traditional ones, to maintain its monopoly in the political arena and at the same time making political parties entities to receive the loyalties of the voters – instead of the loyalty and duty of preserving and protecting the US Constitution and its amendments called the Bill of Rights. President Obama has set himself up as above the law and citizens have and are allowing it.

Frank Prochaska wrote about the background in forming the constitutional republic, not a democracy as they have been teaching for so long no one understands.

We must stop treating our presidents as royalty, and instead the leader of the executive branch, that includes the armed forces, who is answerable to the People and Congress. We have also failed because we have allowed Congress to accept the nomination of Supreme Court justices and federal judges that have made decisions based upon consensus, foreign laws, and political ideology instead of the articles and amendments of the US Constitution.

Our government has become that which Benjamin Franklin feared when he was doubtful that our republic would last. He was man who had worked his way from poverty to a man with many talents and understood the weakness of human nature. Thus, our government has become what the founders and framers of our Constitution worked so hard to get away from – an elected monarchy. Even the word “elected” has become a question mark as the voting system has progressively been corrupted and diluted to the point that citizens have given up their voting rights.

Our society has changed greatly since 1787, some for the good, but progressively worse because we have come to think that standard international values, family values and individual morality is no longer meaningful for a successful society and is dubbed by the politically correct as “old school” or out of touch. They could never be so wrong.

Button_Monk-reading_animatedNo matter how far technology progresses, along with civilization, the basic virtues of the Golden Rule and the nine commandments in the Judeo-Christian laws apply just as the articles and amendments of the US Constitution do. They are timeless and apply to any generation. I only exclude the first commandment on the principle of the people’s right to choose to believe in religion or not. Unfortunately, those that do not believe try to persuade the majority of the people who by exercising faith in one religion is against other religions. That is not the way rights and liberties were established. We have the freedom of choice, but do not want to accept the responsibilities for doing so. Truth is, if a right transgress against another citizen’s rights, it cannot be accepted. For example, declaring that it is unlawful for a military service member to pray or adhere to their faith; thus giving in to homosexuals who demand that Christians be silent concerning their doctrine that states that homosexuality is sinful. In the past, homosexuals were not allowed in the military for reasons other than religious doctrine – it was common sense. In a close atmosphere of military life, homosexuality would be not acceptable in dealing with discipline, for example. Fraternization is unlawful in the US Military Code of Justice. This brings back the statement against William Clinton as president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces: he did not apply the law he signed to be obeyed by his armed forces to himself. If a general did what Bill Clinton was found guilty of, at a minimum he would have been relieved of command and his military career would be over. But not the commander-in-chief, because he was an elected monarchy chosen by the people in an election.

We the People need to ask ourselves as the US Constitution gets more irrelevant: are we going to begin reforming ourselves, our society, in order to demand reformation of our government back to a constitutional republic for which it was formed? Only We the People, a united people of legal citizens can make that reformation work. We certainly cannot rely upon those presently “serving” in our Congress, White House, and court systems to be instrumental in such a reformation – not without pressure from the people, unified regardless of race, creed or religion [or no religion]. We can start by pressuring the media and the entertainment industry and show that we want virtues like honor and integrity brought back into the mainstream of our society. You do not have to be religious to have morals, for morals in the form of the Golden Rule is international.

The founders regarded the freedom of choice as given by the Creator, thus no government or organization can take it away. But since our society has become dependent upon the few of us who operate our government, we have forsaken freedom of choice – because then we are no longer responsible for those choices.

Thomas Jefferson and other founders, emphasized the importance of education and that education must always include discussion, open-minded thinking, and thinking out of the box – not what is prescribed by the minority who operate our government. That education must also include the classics, because wisdom is never outdated. If you, We the People, cannot trust the education thrust upon us by those in control of the education system, then it is time to educate ourselves and ensure that those that lead in our educational system are as wise as those who established our nation and conceived the articles and amendments of the US Constitution. By doing so, this generation and those that follow can maintain that wisdom and create new wisdom. We can live our lives in individual freedom, only collective when we look at ourselves as a people of a nation – unified under a constitution that applies to everyone and need not be interpreted to mean anything besides what is written or tailored to whatever political ideology someone comes up with.

preamble_to_the_united_states_constitution1In the oath of enlistment for US Armed Forces, the support and defence of the Constitution of the United States is mentioned before “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me …” In the Uniform Code of Military Justice, every member of the Armed Forces can respectfully decline unlawful orders given my their superiors – and that includes the President of the United States.

The unconstitutional status we have provided for the executive branch, specifically the President of the United States, was one of the reasons why the founders were leery of a standing army. And those qualms have been reinforced during this executive administration who provided a questionnaire to military members that included a question whether they would follow an order to commit violence against citizens of the United States.

There are many unanswered questions about corruption within our federal government, and since this is an election year for members of Congress – We the People must ensure that those who are elected will get answers and do what the constitution prescribes: begin impeachment hearings and trials against corrupt officials within that executive branch until the government once again becomes a constitutional government and our nation once again a constitutional republic.

vote-smart-buttonWe need congressmen and congresswomen [especially in the Senate] who:

  • Believe that they should receive salaries according to the US Constitution and NOT receive retirement funds paid for by the taxpayers, for no elected official should receive such pension, unless it falls under the Social Security system or a private retirement investment program they pay into.
  • Believe that life terms in Congress is counter-productive instituting the “business as usual” mentality we are now experiencing; and that, like the President of the United States, there must be a term limitation.
  • Believe that the IRS is a powerful organization that puts itself above constitutional law and must be changed to be a limited audit agency; and that the income tax system is intrusive, unfair and puts an unnecessary strain upon the economy and prosperity of citizens, requiring replacement to a consumer tax with a fixed rate. Repeal the 16th Amendment – replace it with responsible tax system that works for everyone.
  • Believe that a welfare system should be limited and that system that is in place be a system that helps people help themselves – a hand up, not a hand out as the motto of Habitat for Humanity prescribes.
  • Demand that a full audit of the Federal Reserve be issued and work at removing its influence upon government policies that originate from financial institutions, and there will be no more “stimulus” or “bailout” programs that put the government deeper in debt and add a burden to the citizens. The “too big to fail” mentality is not applicable.
  • Strengthen the defensive posture of the armed forces and ensure that they receive the best medical care available, whether active or veteran when they are injured or disabled because of their service to our nation. A gradual reduction of forces and bases begin, which does not deter from defensive action or the ability to react to attacks upon the United States and its people, foreign or domestic. Strategic locations for quick response, bases manned by our armed forces should be greatly reduced and no longer involve our armed forces in other nations’ conflicts unless DIRECTLY against US interests and the well-being of American citizens.
  • Insist that the Mexican government aid the United States in deterring the influx of illegal aliens, and if not, consider it to be an invasion. Strengthen the border of our nation as Congress voted to do more than six years ago – and keep it secure.
  • No amnesty for illegal immigrants, only promise to deport and not imprison violators.
  • Ensure that the executive branch enforces immigration laws – and all other constitutional laws.
  • No longer accept nomination of judges or justices unless they are strict constitutionalists who do not interpret its articles and amendments according to the political wind or what foreign laws prescribe. Supreme Court decisions should be enacted with intent to follow constitutional law – not what they perceive it should be. If any justice in an interview in a foreign nation disavow the US Constitution – it should be considered a violation of that person’s oath and commitment to the Constitution – and be impeached immediately.
  • Legislation should be considered carefully and not rushed through for whatever reason, except in an actual emergency like declaration of war. No longer should bills be consolidated with separate subject material for that practice has created bad legislation. It is not the quantity of legislation that is passed, but the quality that is important.
  • Immediate repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act – no fixes required.
  • No longer will legislators or members of any other branches of the government put themselves above the law. Whatever they legislate applies to them as well – not just the populace at large.
  • Lobby system must be reformed or dissolved.

I am sure you can think of more … but this would be a good start on the road to bringing the greatness back to the US and what made it great in the first place.



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