Snippets: January 2014

  • In the US Senate, S.1845: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act was added to the Senate floor’s schedule and committees assigned to the bill was sent to the House/Senate for consideration on December 18th 2013. Meanwhile in the last month of 2013, the US economy added only 74,000 jobs, which of course has been blamed on the Republicans (although the “moderate” RINOs have been no help). More people gave up looking for work as the unemployment fell from 7% to 6.7%. The amount of Americans looking for work or working fell to 62.8%, close to a 35-year low. Economists expected to gain 200,000 jobs and the culprit is not through sorcery by the former president, GW Bush, but because of Obama policies and actions like Obamacare.
  • Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook wrote [01-10-2014) a great piece in behind-the-scenes moronic vice president, Joe Biden and his hand in the failure of missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Former Secretary of War who served in the Bush and Obama administration writes plainly in his book: Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary of War of the ineptitude of Obama and Biden in dealing with foreign affairs, as well as revealing Biden’s paranoia of the US Armed Forces and their personnel. He does not trust uniformed personnel, just like Hillary Clinton revealed when she was First Lady during the Clinton administration. VP Biden’s plan for Iraq was dividing the country into three ethnic regions. As a senator, Biden served two years as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, political analyzers state that was the only reason the class-clown senator was chosen to run as VP. The result is the recent fall of Fallujah and Ramadi to the al-Qaeda factions that was supposed to have been dissolved just because Osama bin Laden was killed, according to President Obama.
  • The progressive liberal sharks are out for political blood in the recent Christie scandal, releasing three political videos in the past few days. Gov. Chris Christie provided CNN the Obama line: I knew nothing about this. Washington Post reported that Gov. Christie apologized for the bridge scandal. Frankly, Christie is not a true republican and his constitutional record sucks. Because of his “moderate” politics, Democrats had been worried about Christie’s plan to run in the presidential election.
  • After seven months, the FBI may be starting a real investigation in the IRS targeting scandal. The federal government has given this agency that citizens look upon as an American Gestapo more power when the arm of the executive branch has plainly been building its power and revealing its corruption over the decades. Even the governor of Maine has described the IRS as the new Gestapo. The Tea Party movement and other citizen initiated organizations have demanded that the IRS be abolished. Instead, it has given it power over one-fifth of the US economy in the form of Obamacare penalties and fees to punish citizens for not having healthcare insurance, at least the kind that the government has unconstitutionally prescribed. Along with the 16th Amendment, more citizens are demanding the end to the hated IRS. No government, no organization or any individual should have the power to oversee your income – money YOU earned, grabbing it before you decide how to spend it. Progressive taxation is not only unfair, but it progressively establishes a system where more people pay less taxes [or after refund none at all], while everyone else covers the gap. Government demands control because it is an unconstitutional government, ignoring the limitations set upon government by the US Constitution, and that control begins and continues in increments. First establish a Federal Reserve run by financiers, then control labor through unions, which in turn ends up controlling the automobile and transportation industries, and now the healthcare and insurance industry. Using the IRS as a political tool is nothing new, it just has accelerated during the Obama administration, like other corruption and socialist agenda. Big Brother government is getting closer to reality thanks to Obama and friends. The Democratic Party is working at achieving political monopoly, which the Republican Party has been accused of (by Democrats) for years. Yet, even the Republican Party has failed in the gist of their political platform and the reason why they are called Republicans – as constitutional republicans, whose establishment has turned against true reform movements like the Tea Party. To call a constitutionalist a “radical” is like calling a nun a religious whore.
  • The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, who should have lost his job years ago (and should be imprisoned under his own “justice” system), confirmed that under federal law, same-sex marriages performed in Utah are recognized.

That’s the Snippets for January 2014.


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