Motto for 2014: Save Our Republic

What BH Obama really thinks about the US Constitution was stated in an interview on September 6th, 2001:

No man can well doubt the propriety of placing a president of the United States under the most solemn obligations to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution. It is a suitable pledge of his fidelity and responsibility to his country; and creates upon his conscience a deep sense of duty, by an appeal, at once in the presence of God and man, to the most sacred and solemn sanctions, which can operate upon the human mind.”
Joseph Story (1833)

Congress is not doing its job as a part of the check-and-balance system established by the framers of the US Constitution, and is not addressing serious issues and infractions of the Obama administration:

  • The IRS Scandal. The IRS needs to be abolished and certainly lose its authority.
  • Obama’s Justice Department has used its power illegally by seizing the personal phone records of Associated Press journalists, clearly violating the First Amendment. The Justice Department needs to answer for this and several other infractions that include the infamous Fast-N-Furious scandal, which caused the death of Mexican citizens and a US Border Patrol officer.
  • The White House and the Department of Justice has provided false information and has not made accessible witnesses of the scandalous and tragic Benghazi attack. The CIA knew immediately that it was an al-Qaeda planned attack to be made on September 11th, the anniversary of the Islamic fascist attacks on New York and Washington DC. Much information was “edited” to remove important information that would reveal what really happened; and coincidentally, Hillary Clinton decided to “retire” from her position as Secretary of State soon after the truth began to unfold. Her famous statement at a congressional hearing was “What difference at this point does it make?” Apparently no difference to her that her department which she was in charge of ignored the danger signals and pleas for beefed up security before the attack occurred and the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States ordered commanders near enough to react to “stand down”. This alone should have been grounds for an impeachment hearing – but it still hangs in the air and witnesses are not available to the “investigative” congressional committee.
  • Obama on several occasions has bypassed legislative authority and in 2010, he leaked an internal memo from the DHS that outlined a way to bypass Congress on this issue. He certainly knows his Constitution because it has been claimed he used to teach constitutional law, but his knowledge is used to figure ways to bypass it, not to uphold and protect it as his oath of office dictates. He constantly seeks and has manipulated the US Constitution and abused his presidential power of authority with executive orders.
  • The Affordable Health Care Act, known as “Obamacare” was something pushed extensively by Obama and his ilk in Congress. Congressman John Dingell stated concerning the wait until 2014: “It takes a long time to do the necessary steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.” Just as Speaker Pelosi stated the bill should be passed and then be read, the bill and the entire process has stunk from the beginning; so much so that some wonder if that was the plan all along – to fail and make the step for national healthcare complete, truly controlling the people by governing their healthcare needs. For example, refusing healthcare to citizens who own firearms or putting aside senior citizens who require necessary surgery. Obama’s HHS violates the 1st Amendment by forcing employers to cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives in health insurance that may be against their religious or moral objections. In addition, the Supreme Court has not performed its duties concerning the Obamacare bill that should have been rejected after it was signed by Obama. That is worse than when GW Bush passed the buck to the Supreme Court instead of vetoing the Patriot Act until it was rewritten.
  • Labor unions have slowly taken control when it comes to government employment, as well as adding to the corruption that has infiltrated the infrastructure in Washington DC. Unions receive special treatment under the law, and in some states it is impossible to work without becoming a member of a labor union. Obama and his administration no longer enforces laws requiring labor unions to report how they spend the dues of union members. Like the Federal Reserve, the labor unions no longer have accountability and it makes it less transparent when it comes to dirty dealings between politicians and labor union leaders.
  • Obama and company has bypassed Congress after it would not pass the “Cap and Trade” mandate, so the EPA started auctioning greenhouse allowances by imposing tax on emissions. This in turn raised the cost of energy, which fell into the lap of citizens. A clear instance of exceeding legal authority and a testament against having an energy department in the federal government.
  • The people should have known what type of government Obama and friends had in mind [Change] when in 2009, soon after the election of BH Obama as president, his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, said: “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.

The US Constitution was not set up to control the People, but to control those operating OUR government. This was accomplished by setting up a check system that would help government officials provide an oversight of government activities and keep track of what the departments and agencies are doing.

The Democrats in Congress in the 1970s had less charges (and less serious charges) against Richard Nixon, who resigned instead of going through the impeachment hearing process. When Bill Clinton went before an impeachment hearing, Congress did not follow through despite breaking several rules of conduct and committing perjury, which was the main charge against R. Nixon. Constantly, when GW Bush was president, there were cries of impeachment, mostly for signing the Patriot Act and constantly harassed by Democrats despite that the majority of Congress approved actions against the Saddam Hussein regime, falsely claiming that they were lied to as far as WMDs and biological weapon capability of the “Butcher of Baghdad”. They knew they didn’t have any facts based upon their claims, and some even stated that the 9/11 attack was staged by the Bush administration so they would have an excuse to go to war! Bush was constantly depicted as a Hitler on the Internet, but any such depictions of Obama is considered ‘racism’. Apparently rules only apply if an elected official is not a Democrat, closet racists.

Citizens have seen their tax money going to foreign countries, labor unions, bailouts for corporations “too big to fail” and financial institutions who control the Federal Reserve [not Congress]. The income tax system and the hated IRS still exists because it is an excellent means to control the people, as well as those who oppose the will and policies of tyrants in the executive branch.

The GOP establishment are no angels, for sure; however, citizens should be tired of being lied to and when elections come must choose the “lesser evil” – thanks to the corporate bias media’s manipulation and control of the campaign process. The voting process has been so lame that too many citizens have given up going to the voting poll places – giving up their right to vote, and thus providing an avenue for corruption to win. Those against fixing the voter registration method are clearly not wanting to fix the system that works so well for them, like dead people voting or one person voting more than once.

Truly, our beloved constitutional republic can not stand as this tide of corruption and unconstitutional actions take place.

This year is a congressional election year. I plead with all legal voters to do their duty and make their selections carefully. It does not matter what political club they belong to, independent candidates might be more appealing; but one thing is clear, we need true constitutionalists back in government. It will take some time and hard work to repair what has taken place over more than five decades. We need to get rid of congressional members who say and do things that are unbelievable – like Climate Change Will Increase Prostitution.

This year’s resolution for every legal citizen of the United States should be: Save Our Republic.

It can only happen as a united people, setting aside petty racial differences and start looking at each citizen as a fellow citizen from all walks of life, of every racial and ethnic group – and do their duty.

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