Eric Holder: Choosing Sides

Fast-Furious-MovieThe Knockout Game was created by an element of the black society, which, as the liberal-progressive, corporate media does – was significantly suppressed. When a white youth mimicked the violent activity, it was not handled by local law enforcement, but was elevated to federal level – thanks to Eric Holder. According to the demented white youth that was arrested for performing the Knockout Game, he did it in defiance against the new racist game played by black urban youth. Forbid that any such violent activity should be considered racist, unless the act was committed by any other ethnic/racial group other than “blacks”.

In came the Internet, who not only made video-taped incidents of the Knockout Game viral, but showed that it was something more than a small element or minimum incidents. Allen West and other responsible Americans with darker skin pigmentation than Caucasians, spoke up and against the racial atrocity. Greta Van Susteren pleaded for Obama to bring the serious issue up and speak up and against the Knockout Game. Holder’s response was to press federal charges, the only time during the myriad of Knockout Game incidents [one that caused death] when it was a white person involved.

The media does the same for political scandals, non-stop against any political entity or individual that is involved in scandal, but no investigation or cry of “foul” if it involves the Democratic Socialist Party of United States, commonly known in short terms, “Democratic Party”. Sometimes the corporate mainstream media is forced to cover issues.

According to Before Its News, the Knockout Game is what the media calls it – the black youth who invented it and do it called it the Polar Bear Hunting game; and one can see why the media didn’t use the original term.

In all fairness, in recent news, two Brooklyn residents who were black were charged with the violent act of the Knockout Game and added hate crime charges. But this was all after the outcry when the white youth in Texas was charged by federal court for hate crime – and none of the other criminals were, all being black.

To me, the fact that the Knockout Game or Polar Bear Hunting game is still continues after videos show how horrific it is to victim. I still envision the image of a black person sneaking up behind a white woman walking down the street and the awful sight of her falling to the ground after a vicious knockout punch every time I write about this barbarism.

This is the 21st century and we still have barbarians roaming about using unwarranted violence against fellow citizens. The institution of slavery is long gone as well as civil rights improved drastically; yet Caucasians are constantly made to feel guilty for historic racial events. Yes, we still have morons that are White Supremacists, but little is known about the Black Supremacists because the media fears to report the truth in balanced and objective reporting.

How are we ever to end racism?

It certainly will not end if it is a one-sided effort.

Racism has been used to justify violent and unsociable actions. For example, dare to speak out about illegal aliens, whose primary element are Mexican nationals, and suddenly you are a racist. The issue is not about Hispanics in general, unless we are talking about the violent barbarians in Hispanic street gangs, it is about an invasion of people who are making the US a third-world nation like the one they came from. Hispanic groups denounce the system that they live in illegally, with more freedom than they had in Mexico – but fly their Mexican flags in defiance and disgrace the flag of the United States. Groups claim that part of the United States is stolen real estate; ignoring the fact that Spain landed in Mexico to enslave and convert to Catholicism the native populace. Spain also arrived to the part of what is now the United States to colonize and establish the Catholic Church. Texas and California were republics before they became states, and in the case of Texas, the citizens of that republic decided that they were not going to be ruled by Mexico’s tyranny – so they rebelled. Mexicans and Caucasians both fought against and died for freedom of the Texas Republic. Both of those republics were not forced to become part of the United States, the citizens voted for and their elected leaders submitted a request for statehood. So, how has any real estate been stolen from Mexico? Did not Mexicans fight to become free of Spanish rule? According to their ideology, they stole Mexico from Spain.

Racism will continue until We the People, legal citizens of the United States, start thinking like their national name: “United”. We are Americans, citizens of the United States, regardless if we were naturalized or not, what state we live in, or where our ancestry originates. And as a united people, we must begin in earnest to respect, honor, and protect the US Constitution and its amendments, for if we do not, there will be nothing to unite. American homeland, formerly the home of the brave, land of the free; will be nothing but the model of European socialism and a nation whose government controls everything from cradle to grave [and beyond the grave with death tax], eventually using its armed forces [law enforcement and standing army] as a means to keep the mass in control. For then, the State will be everything and citizens will learn to know nothing else. Freedom and liberty will be nothing but a forgotten and forbidden history.

The United States, as a nation, has stumbled and fumbled along its course of history, but that is part of the history taught in educational institutions. It does not deter the fact that we should be proud of such a unique system created by the founders and a unique Constitution framed by those wise and educated men who worked so hard to perfect it. Most sadly, generations later, the process of throwing away that remarkable gift passed down with expectations of each generation becoming watchful of those who would take it away, purposefully or through ignorance and thinking that the collective society is better than individual freedom. The only collectivism that works is unification in the ideology of what is in our Constitution, looking out for each other, safeguarding our rights and liberties, and voting responsibly.

Folks, the time for waking up out of apathetic slumber and letting someone else worry about politics and the machinations of government is past due; and the time to act was yesterday.

We the People have elevated public offices, especially the office of the President of the United States and inadvertently created tyranny and turned our heads to corruption.

Therefore, it is We the People that must be the front-line defense of the US Constitution and its amendments by ensuring that elected persons and those delegated to operate OUR government are doing what they are paid to do – and serving the People, not the other way around.

This is the year of congressional elections. It is the year that Americans can, through responsible voting, demonstrate that we are not going to allow our government to further regress into socialism or progress into its collectivism; but instead reform back to being a constitutional republic that was once a role model for all nations to follow.

We the People who live up to the name of the United States is the key element in making that happen. For those of you