Repeal Obamacare NOW

Part of the Big Lie of 2013, according to Rep. Cory Gardner, the Obamacare cancellations are 34% higher than previously believed – now at 335,000 cancellations across the US.

Townhall reports that is official – the feds do not know how many people have paid into the Obamacare system. [Also See: Twitchy]

Senator Mark Udall [D-CO] is up for re-election this year and it would be good for voters there to know that his staff was caught fudging Obamacare numbers and intimidating the agency that was in charge in obtaining the statistics – because the true numbers made Obamacare look bad, and thus the Senator who voted for it. He is more worried about his seat in Congress than he is of Colorado citizens losing their insurance. Email from Udall staffer HERE.

Meanwhile, Obama’s approval rating is so low no one would miss him if he is impeached, or if there is any character in him – resign like Nixon did.

Quinnipiac University Institute poll reveals that Coloradans are fed up with their representatives and especially their senators on Capitol Hill. This may be the year when voters can clean out Congress of progressive socialists and RINOs.

Meanwhile, businesses, having a rough time with a crappy economy, have been further trimming operational costs that will affect the economy and especially the employment sector because of Obamacare fiasco.

How will working class folks ever afford those ridiculous premiums and employers who pay a portion of it?

Repeal Obamacare – Repeal the 16th Amendment – Audit and dissolve the Federal Reserve – start chopping federal departments and agencies. The United States needs a more balanced budget, relief from debt, more jobs, and more money for citizens and less for government. Federal foreign aid should be cut totally for one year and reduced to 50% the following year. “Friends” cannot be bought, at least friendly nations worth having as “friends”. Rarely is it appreciated anyway.

Daily Caller transcribed a citizen’s story about dealing with Obamacare.

NY Times reported that enrollees at Health Exchanges are facing a problem proving coverage.

A CMS official stated:

We still haven’t built 30% to 40% of Obamacare’s web apparatus, including payment systems.

Yet citizens will be punished by the IRS Gestapo for not complying with a system that does not work and nothing near what was promised.

This mess is caused by irresponsible and corrupted elected officials – voted for by citizens who do not take the responsibility to ensure they vote smart.

This is the year We the People can correct those errors and that apathetic evolution from constitutional republic to progressive-socialism.

Speaker John Boehner recently stated that a replacement is on the way for Obamacare. We do not need a replacement because government is sticking its nose into something it does not belong.