United Nations Environment Chief Says Communism is Best to Fight ‘Global Warming’

ClimateGate: Still the Progressive Sociocrats Continue Their RhetoricAs John Ransom points out, to junk political scientists and liberal-progressives everything is linked to global warming – a term that has been changed since the email global warming scandal was discovered, now the progressives call it ‘climate change‘. The latest link is income equality and recently women are turning to prostitution because of climate change (global warming). The last revelation was announced by a moron in the US Congress. As John Ransom wrote:

Years ago I offered to shave my head bald and eat a can of dog food if someone—anyone– could show me a credible scientific paper that demonstrates how the earth would cool even a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit by enacting a carbon tax here in the United States, such as the one proposed by the Democrats in 2009 and 2010. I’m still waiting.


How Climate Change, formerly known as Global Warming, a topic that got Al Gore an Oscar for his documentary about it, and a Nobel Prize; can continue with its junk science charade is beyond me. Let’s face it, socialism and communism produces stupid people.

Recently, the United Nations “climate chief”, Christiana Figueres made a point to show how government systems affect the climate. She also stated that –

democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. She also said that communist China is instead the best model.

How weird … China is the biggest culprit when it comes to pollution and emitting carbon dioxide, the alleged Greenhouse Gas. As Heather Ginsberg wrote:

I guess the UN chief forgot that communism was responsible for 94 million deaths in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe in the 20th century. China alone caused 65 million of those. But clearly that means that communism is a great political system that we should all try to emulate.

Yep, you are reading correctly – communism is capable of successfully fighting global warming. [climate change] Yet history shows that the Soviet Union’s abysmal record on environmental issues was matched to today’s Communist China.

According to Mirror, UK:

China’s solution to pollution thus far is handing out face masks and erecting giant LCD screens to broadcast the sunrise and sunset.

The US carbon footprint has reduced and remains constant, while China’s pollution continues to grow.

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