We The People Can Make A Difference

Obamacare worksThe healthcare system is as complex as the proposed fix now known infamously as “Obamacare”, created by legislation [Affordable Healthcare Act] that should never have passed, and when it did should have been put down by the so-called Justices of the US Supreme Court.

According to Health Care Reporter, Dan Mangan, published June 25th 2013, medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the United States. The report was based upon findings from NerdWallet Health, a price comparison website. One out of five Americans will be financially strapped because of medical bills. The problem is not just because of charges from medical institutions, but throughout the healthcare system. By end of 2013, 56 million Americans under the age of 65 had financial trouble and disaster because of medical bills, 35 million of those were harassed by collection agencies, 17 million received a lower credit rating because of their high medical bills, 15 million used all of their savings, 11 million used credit cards in order to make hospital bill payments on time, and almost 10 million were unable to pay for the basics of life: rent, food, and utilities because of their medical bills.The most disgusting of these statistics is that at least 10 million Americans between the age of 19 to 84 paid high cost insurance premiums and still have to pay 20% of the inflated charges of healthcare institutions.

Amnesty, 2nd Amendment, and ConstitutionThe medical field has come along way with remarkable technology, for those who can afford it. Too often, hospitals either over-charge or pad medical bills. I can give one example of a personal bill from a local hospital: for walking into the emergency room and registering in, the charge was $500 before anyone made an examination. When it was decided an overnight observation was required, the room charge was twice as high as a stay in a motel room. Each visitation by a nurse is charged on the bill, of which eight visits were charged with only two visits being made, and sometime in the middle of the night I could not even find a nurse available.

For “reading x-rays” the charge was $500, erroneously charged twice. General radiology was $350. The total emergency room care charge was just under $1700. C.T. Scanning and imagery totaled to over $5000, once again separate charges for “reading” the results.

Three out of five bankruptcies in 2013 were due to medical bills so high it was impossible to pay, and if payments were made it would take at least ten years – and this includes people who had so-called insurance coverage.

Those putting together the Obamacare plan would have had better results by making a national healthcare monthly payment like Canada where a little less than $200 per month will provide 100% medical bills covered for a two adult and two children family, not including private room or telephone in room cost, which comes out of the consumer pocket. Americans pay on the average about $400 (or more) per month for 80% coverage.

Patients do not take prescribed medications because they cannot afford the cost.

What good is all that modern technology if no one can afford it? Hospital costs vary according to region.

The im_from_the_government_im_here_to_helpgovernment’s answer was Obamacare, which has proven to be nothing as good as those pushing it said it would be. Insurance rates have already gone up before it gets off the ground and too many people can no longer see their usual doctor and/or have been cut off from their healthcare plan despite paying ridiculous premium charges.

In regards to insurance companies, one of the main problems is they make everyone pay for coverage they don’t need. Why does a single male need maternity care coverage, for example?

Dental care is not included in all these statistics, but it should because bad infected teeth can cause serious health issues, to include death as what happened recently to a mother’s child because healthcare coverage would not pay for it. Indeed, dental care is so important in the military that it has long been a practice that before troops can be sent to a combat zone they must have a dental exam to ensure their teeth are in good shape. If not, the problem is fixed before departing.

Countries like the United Kingdom with national healthcare do not cover dental care and thus many do not go until a bad tooth must be extracted because of the excruciating pain and health issues is usually a result. People do not go to dentists because of the cost. Yes, there are dental health insurance plans, but unacceptable in relations to the average budget.

And that brings us to the insurance coverage network in the United States. To make my point, total up all the insurance premiums (vehicle, home, healthcare, life insurance, etc) and then see how much of your earned money goes to a sector of our society who has had been making above-average profits for decades. Just take a look at the expensive huge headquarters building of that company and see where some of the money they collect goes. Insurance companies do not make a profit just by collecting premiums, but by investing money received into high-return investments (short and long-term), like government gold certificates, for example.

As you can see, the healthcare issue is not just focused upon one entity or issue, but requires examining in the sense of the ‘big picture’.

Another problem with Obamacare was that it was passed too quickly. No bill should be passed into legislation without proper oversight by committee, and not without input from experts of the gist of why the bill is being pushed for legislation.

Some have concluded that Obamacare was never meant to work, but just a prelude to a national healthcare system that the liberal-socialist progressives have been pushing for some time now.

There is no doubt that people in the medical field, lab techs, nurses, and doctors pay a lot and spend several years in order to be certified and qualified to work in their profession. In the area of educational institutions, that too has become almost unaffordable – even with government operated student loans, which must be paid back.

Let’s face it, the ratio of what people can earn and the cost of healthcare – there is never a balance, even a close one.

Wall Street was blamed for the Great Depression, just as the financial collapse and weakened economy, and that entity can certainly brunt a percentage of the blame because of greedy aristocracy, an element that is part of an society, especially a free-market, capitalist society. Wealth and income redistribution from the minority element of society who provides jobs and economic flow is certainly NOT the answer.

constitutionallawIf one examines how things have become more and more unaffordable, especially something as healthcare, rent, clothing, utilities, and even food – an examiner will quickly see that it is a government that has gone well beyond its constitutional limitations that is the gist of the problem. Like Ronald Reagan stated: Government IS the problem. As the New Republic stated in 2011 – Stop Blaming Wall Street. In a poll made in 2011, the federal government was more to blame than Wall Street – but useful idiots of the democratic-progressive-socialists had mass protests anyway. Their ideology is that the wealthy should be punished for their economic fortune because not everyone is enjoying such benefits. Did they ever think it may be because those people made wrong life choices, if wealth is what they seek? Not one person has ever raised their standards of living by living off of other people’s money (unless they outright steal like the government does), at least in the case of generation welfare recipients.

When BH Obama ran for president in 2008, he blamed the economic mess on GW Bush, which in part was a factor because in eight years he ignored the need to replace the income tax system and did not see that the Federal Reserve system was not helping, but destroying the economy. He also conceded that big business and financial institutions, who had been irresponsible, were “too big to fail” and so taxpayer funds were used to bail them out.

Then when the economic repression occurred, Obama blamed Wall Street, the corporations and wealthy people in general. The real problem, US Congress and the big government system with a myriad of departments and agencies and pushing the national debt further, was ignored.

In 2013, the question continued to be asked: Blame Washington or Wall Street?

The answer is still obvious, so why after two years we are asking the same question, and why are those who were in Congress at the time still holding that office?

2014 is an important election year in Congress. It is time that congressional members in the Senate and House be held responsible for their actions and inactions. They have allowed a workable alternative to income tax, a flat tax based upon consumption, which would inadvertently require Congress to budget our money and quit giving it away to other nations – but refuse to even examine it. The FairTax has been examined by leading economists in the United States, yet Congress allows it to be in limbo. Why?

That answer is because big government, a government that goes beyond its constitutional limitations, does not want to get rid of a system that makes people more dependent upon government (those controlling it) and not giving up the control over the people. And now that same government has control over labor, auto industry and the healthcare system. We can readily see that government cannot properly maintain the US Postal System which is their constitutional requirement. Bridges are collapsing or dangerous, and national highways are behind repair schedules, another constitutional requirement, yet they seem to have money to pay for AIDS programs in Africa and the study of cow flagellation. We also can see how well they have maintained programs like Social Security and Medicare, which people pay into all their working lives and find when they retire their benefits have been reduced or they must wait longer to receive retirement benefits. In the case of Social Security, politicians (progressives) blame it on the Baby Boom generation, when in fact they have been stealing from Peter to pay Paul for decades. The Social Security system was supposed to be a trust fund, which means money received should only be used for that system. As usual, government elected officials blame everyone but themselves.

Obamacare has been a major problem before it was enacted, and even that enactment has been delayed because the government, after spending millions of taxpayer dollars, cannot even get a website to work. They didn’t plan carefully and what they told voters was all a lie. Healthcare will be MORE unaffordable and Americans who had healthcare before don’t have it now. In addition, it will cause stress upon those who employ Americans, so they will either have to reduce their employees or call it quits.

Government IS the problem.

We the People certainly did not get our money’s worth in regards to the Obamacare website:

Former Marine Corps cyberwarfare expert David Kennedy has been testing Healthcare.gov for some time, warning all along about its security vulnerabilities. Now that the administration has “fixed it,” however, he says the site is “much worse off” than ever. As for no successful hacks to date, Kennedy warns, “They haven’t detected any attacks on the website, because they don’t have the capability to detect them.” That’s bad, but it gets worse. He says you don’t even really have to “hack” the website because it’s more akin to leaving your car doors wide open: “You can literally just open up your browser, go to this [query] and extract all this information.” If you like your security, you can keep it. [Source: Patriot Post]

But government is only an entity. It is the people IN government that causes all the problems.

Therefore, what we need is less manipulative lawyers and more people educated in political science; at least knowledgeable of what the Constitution is all about and use common sense.

Defend ConstitutionIn that respect, the “blame” falls squarely on voters, the People, who rely upon bias, manipulative media to decide who can run for office, who wins the primary presidential elections. Ron Paul made total sense in the 2008 election and the 2012 election, but the media and the GOP establishment did not want a “trouble maker” maverick or anyone who actually believes in the Tea Party movement principles – constitutionality. The United States, its society, has become so delusional that they believe the media and progressive, RINO politicians that anyone who pushes for a constitutional government is a “radical” or “racial” or a loony.

Fellow Americans, be suspicious of anyone who tries to paint a constitutionalist and a person who wants rights and liberties returned as prescribed by the framers of the US Constitution as “radical” or nuts with deep suspicion. Once upon a time in the United States, a patriot was a constitutionalist, a patriot by the people and for the people – in unity. Progressive-Socialists would have everyone believe differently, and since they have taken control of our educational system – our youth do not know any better.

If you want a better life, if not for you, at least your children: (1) educate yourself and enlighten others in the true purpose (“interpretation”) of the Constitution; (2) reaching your goal in career and other important goals requires knowledge and dedication, (3) do not allow the central, federal government to oversee education, but in the hands of state and local government that is overseen by parent-teacher cooperation; (4) get rid of the fatalistic idea that We the People cannot control those we elect to operate OUR government – it is what politicians count on; (5) begin the drive to force the media to start being the eyes and ears of the People and not the mouthpiece of big government; and (6) We the People, American society, must return tried-and-proven values and morals, regardless of religion or non-religion, and rebuild and strengthen our family units – for that is what makes a successful society and nation.

Once government returns to a limited government, for which the founders had agreed was best, than those that work for it will be more likely to succeed in the life’s goals. Can a Utopia be promised? Never. No such government system exists or ever did. However, the constitutional republic is the best ever devised, if kept in check by its balance of powers of executive, legislative and judiciary.

SaveTheRepublic_02A revolution is required, but not like the one in 1776. The tyrants are not across the sea, but among us. The revolution I speak of is the kind where the weapon is OUR voice as a united people, American legal citizens, who are patriots because they believe in oaths that elected officials have transgressed against – preserving and protecting the Constitution of the United States.

We need to gather the wisdom still found across the United States and enact a movement for true reformation, and because the federal government has taken over our educational institutions, we must educate ourselves and then ensure that generation after generation retain those principles, constitutional law, and values that made this nation, our nation, great.

We are no longer great, but We the People can make it so once again.

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