Democrats Enact What They Accused Conservatives Of

Pancho ObamaEarlier this week after he returned from Hawaii, the New Yorker reported that President Obama contributed his low approval ratings because America is full of racists. You know, the same “racists” that elected him twice. The executive branch using its Gestapo arm of progressive government, and especially since this is a critical congressional election year, it is an all-out effort against conservative groups and individuals. President Obama, as usual, blames his failures everywhere except its true source on the usual suspects: Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, conservative media [which is a minority compared to the corporate-progressive control bunch]. It is a leftist version of what the conservatives were accused of by Hillary Clinton and others as a ‘conspiracy’ – in this case, a ‘left-wing conspiracy’.

A recent Cabinet meeting revealed that Obama intends to misuse his executive powers to implement changes he sees fit. Promising and telling the People he was a ‘uniter’, he has divided the country drastically. Apparently with this administration, like in American culture, criticism and truth is answered with a cry of racism. It is because that segment of American society has been raised to believe that society owes them for historical transgressions – ignoring ground gained in the civil rights arena.


A Quinnipiac poll revealed this week that the majority of Americans view Obama and friends as untrustworthy and dishonest; indeed, historical scholars [those not bridled with socialist idealism] will write that this administration and congressional membership may go down in history as the most corrupt and inept, thanks to members on both sides of the political fence.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claimed that the Tea Party movement was to blame for conditions in Washington and across the country; speaking out against a movement for true reform and return to a constitutional government. Schumer is calling for using the IRS to destroy the Tea Party movement.

James O’Keefe whose behind-the-scenes documentaries called Project Veritas, is being targeted with document requests and a subpoena.

The New York mayor is working on destroying the local conservative reform movement as he backs Governor Andrew Cuomo’s controversial remarks against “extreme” conservatives.

The manipulative bias media is fixated on Christie (bridge incident) while ignoring serious Democrat scandals.

Hollywood conservatives have always been a target by the majority progressive socialist community there, insulated once for being accused of being a nest of socialist-communists, ridiculing Senator McCarthy and years later it turned out that his investigations were based on fact. The New York Times recently reported that a private group of conservatives in Hollywood, known as Friends of Abe, is presently going through a review by the IRS after requesting tax-exempt status. There are approximately 1500 individuals in the entertainment industry in that group, most chose to be anonymous because they would become outcasts in the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s socialist culture. The situation reminds one of the underground movements in the late 1930s and into the 1940s across Europe against Nazi control.

It seems the IRS scandal revealed last year will not thwart the Gestapo arm of big government. The IRS has held the application of Friend of Abe in limbo for two years; mostly because they were thwarted in seeking private websites in order to reveal the member’s names – thus they would become blackballed like entertainment industry individuals were during the McCarthy campaign to weed out communist infiltration. Indeed, he found that communists had infiltrated Washington, much like Islamic fascism has done since the Bush administration.

Gary Sinise is one of those conservatives in Hollywood who is not afraid to speak out.

Wendy Davis is a good example of how liberals paint themselves so people can elect them, you know, like Barry Soetro, I mean, BH Obama. Ann Coulter wrote a biting article about Davis.

And last, Krauthammer states another ‘left-wing conspiracy’ statement, when he states:

The bill was written deliberately to force employers to kick people off their plans … None of this is an unintended side effect of the creation of Obamacare. The purpose of Obamacare was to destroy the relationship between employer and the employee in getting healthcare.