Reality Check: Government and Media

bush_naziRemember the liberal-progressive ditty about GW Bush when they claimed that Saddam Hussein’s WMDs were made up in order to attack Iraq? The slogan was: Bush lied and people died, accompanied by a picture of Bush sporting a Hitler mustache and Brown shirt costume [not that the Internet folks haven’t caricatured Obama].

Well, this slogan can certainly be rightfully applied to BH Obama, minus the caricature made of Bush …

Obama (and his czars) lied and people died:

  • In 2012, Obama declared: We gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected around the world. For the first time in nine years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq. For the first time in two decades, Osama bin Laden is not a threat to this country. Most of al Qaeda’s top lieutenants have been defeated. The Taliban’s momentum has been broken, and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to come home.

Since then we have lost two towns in a province in Iraq to Islamic Jihadists. Our embassy was attacked in Benghazi injuring and killing several, including Ambassador Stevens (an international atrocity to kill a diplomat), and thinking that authorities and We the People are stupid, claimed it was a demonstration about a video (person who made it was symbolically arrested and never heard from again by the media) and that “demonstration” began at midnight. Hmm – ever hear of demonstrators protesting at NIGHT? Since then, the administration has dodged investigation, intimidated witnesses, and refused an investigative congressional committee access to those injured. The media, while making a big stink over a traffic tie-up purposely caused by Christi administrators in New Jersey; has completely moved the Benghazi scandal (and the IRS, NSA, and DOJ scandals off the radar) proving they are the mouthpiece for progressive government and not the eyes and ears of the People. Hillary Clinton dares to think she should run for president after her Benghazi fiasco as Secretary of State, for which she soon after Benghazi, resigned from that position due to “health” and “exhaustion”. She wanted, she said, to step back away from the political scene in order to live a more “quiet” life. She ran away from her responsibilities, just as she shirked them when Benghazi embassy requested beefed up security because of increased hostile situations. As she pointed out in an investigative congressional committee session: What difference did it make? Referring to four dead Americans and why the Obama administration and her department put out a report that it was a demonstration turned ugly instead of a coerced and planned Islamic Jihadist attack on the anniversary of September 11th. Instead of following up and “doing her job”, she instead resigned and former Senator Kerry took her place – who also promised to find out what happened. We the People are still waiting for those facts to be revealed and those involved fired and prosecuted for actions and inactions causing wrongful death. Those brave souls fought for seven hours hoping the cavalry would show up, not knowing that the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces ordered a stand down after more than one request for action by military and CIA units. No excuse, Hillary and Barack – you lied and people died.

  • Fast-N-Furious: Many Mexicans died and a Border Patrol officer was killed because of the brainy idea to produce an illegal underground guns-selling front for the Mexican cartel. Thanks to the liberal-progressive immigration and border security programs – the cartel is entrenched within the United States.

An anonymous intelligence analyst recently stated:

US Policies and leaders in three years have destroyed a state system that earlier generations evolved over decades. The US has nothing to show for it but suffering and has nothing to replace it with.

Meanwhile, funds and arms are sent to Muslim Brotherhood and factions, the element that founded the principles of Islamic Jihad in Egypt in the 1900s, it is an offshoot of an earlier movement started in present Saudi Arabia. It is a subversive entity that has wormed its way into American culture and government with the same goal it has set in Europe – to globalize Islam and destroy all other religions. Islam declared war against all other religions and western civilization, but our leadership has not treated it as a war despite clear messages from Islamic Jihadists in an outright declaration of war. In the past, we have involved ourselves with other people’s wars after WW2. The Korean War ended with a stalemate, a cease-fire; the Vietnam War after ten long years and many lives ended in defeat, not by those who fought it but leadership in Washington – yet, our leadership still sends our military in harm’s way and end up making more enemies through failed policies and diplomacy. Indeed, an attack upon New York and the Pentagon was clear act of war; yet Congress did not declare anything. Indeed, the attack upon our embassy in Benghazi was a clear act of war, and all our leadership did was deny it and cover it up.

We didn’t start the Islamic Jihad war, they did. It is they who have regional/global domination in mind, no different from Stalin or Hitler, or even Saddam Hussein. No one can be obligated to be tolerant to a religion that is intolerant and dictates hate and genocide.

It is time to protect our nation to the fullest extent from enemies within and without, and stay out of other nation’s wars unless it directly involves the United States. We should be more concern about fair trade and economic stability, and ridding ourselves of debt to tyrant nations like China. Strong defense and deterrence. We should be building our economy and using taxpayer funds for the United States and space exploration and colonization – and a respectable constitutional republic that serves as a role model for others to follow. There is no excuse for a government who spies on its citizens via NSA and IRS and refuses to do anything about the immigration invasion and Islamic Jihadist training camps on American soil.

And as the government does not respect privacy, neither does the media as Townhall recently revealed that a media chain wants to build a data base of firearm owners!

Please, do your part and Save Our Republic.

Tea Party Patriots