Wendy Davis: Gold Digger and Poster Girl for Democrats

wendy davisEnter Wendy Davis, Democrat candidate for Texas governor, who has been queen of promotion of abortion. On her website it states that

her opponent, Greg Abbott is part of the special interest crony class of insiders. He’s already got tens of millions of dollars in his war chest. And since there are no limits on campaign spending, the right-wing special interests are already pouring money into attacks against Wendy.

Something that her political club certainly knows about: unions, using IRS against political opponents, a president who claims his approval rating is because of racism, deserts embassy personnel to the dogs of Islamic Jihadists, etc, etc.

Wendy is famous for her filibuster to block a Texas bill that would restrict non-medically necessary abortions after 20 weeks, she has become the next Elizabeth Warren exaggerating about her background and just plain lying like her fellow Democrats do. She has earned the title: Abortion Barbie, which, of course, screams of sexism was heard from the dark recesses of the liberal-progressive political pundits. Real Clear Politics dubs her as a Classic Texas Four-Flusher.

In order to gain voters, she has claimed to be a single mother, born into poverty to another single mom with a sixth-grade education. She overcame all those hardships through academic scholarships and student loans, leaving life in a trailer park for the Texas Christian University and on to Harvard Law School. Remember how many times I warned voters about electing lawyers into political positions, other than the Department of Justice?

But Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News and Jon Tilove of the Austin American-Statesman has uncovered a different biographical background – extremely different. So extreme that she has used her gender to the point of being a sexist in order to achieve whatever goals she has in mind. It turns out that her memory is selective, leaving out important details, and at some points, flat-out lying.

Real Clear Politics wrote:

She was divorced when she was 21, not 19, which wouldn’t matter, except maybe for the fact that she testified to it in federal court. But single teen mother fits so much better in a headline. It also wouldn’t be worth mentioning that she really only lived in a trailer for a few months—if she had actually been raised in poverty. Wendy’s family was middle-class, it turns out. Other details about her upbringing were also fudged. Her parents divorced, true, but her dad remained in her life. As for her mother’s supposed sixth-grade education, that was hard to square with recently unearthed yearbook photos of her in high school. … After divorcing her first husband, she married a friend of her father’s, a man 13 years her senior named Jeffrey Davis. She had a child with him and then left both her daughters—Davis’s and her first husband’s—in his care while she went off to school. Jeff Davis paid her tuition at TCU and Harvard—cashing in his retirement savings to do so—but the couple divorced. Jeffrey cited adultery in his original divorce petition. The final decree makes no mention of that, but a judge awarded Jeffrey custody of their daughter. The other one elected to stay with him. “It was ironic,” Wendy’s second ex-husband told Wayne Slater. “I made the last [tuition] payment, and it was the next day she left.”

Victory Girls website also provides a scathing revelation about Wendy Davis. She never denied committing adultery. While at Harvard, her husband Jeff was taking care of her daughters, of which one was put in his custody and the other elected to stay with him rather than her gold-digging mother.

These kind of people are desecrating our Congress and it is because that the society that elects them are just as morally bankrupt as those they elect. Remember how it did not matter that a president committed adultery with a young White House intern, lied about it in front of a camera to We the People, forensic evidence showed his sperm and cocaine residue on the dress she wore on a particular day at the Oval Office – and the progressive-liberals all said: “That’s his private life” and blew it off, with the help of corporate progressive media. Six months before President Clinton was to leave office, it was known that the economy was about to take a dive and financial institutions “too big to fail” would require some kind of bailout. It was kept quiet because the progressive-liberals wanted Mr. Global Warming savior, Al Gore, to win the election. Then when he lost, the progressive-liberal media cried foul in Florida and demanded a recount; which Bush won the election anyway. After further investigation to show that Bush had won illegally, they found that Democrats in voting polls had cheated in both the poll count and recount, and suddenly all went quiet. The lack of drawing the line and decreasing moral fiber has always been the mindset of progressive-liberals.

The next president (Bush) was put under the coals because there wasn’t solid evidence of WMDs, well solid enough for progressive-liberals, and thus was a liar who invaded Iraq under “false pretenses”. Then came a president who promised unity, a better economy, more jobs available – all lies, and continues to lie. To be fair, GW Bush’s domestic policies sucked. He said he would look into getting rid of the income tax system and replacing it with Fair Tax – but never followed up. When Bush first took office he adopted Senator T. Kennedy’s “Leave No Child Behind” education program that turned out as bad as the federal education system has ever been with the philosophy that more funding would improve it with higher and more taxation. Bush compromised when he should have stood the conservative, constitutional ground.

Back to Wendy Davis, with a quote from a person who spoke up with condition of anonymity, close to the wannabe governor:

Wendy is tremendously ambitious,” he said, speaking only on condition of anonymity in order to give what he called an honest assessment. “She’s not going to let family or raising children or anything else get in her way.”He said: “She’s going to find a way, and she’s going to figure out a way to spin herself in a way that grabs at the heart-strings. A lot of it isn’t true about her, but that’s just us who knew her. But she’d be a good governor.”

One would think that voters could no longer be duped by these political schemes and trickery, but then again we have to remember that at least two generations have been brought up within the federal progressive education program. But that is all evident via a society that voted for Obama twice. His legacy beside chronic lying will be Obamacare, and the People will suffer.

The object, like Stalin employed, is to tell lies long enough until it is believed and infiltrate the educational system so a naïve generation is produced that decreases its excellence in education rather than keeping high standards. After all, it is unfair to flunk deadbeat students, easier to lower standards so more students pass and feel better about themselves; and without open discussion in classrooms, one-sided as prescribed by the czar of education, students will have the mindset of what government wants them to know and believe.

And as far as conservatives, they need to be strict constitutionalists – and break up the establishment of the GOP.

In reality, if the two traditional political entities cannot reform themselves, they can go into history’s dust bin and be replaced with independents and a constitutional party.

It is time for voters to quit settling for what the media promotes for candidates and settling for the “lesser of two evils”.

Candidates like Wendy Davis need not apply, and all candidates for federal office should undergo a security clearance background check like military and civilian folks must in order to have access to such information – especially the president and vice president. Less chance of having what we have now desecrating our White House.

With all of this going, failed foreign policy, giving in to enemies of the free world, integrated socialism and subversive factions; it is no wonder there is an increase in people who believe in “prepping”.

Wendy Davis is just like Hillary Clinton who will do anything necessary to get what they want, in this case political power.


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