Fleecing the Gullible Sheep for Power and Profit

Bkgrd_ChimpTypingThe last article was about a lawyer/politician who painted herself something she was not, depending upon the gullibility of people who seem not to understand that putting one’s loyalty into a single political organization is usually not the wise thing to do, and I am not referring to just one of the two traditional political parties in the American political arena. Both members of those entities, long ago, except for a few, have lost sight of the difference between being a politician and being a statesman [stateswoman].

If you break it all down into simple terms and descriptions, there are three types of people: the sheep, the shepherds, and the wolves.

Thomas Jefferson referred several times in his letters and opinion pages referring to wolves in society, here is one of them:

If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.

In terms of, sheep, or the modern term “sheeple”, refers to the gullible populace; which grows as a tyrant government ensures that students are only taught what they want them to know – the media being of great help in creating this type of society. It begins by socialism and ends with communism. Since the days of Senator McCarthy, this sort of growing cancer within a society and government has been called a “witch hunt” or unfounded paranoia against an imaginary conspiracy – which Ted Kennedy had, and Hillary Clinton has, repeatedly used when there is an investigation into how deep corruption has grown.

Shepherds are those that protect the sheep (sheeple), and most importantly rights and liberties as prescribed in our Constitution. Well, at least that is their role.

The term “useful idiot” has become common in political terms, questionably attributed to Lenin/Stalin of the Soviet Union Socialists Republic, referring to people who believed propaganda of those whose goals was something other than professed they were either not fully aware of or didn’t want to believe, were the wolves fleecing the sheeple.

Sheeple can also be used for monetary gain, another way to “fleece” the sheep.

Obama File: Pictures Reveal Barack Obama's Record as PresidentA good example would be Albert Gore. In his early adult life he entered the military and because of his father’s congressional standing, was kept in a unit that would guarantee his safety. To hear him tell it, back when he was campaigning, the story is different. He once alluded that the novel/film entitled ‘Love Story’ was based upon the relationship between himself and his wife. He also alluded that he was instrumental in the development of the Internet, which some wrongly accused he stated he invented it.

Losing his campaign for president in 2000, he set out to engage in the scam called Global Warming, based upon one researcher’s incorrect computer data. It wasn’t long before he became the guru of the anti-global warming movement that eventually made him millions, along with his associate wolves fleecing the sheeple. He not only made millions, but the gullible Hollywood crowd, long-time standing useful idiots, gave him an Oscar nomination for his documentary about global warming. Those that saw through the errors and manipulative facts in the documentary and the theory itself, became ridiculed by the wolves and their useful media comrades. Indeed, despite a growing number of scientists showing the flaws in the hailed theory, some who were blackballed from the scientific community for going public with those facts, the sheeple continued to be active in the global warming movement. Environmental organizations saw the opportunity and asked for donations in the name of stopping global warming and saving planet Earth. The sheeple continued to support the wolves.

Of course, seeing a political opportunity, politicians in Washington got on the band wagon, and despite factual questions of spending money on something that was not a clear theory – sheeple tax funds were used to create more agencies in a government that was already well over its constitutional limitations.

Then, because like socialism, global warming had obtained a foothold among the sheeple and an opportunity for the wolves, it became international and soon the so-called United Nations got involved – making it clear to the people who doomsday would be upon humanity if they did not believe in their quest. Keep in mind that before communism, socialism must take hold. Just research the history.

Minus the modern terms and situations, the framers of our Constitution and founders of our nation understood the difference and the roles of shepherds, sheep, and wolves; and, just as Jefferson warned, the wolves have imbedded themselves within our government, like the Islamic Jihad organizations have as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Our educational system has been a perfect tool to expand the amount of the gullible, useful sheep into their long-term goals. Mr. Jefferson hailed education as an important aspect of any civilized society, not to be used as a propaganda tool by the government, but to keep the sheep knowledgeable and thus watchful of their precious constitutional rights and liberties.

Yes, I know, that our fledgling government preached liberty and justice for all and some still owned slaves – but this too has been a tool to denounce the legitimacy of our Constitution so they can continue to dilute it and eventually make it unrecognizable. No form of government is perfect, but if there are checks-and-balances within the system and that system incorporates and maintains accountability and that no one is above the law – it is the best ever devised and ever will be, as Sir Winston Churchill once stated.

State of Our Union: Election 2012 CircusStalin successfully inserted useful idiots within that constitutional system, found out by Senator McCarthy and associates – who actively, and sometimes too zealously, engaged in removing the cancer from our precious constitutional republic. Since then, an honest research and fact-finding in that arena is disregarded as a “witch hunt” by those guilty of either being wolves or useful idiots. An American Moscow correspondent of the New York Times and Pulitzer prize winner, Walter Duranty, was Stalin’s most successful useful idiot – reporting only that which made the Soviet Union look like Utopia. Remember, Utopia is a place that belongs in Walt Disney’s Fantasyland.

Like the gullible members of the Hollywood scene, politicians are good at portraying themselves they are not. That is why We the People need statesmen and stateswomen, and leave the politicking for election cycles; and those election cycles, like the executive office in Washington MUST be limited in consecutive terms.

Back to the Republic: Reformation of AmericaIn the last two presidential elections, millions of gullible sheep ensured that a wolf would sit in the Oval Office. Of course, when he campaigned, he painted himself as a shepherd that would unite the sheep and make their lives better than the previous wolf. Yes, Bush may have been a wolf in a lesser degree, but he was certainly a RINO, not a true constitutionalist and part of the establishment of his political club. That establishment continually promises a constitutional government, but when elected only serves scraps from the political machine’s table and chooses to compromise with the bigger wolves in the name of “partisanship”. Partisanship, when it comes to the US Constitution, does not, or rather, should not belong in a constitutional republic. Constitutional law is not negotiable, and if it requires tweaking or fixing, that is why there is a clause set aside to create, amend, or repeal amendments to our Constitution – and only by a prescribed majority and ratified by the majority of states within the unified republic.

All That Is Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing.
Edmund Burke

In a socialist and communist form of government, only the governing wolves get the cream of the milk, ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ are an illusion. As Winston Churchill stated:

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

The sheep deserve better shepherds, but get only what they seek. It is time to stop letting the political great wolves win, as well as the lesser ones, and denounce the media that is their mouthpiece instead of the eyes and ears of the sheep.

ClimateGate: NASA EmailAn irony is that the Hollywood set in a place dubbed Mexifornia, has been useful sheep for the political wolves for decades, and now pacifists toward an intolerant religious movement that, when they get the power, will subjugate or decapitate those Hollywood members because of their lifestyle that is an abomination to Allah. Under Sharia Law, would homosexuality be allowed? Same-sex marriage? Scantily clad females in public?

When it comes to enemies of rights and liberties, there is no partisanship nor should there be pacification or compromise – it all leads to capitulation.

Sheep submitting to the wolves, the true shepherds ignored.

State of OUR Union: Constitutional Govt Cannot Exist Without a Supportive Society