Separation of Powers: Becoming a Relic of the Past

Obama’s policy during his first and second term and what was relayed in his latest SOTU address, is based upon the founders, not the founders of the United States – but founders of the Soviet Union in that increased government intervention and control equals less rights and liberties, as Keith Koffler pointed out.

And, as Koffler wrote in today’s article:

How does a president create a whole new program, one that costs cash money, without it being appropriated by Congress? I’m waiting for an answer. … Eventually, we’ll get used to it. You read Animal Farm, right? Just incrementally up the Socialism until people realize too late that everything’s changed. … What’s more, as the Wall Street Journal points out, accounts like the MyRA that can be opened with as little as $25 and added to in $5 increments are normally not offered by private institutions because it COSTS MORE TO SERVICE THAN IT IS WORTH. … The White House is cleverly creating this brand new free stuff under the accepted right of Treasury to sell securities. But this right, as the WSJ points out, is awarded to provide Treasury with the mechanism to finance operations, not to create a new benefit. The joke here is that the White House is claiming this as just another method for the government to borrow money it has to borrow anyway.So throw out your kids’ civics books. Because all that separation of powers stuff – that’s for losers.