Invasion, Subversion, and Racism

Fast-Furious-MovieThe GOP political establishment is just as much the problem as the Democrats when it comes to securing our national border and not rewarding people for breaking our immigration laws. Indeed, with the amount of illegals that cross our border yearly it could technically and rightfully be called an invasion. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has called for the House Republicans to stand up against the GOP House leadership (Boehner always giving into the progressives) and pointed out that the House “principles” are the same as what was passed in the Senate by the Gang of Eight senators.

Illegal immigrants first break our immigration laws and when they arrive they also commit document fraud, another federal offense; and because those immigrants do not go through the required process, criminals and subversives cross over among those “seeking a new life”. In today’s topsy-turvy world of the United States government and policies, Mexican invaders have the right to break immigration laws in the name of international “human rights”. Indeed, this is the stance of the Mexican government whose immigration laws are more strict than ours. The Mexican economy thrives as millions of dollars a year are sent to Mexican relatives from illegal aliens working and living in the United States.

The request by the ICE to Republicans to consult them before making a decision did not happen. Once again they do not follow political platform or promises in getting rid of “anchor baby” clause. So this year of congressional elections, I present you the name that joined the Gang of Eight and helped bring another disaster upon We the People, legal citizens, of the United States: Senator Marco Rubio (FL), John McCain (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC) and Jeff Flake (AZ) – all RINOs who compromise the US Constitution and ignore the traditional principles and political platform of the Republican Party, the “Party of Lincoln”.

Under S.744, crime does pay. Criminals will be rewarded with US citizenship, something that once meant something more than being on the dole of government. Crime will increase, without a secure border – more invaders will come knowing they will eventually get amnesty, and the drug cartel will get a bigger hold in the US – all the while destroying traditions of American culture and subverting the constitutional republic.

The Federation of American Immigration Reform Chart:

Federation of Immigration Reform Chart

Federation of Immigration Reform Chart

Washington Examiner:

What it [the Gang of Eight bill] indicates is this is more than just an amnesty, it’s an amnesty for all kinds of violations,” said FAIR’s media director, Ira Mehlman. “We say nobody is above the law, but apparently illegal immigrants are.

The clever Obama progressive associates have now implemented policies where the federal government can spend whatever it takes to pay for whatever they choose to spend it on, and the state governments, along with We the People, have also become slaves to federal government “welfare” where federal grants make up about 35% of the States’ annual budget. If state governments do not comply with the progressive federal government officials, they are threatened with not receiving those grants. Blackmail, pure and simple, as clear as what the IRS is used for.

Not only are the principles of rights and liberties disappearing in the United States of which the framers of the US Constitution clearly wrote in its articles and amendments; but at this rate the United States will also lose its sovereignty.

At the same time, subversive organizations are getting stronger with members being placed in key positions within the federal government, like Celia Munoz, appointed czar of Obama, who formerly worked for the National Council of La Raza, a Mexican subversive political entity who also is getting benefits as a non-profit entity whose very name drips racism – La Raza (The Race). It is now infiltrated into the US government infrastructure in the executive administration, legislative body and thanks to the appointment of Justice Sotomayor [Racist] in the judicial system.

And speaking of justice, Governor Christie has been linked and said to have knowledge of the George Washington Bridge shutdown lanes and scandal. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton (and Obama) is home free for her actions/inactions that led to the Benghazi tragedy/scandal. One can see that investigative reporting by the media is completely selective. Still media is claiming that there is no conspiracy in sight over the Benghazi incident. Yet congressional investigators still cannot access witnesses because of the Obama administration.

Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson

One of the biggest deniers of any scandal concerning Benghazi is Eugene Robinson. He denies that one percent of the population pays the taxes that others do not pay. He parrots the excuses of the Obama administration, ignoring the infamous “stand down” order of the Benghazi incident. Robinson blames the Republicans for the unemployed. He claims a report states that the Obama administration was not lying about Benghazi. As part of the Truth Dig hypocrisy, he is a contributor to it and the Washington Post. Apparently he cannot differentiate between truth and progressive propaganda. He calls himself a journalist, somehow won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009, and belongs to the racist club National Association of Black Journalists. Robinson is heralded as a progressive-liberal political analyst who wouldn’t know truth if it him in the face. And why did he win the Pulitzer Prize? It was for his commentary that focused upon how great Senator Barack Hussein Obama was and heralding his presidential campaign.

Our heritage and sovereignty is being corrupted by a government that insists that the US be bilingual, forcing Spanish upon the younger generation by only making Spanish language course available and requiring knowledge of one language other than English for diploma and degree requirements.

The president recently used the “race card” when he was told of his low approval rating.

Racism is not just personal prejudice, nor is it an evil stemming from just one race/ethnic group, it is the mindset that one’s particular race is superior and/or be afforded compensation over other citizens. Robinson and members of racist clubs and people of his ideologies are …



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