Save Our Republic: Society Needs to Reform Itself in Order to Reform the Government

In tying up the case of the Sandy Hook killer, disturbing evidence of his background has been released in a shocking and disgusting report; [Investigation Report DPS-302-E) which also reinforces that mentally disturbed people should not have access to their firearms. His mother paid the price for that mistake and not being a good parent by keeping tabs in what her child was up to, but unfortunately innocent children died too. And, of course, taking firearms from law-abiding citizens thinking that will solve the social issue – it certainly will not.

Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook certainly did her homework and wrote a compelling report on the matter. I found it also disturbing that a game software company would sell and distribute a game entitled School Shooting. Marketing products like that is certainly a travesty, and I also emphasize that parents know what they are viewing on the Internet and what their interests are. It’s called responsible parenting.

Warning: Visiting the links I have provided is disturbing, but the truth that our society has become decadent must be brought forward in order to fight against anyone who thinks pedophiles and other such degenerates of any society have rights to do such things. Maggie includes the spooky photo of an extremely disturbed and dangerous person, Adam Lanza.

Also read the report of how your tax funds pay for perverts to access Internet pornography at the local public library – In Orland Park, Illinois library (Chicago suburb) considers it their duty to give pedophiles and perverts their right to access.

More disturbing information HERE. Business Insider reported what they found on Lanza’s computer.

To further shock you at what kind of society we have, read about the environmentalist Vera Scroggins, a parental child ‘pleasuring’ advocate. She is one sick person.

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