Jay Leno Leaves NBC Tonight Show

Jay Leno, after 22 years, is leaving the Tonight Show who took over for Johnny Carson which makes the Tonight Show to have lasted about 60 years. Whether he continues his Twitter, I am not sure.

The following video is Leno’s last opening monologue. I like the part where he talks about changing time and says that people are restricted where they smoke tobacco and pay crazy taxes on it, and now the same politically correct government wants to legalize marijuana. The political fun cam is absolutely great …

The next video is about what Jay found when he cleaned up his office before leaving the show …

And, finally, Leno’s heartfelt goodbye with Garth Brooks performing at the close of his show, as appropriate because Garth opened his first show as entertainment …

Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay Leno.

Leno will have more time with his wife and his hobby collecting vehicles at Jay Leno’s Garage; but will also be billed for appearances in stand-up comedy gigs – so he is not retiring fully. Jay Leno has over 100 cars and 30 motorcycles in his collection. He has quite the interesting collection to be sure. Will he keep them after retiring from the Tonight Show? I am sure he can continue to afford it with a net worth of $350 million, although he will no longer collect the NBC annual salary of $15 million. But he has also earned between $15 and $20 million a year performing in a touring schedule, which apparently he will keep doing. Rumor is that he will be appearing in Florida in the near future. One thing for sure, he will have more time to drive around his Porsche Carrera GT.

Billy Crystal was one of Leno’s guest on the last show, who did an opening by quoting some of Leno’s jokes he made over the years.

As Leno said:

I don’t like goodbyes. NBC does.

I guess we’ll see how well Jimmy Fallon does.