Victim of Big Government and IRS Testifies Before Congress

Election 2012 - Tax Reform Not Campaign Issue, AgainCatherine Engelbrecht is the founder of King Street Patriots and president of True the Vote (an organization for voting reform to fight fraud), an organization that applied for non-profit status. She and her husband are in business together and never had difficulty with federal authorities until Catherine decided to be a responsible citizen and fight corruption and a government that does not adhere to limitations prescribed by the Constitution of the United States. She has taken a stand against big government and its corrupt practices of using its agencies and departments of federal authority to harass and destroy political opposition to the progressive socialist movement that began in the 1920s.

Catherine and her organization has been accused by Rep. Elijah Cummings, a democratic-socialist, of racism. That is what ethnic folks in politics do when they are confronted with facts and unethical and corrupt practices are brought to the forefront. We could readily say that Mr. Cummings and his African-American associates are racist, because Catherine Engelbrecht is Caucasian. Racism is a two-way street, contrary to what people like Jesse Jackson and his ilk would have anyone believe.

Catherine and her family have undergone an ordeal for three years, and the scandal is not just being brought to the forefront by Fox News, which seems to have been a target by Obama and friends since 2008. National Review reported this travesty back in May of 2013. Recently, has covered the story of Catherine Engelbrecht and her testimony in front of a congressional committee.

Democrats do not want organizations like True the Vote to gain popularity because they do not want to stop the voting fraud that has perpetuated over decades at the voting polls – and has worsened since BH Obama began his campaign to run for the presidency. Despite his shady background and questionable associations, he was still elected. Despite promises of unification, racism has been administered by himself and others of his progressive-socialist cadre whose agenda is to make the so-called Democratic Party powerful enough to dispel all viable opposition. The election year of 2012 probably saw the most revelation of voting fraud in the history of the United States. No one went to jail, the corporate Democrat-controlled media did nothing, and Obama got reelected despite indications otherwise. It was a close election where Obama won by a margin, thanks to voter fraud like voters voting more than once.


Allen West

If the liberals wanted to elect the first African-American (“black”) president, why not someone with integrity, a constitutionalist, and with military experience, like Allen West?

Of course, there is the infamous Crooks and Liars website that insists it is all a “right-wing conspiracy” and Fox News Kelly played Catherine as a victim stating that the ethics charges against Rep. Cummings were fake. In addition, Crooks and Liars has painted True the Vote organization as a fake organization.

At Independent Journal Review, a video is presented that shows Catherine Engelbrecht testifying before Congress demanding that an ethics probe be initiated and complete investigation of the IRS, an American Gestapo federal agency that Obama states is not the source of any scandal. The following is that video of Catherine’s testimony:

Whenever serious allegations, that ultimately, in majority, prove true, are brought forth against a member of the Democratic Party, it is a “right-wing conspiracy”. When progressive-socialists that make up most of the members of that party make ridiculous charges of conspiracy like GW Bush orchestrated the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington DC, it is all in the political game and acceptable. Democrats are in constant denial. President Nixon used his authority as executive chief (and IRS) to identify and pinpoint on his enemies, as well as flat-out lying, and history shows what happened to him. Why is this president getting away with that and so much more? And how can Democrats (and RINOs) sleep at night as they continue to push the fiasco called Obamacare?

Hussein of AmericaThere is so much wrong doings enacted and continuing. Our foreign policy is a joke. Our leadership hold hands with Islamic Jihadists, while Christians and Muslim women are abused, tortured and killed. It’s 2014 and Obama is still using last year’s lies. It is also a congressional election year – so vote out his supporters on both sides of the political aisle.


Save the Republic and clean out the federal government.


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