Media Bias: Coverage of Latest Obamacare Bungle Just a Hiccup – Obama Continues to Rewrite AHA

270760The corporate Democrat mouthpiece media has, as of February 11th, to provide a single full report on how President Obama has bypassed Congress and changed (again) the ObamaCare mandate delay. Technically, he has rewritten the bill passed by Congress and signed by him. Frankly, I wonder how Obama can stand having the Affordable Healthcare Act named after him and continue on its slide into disaster. Millions have been wasted on the website that includes a scandal (another one). If Congress was doing their job, they would be providing an outcry over ObamaCare from sea to shining sea, and putting together a committee to repeal the bill, which the Supreme Court did not do from the get-go.

The federal government screwed up the first major socialist-welfare program initiated by FDR called the Social Security “Trust” Fund – robbed over decades to cover spending in other areas, Bill Clinton actually telling Americans there was a “surplus” and everything was rosy. Then when GW Bush becomes president it became his fault for all the problems that Clinton had lied about – like the economy. Not that GW Bush can get off the hook for the inaction he took by getting rid of the income tax system or at least pushing Congress to do so. Another hallmark program by the progressive big government slowly declining and getting deeper in debt over the decades, for which Obama and friends (on both political sides of the aisle) have accelerated.

If a government cannot put together, or ensure that a company who got the website (with no competition) that charged tens of millions of dollars and ensure that it will work properly – how in the Hell can anyone believe that unlimited government should be in charge of an important aspect of our life: healthcare. We already have them controlling our income, the auto industry, and financial institutions. Now wait, the financial institutional honchos operate the Federal Reserve System, another great idea of the progressive of all progressives in the 20th century (next to FDR) – Woodrow Wilson.

Back to the media propaganda machine – NBC, AB, CBS…

obama_propagandaCBS on This Morning show spoke about Obamacare issue in only one sentence. NBC Today, provided 29 seconds of coverage, which Natalie Morales said: Well, another hiccup this morning on the Obamacare front. Ms. Morales, the program was doomed from the start, and so poorly planned that many think it was done on purpose so as to go to a national healthcare pay-to-the government program. Later on the Today show after than 29 second segment about something so important, two minutes were spent talking about the unusual outfits at the Sochi Olympic Games.

Good Morning America, ABC, provided 18 seconds of coverage and the next day they boosted that to 1 minute and 35 seconds. That coincided with the 3-minute coverage of efforts to improve airline food.

The evening news across those networks included Obama’s news briefs, but none of them covered the criticism of the latest delay or that Obama has once again bypassing Congress to change a law. Well, I guess, he thinks because the healthcare fiasco is named after him, it is his duty and authority to take control of it – along with an important aspect of everyone’s lives.

Isn’t that called “tyranny”? Isn’t that what the framers of the Constitution feared would happen in the executive branch of federal government?

CBS did make a reference to Obama changing the law (Major Garrett). Read also his interview with House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.

Also read: Newsbusters Monday’s network evening newscasts.

The media should be the voice, eyes, and ears of the people – instead they play interference for the federal government, but only if scandals, controversies, and ethic transgressions involve Democrats. They are the mouthpiece of progressive government and the propaganda machine for whoever they deem fit.

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