Democratic-Socialists: Spending and Increasing Taxes For a Better Economy

In October 2013, the Heritage Foundation, a think-tank organization, stated that President Obama (do not leave Congress off the hook) raise taxes to the tune of $3 trillion.

It must be kicking in because my Internet company just added $2 increase in federal/state taxes amount over what I paid last month. Rates on many things go up, while people are still out of work, or have reduced hours, and most can’t make enough to match the rising costs. And this is before the Obamacare system fully kicks in.

Joe Biden, the moron vice president who makes moronic statements (which the corporate Democrat-Socialist controlled media blew off) as the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who one time caught in an open mic describing the signing of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (March 23rd, 2010): This is a big fucking deal. Yeah, like FDR’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Joe Biden is what Dan Quayle was to Republicans in political history. Here is a Joe Biden classic about government overspending:

There will be a huge increase in murders and rapes if the federal government doesn’t spend more money to help the economy.

Obviously, Biden is well-tuned in using the Marxist-Socialist tool: fear to get followers and party-loyalists.

Biden, like his fellow Democratic-Socialists, believe that the government can save the economy by increasing the federal debt – AND raising taxes that in the real world HURTS people and the economy.

One of the main reasons why socialism does not work is because increasing tax burdens do not help the economy, it hurts it. Margaret Thatcher put it in more simpler terms:

The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

Ronald Reagan also said it simply and truthfully:

Government IS the problem.

Which is wiser than Nancy Pelosi who stated:

We have to pass the bill (Affordable Care Act) so you can find out what is in it.

Congress (and Obama) apparently did not know fully what was in it either. It was just too much to read. What is REALLY SCARY is that voters in California keep reelecting this female nutcase version of Joe Biden. [Full Pelosi quote: But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.]

Despite what people believe and the manure politicians and manipulative media has been saying – the government can only “produce jobs” by hiring more people to work for the government; which means adding more bureaucracy and going farther than the federal government has already gone past constitutional limitations; limits devised for important and wise reasons.

That same government that constantly states that it must help the populace because they cannot help themselves, is the same government whose answer to budgeting is to spend more and pay for it by increasing taxes on the people who are already paying a major portion of their earnings to a government who has no limitations or appetite for spending and control – both equal power.

Those same people continue on this self-destructive ideology and anyone thinking would ask, since many Democrats in Washington are wealthy – how can THEY afford those tax increases. That answer is simple: keep an unfair, intrusive and unconstitutional tax system that can provide loopholes and methods of cheating. The alternative, ignored by politicians in Washington in both executive and legislative branches, is a consumption tax, like the bill languishing in Congress for years called the Fair Tax that would make it almost impossible to cheat and a fair tax rate across the board. It even has a method to help folks at the poverty level, and does not tax things like food or housing. Necessities of life.

Americans have a great opportunity to get rid of the clowns sitting in seats in Congress that are not performing, have “business as usual” attitudes, and believe that there should be either little or no limitations of government according to the US Constitution. We need statesmen and stateswomen who can see that the business as usual ideology and failed policies reenacted over and over – is NOT acceptable – from either side of the political aisle.