People You Should Not Elect in 2014 or Anytime

  • Lawyers. This group is trained to find loopholes in laws so they can win cases – whether ethical or not. It is better to find candidates who know the principles of government, constitutional government – dedicated to protecting and adhering to constitutional law. Example of bad choices: Clinton and Obama.
  • Community Organizers. These people are trained to go into the community and see how many people they can put on the payroll and welfare of government paid by people who pay taxes. Their political and ideological rule book comes straight from writings of Karl Marx. Prime Example: Obama.
  • People that have a record of inconsistency and/or a record of losing political discussions. Best examples: Romney and Pelosi.
  • People who do not follow principles of constitutional government and/or do not follow constitutional principles of their political party’s platform. There are MANY examples, which I will name only a few: Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, Bush (I and II), Clinton (both), John McCain, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …
  • People that are emotionally, politically, and/or mentally challenged. Like Biden, Pelosi, and Gore.
  • Anyone who thinks that constitutionalists, like Tea Party movement, are radicals (or racists) and think that Ron Paul was/is a joke. Dr. Paul, during his long period in politics, never changed his political philosophy of using the constitution as the basis of all laws and legislation, as well the wisdom of the founders/framers in matters such as foreign policy.
  • Anyone who has conflicting business interests. Like Pelosi, Reid, et cetera.

The GOP establishment seems to pick losers, and if they win, they are mediocre and not true Republican-Constitutionalists. Reagan did not have the blessing nor was he a poster boy for the GOP establishment and he was elected twice. There hasn’t been a man of his caliber since he was president and no one took Ron Paul seriously after years of warning about the income tax system, transgressions against limited government, the unconstitutional federal reserve system, et cetera. Here is a parody of news that Obama got reelected:

ImageVote Smart – Not What the Media Tells You.