New Big Brother System Approved: National License Plate Database

TSA Insaneness

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Big government is seeking new ways to keep tabs on citizens. Not just for criminal activity, but anyone or any organization that counters government policies or disagrees with the developing Big Brother system. Since the UK has already begun such things through what is called National License Plate Recognition Database, a citizen could be on a terror watch list just for being part of a protest/demonstration or belong to an organization seeking a constitutional government like the Tea Party movement. Sound familiar? This was what the IRS and NSA scandal was all about.

After the feds studied the system already in place in the UK, Homeland Security hit the news, at least covered by a few media sites, certainly not the Obama propaganda machine (corporate media networks) like CBS, ABC, NBC, MSN.

I guess the federal study is over because the system is to be activated. As usual, it is under the pretense to fight against terrorism. When the government considers a peaceful organization like the Tea Party entity as radical, subversive, racial, and anti-government – the enemy of the state – then this is just another method to keep tabs on that organization and any private citizen they deem fit to put under surveillance. It is not only tyranny, but costly; when a government is so deep in national debt already.

Organizations like Tea Party and the Constitution Party are groups that ARE anti-government, but only in the form of a socialist-welfare state that is going far beyond limitations prescribed in the articles of the US Constitution and violating its amendments. Those organizations and those like them are not against having a government, that would be anarchy and chaos – but a government that was created in the form of a constitutional republic which the founders of our nation and framers of our Constitution had created.

It is true that a License Plate Recognition program would be useful in crime prevention, keeping tabs on criminals, and stopping possible subversive groups belonging to the Islamic Jihadist genre – but as we can see with the IRS and NSA agencies, it can and has been abused without oversight, and when illegal practices are revealed the executive branch ignores it, delays investigative committees, and denies everything. The people in charge and involved are not charged or fired. A good example is Eric Holder. If he had any kind of character, he would have resigned after numerous problems with his Department of Justice, or at least get to the root of the problem and deal with those that broke ethical, constitutional, and criminal laws. He certainly was not prosecuted when caught committing perjury and other factors concerning law and ethics. At the very least he should have been fired, and if the president was a Republican he would have – and the corporate media would be on a rampage over it, unlike their noticeable silence and lack of investigation into the myriad of scandals involving members of the executive branch of this president.

The Motorola Corporation is providing the software, products and services; a long-standing name in communications that produces the best communication devices for the US Armed Forces in the world, and has done so since World War II when they invented the Walkie Talkie.

Meanwhile, there are still Islamic fascist/Jihad training camps operating in the United States, CAIR is still operating, and people who belonged to or still belong to subversive organizations are still holding positions in the federal government – one of them a Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor. The organization is called La Raza, which means The Race in Spanish – considered the Latino KKK. [See Justice Sotomayor and Pot] La Raza is one of the Hispanic groups that claim part of the United States belongs to Mexico. Indeed, part of the problem with national security, a good portion, is about our immigration problems and flat-out invasion from Mexico.

The NLPR Database information can be found at the government website.

This is not a question whether the system would be good to fight and prevent crime, but the fact in the track record of an unlimited government, it will be quickly abused against imagined enemies of the state.


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