Sorry Not a Good News Week …

hand_point2I am sure that many can see how liberal-progressive socialists cannot prevent from being hypocrites and how their policies always fail. Hollywood, according to the Daily Caller, is demanding to be given a tax break from oppressive taxation upon the “rich” – despite reelecting “make the rich pay their fair share” Jerry Brown as governor. California has lost key big-money businesses in various industries because of their oppressive taxation and several times, which includes previous terms held by Jerry Brown, periods of near bankruptcy of a state that was once the fifth wealthiest/productive in the world. Yet, the Rolling Stone make him to be the savior of California. Its decline was due to the transformation into what Victor Davis Hanson called in his book: Mexifornia. A failing socialist-welfare state that is chasing away all that once made it successful thanks to socialists like Brown and company. Governor Brown’s answer to the economical disaster is to build a train. It may reduce the horrible congestion of LA traffic, but how would it help California in terms of economics?

hand_point2The secondary problem is that citizens begin to emigrate as well. They leave because it is too expensive to live (caused by high taxes due to too many illegal aliens on welfare) or the crime rate is too high (caused by not adhering to 2nd Amendment and illegal aliens allowed). California, especially Hollywood, is a big fan of King Obama with George Clooney having a promotional party at his home for his socialist hero. The actor is now sucking up to “What difference does it makeHillary Clinton. Hillary was on the team that initiated impeachment proceedings that forced Nixon to retire or be impeached, making a big difference then but that was because the person was not a Democrat. Socialism fails, a parasite that kills its host (proven in history that liberals ignore), because useful idiots believe in the Utopia of Marxism and fall into the emotional trap of class jealously and into the basic philosophy that it is not fair for some to be wealthy and others not – whether they deserve it or not. But now the people who approved a massive tax hike are complaining the loudest and/or moving their business elsewhere. Between that kind of political policies and corruption, California cities like Los Angeles could end up like Detroit and crumble and/or become a gang-ridden Mexican cartel controlled city. Oh wait, that last part is already come true. Once again, Hollywood, a nest of socialist-communist useful idiots, they have been and are (as revealed by Senator McCarthy), don’t think it is fair having all those taxes to pay after backing a person and ideology that punishes producers in society and rewards deadbeat welfare generations.

hand_point2It seems that the government doesn’t protect its own as the closing arguments in Dobyns v. USA lawsuit comes to an end that started in June of 2013. The ATF not only ignored death threats against former undercover agent working to bring down the Hell’s Angels and drug lords, but tried to frame him in 2011. Jay Dobyns is a highly respected agent, a father and husband, and 25-year veteran with the federal law enforcement agency. The closing arguments took place yesterday at the US Federal Courthouse in Tucson, Arizona. Dobyns retired this year from the Bureau.

hand_point2New Yorkers are not happy campers as pro-abortion and anti-gun advocate governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his latest gig is helping inmates in prisons get college degrees. So, if you are in New York and cannot afford to attend college – just get incarcerated in New York state prison and governor Cuomo will ensure you get that degree. Let’s reward criminals at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers. It will cost the state taxpayers $5,000 to provide one year of college course for ONE inmate. The average citizen that wants to send a child to college will go $30,000 into debt, while felons who owe society for their crimes get a free ride. New York, especially New York City, has long been the guardian of welfare and social parasites at the expense of those who produce.

hand_point2While joblessness remains as the number one problem in the United States, despite promise to fix it, President Obama’s illegal raise of the minimum wage (only for federal workers) will cost an estimated 500,000 jobs, according to the CBO. That will occur over a period of 2.5 years in terms of reduced hours or loss of work. That raise will also increase the already bloated federal debt by a government who is operated by people who disregard responsible budgeting. The Center for Economic Policy Research came up with the global warming scenario in a study. That study by a leftist think tank tried to prove that global warming would be lessened if people worked less.

While promises are made to make things better, it just seems that reality kicks in and proves to be worsening.

The White House states:

the delay of the small business employer mandate – and a portion of the mandate for larger businesses – until 2016 is just part of an effort to smooth the transition for the private sector.

Keith Koffler has stated that it is:

a straightforward ploy to help Democrats avoid disaster at the polls later this year.

The Wall Street Journal has figured out another underlying reason:

The less people covered by businesses, the more who will flock to the Obamacare exchanges. And what the exchanges need now to survive are MORE PEOPLE and their cash, particularly younger, working age types who will pay for health care they don’t need in order to subsidize the less-healthy people who appear to be signing up too much.

hand_point2The Affordable Care Act was a disaster before it passed legislation and Obama signed it, and thanks to the Supreme Court not doing their job – this fiasco is going to come full circle unless voters get rid of the pro-Obamacare politicians in order to repeal the law before it is too late. The GOP establishment’s proposal of an alternative to Obamacare is NOT the answer. Abiding by the constitution’s limited government mandate IS the answer; as well as responsible budgeting of taxpayer funding. In addition, this means that the income tax system must be repealed (16th Amendment) and replaced with a consumption flat tax that can only be altered by two-thirds majority of Congress; as well as an end to the control of the Federal Reserve and the practice of printing money without the specie (gold) to back it up.

For those who were planning on getting a nice company healthcare plan, your SOL. Businesses will have less incentive to avoid a fine and cover its employees with 2016 rolls around.

Save the Republic and vote responsibly when selecting congressional members this year.

hand_point2Maggie’s Notebook reveals that Boehner knew about the CIA Benghazi gun running and that he, as part of the GOP establishment, does not want the IRS to stop attacking the Tea Party organization because they are not part of the establishment’s agenda. Meanwhile, true conservatives who believe in the Constitution are being targeted by the IRS Gestapo.