Inept World of Barack Hussein Obama

How does Obama make decisions as President of the United States?

  • Hired political rival as his Secretary of State because (a) he read that Lincoln surrounded himself with rivals, (b) avoid criticism from her and ensure that she would not run against him in 2012. (Remember that he stated that if he did not improve the economy he would not seek reelection in 2012?) How about (c) – All of the Above.
  • Hired someone who thinks global warming is a bigger threat than terrorists with airplanes or Mullahs with nuclear weapons. Reason is not clear, other than it is a person who does not question how Obama performs his authority.
  • Hired someone who plays dangerous games with Mexican drug cartels and made deals with them and the Mexican government; while enforcing laws via the Department of Justice on a pick-and-choose basis. Not clear why this person was not fired from his position.

Hussein of AmericaIn foreign affairs, Obama’s record is as dismal as his handling of domestic affairs. Mexico has further deteriorated as a drug cartel and corrupt state and Mexicans pissed off for providing the cartel with weapons that killed so many of them. In South America, socialism and communism – plain tyrant activities, continues and escalates with Venezuela deteriorating with revolution in the atmosphere. Nothing has changed in Cuba. In Europe, Obama has disenfranchised several states, including the United Kingdom who worked closely in the war against Islamic fascism. Former European allies, several in NATO no longer trust us because of Obama’s record of throwing people under the bus. Relationship with Russia is a joke with President Putin making wiser choices than Obama.

In Syria, the bad guys are still in charge and most likely still have WMDs here and there, kept hidden when Saddam Hussein sent them by truck convoy to Syria to prove that Bush was lying when the US intelligence claimed he still had WMDs as well as operational bio-hazard facilities.

Israel, always needing our trust and cooperation against the nations that surround it that are determined to annihilate the Jewish nation out doing their historical hero, Hitler – and return the little nation back into control of the Muslims as it has been since the last Crusade. Secretary of State, John Kerry, is the biggest fool this side of the big-top – working hard to get a peace prize like what was handed to Obama, for which to this day nobody knows why.

Egypt is still struggling, no thanks to Obama who chose the side of Islamic jihadists. Iran is on the verge of having an arsenal of nukes, a nation that declared war against “Satan America” with no serious challenge coming from Obama and friends. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Jordan is wondering if they are going to be added to the list of people Obama threw under the bus in his fickle decisions.

Iraq has become a killing field again with Islamic jihadists waiting in the wings to gain control again. Afghanistan will end up pretty much the same, gaining strength for the Taliban to become stronger, instead of being defeated, the result will end up like Iraq or worse.

Pakistan is not too happy with US taking people out with drones, not that it isn’t a good way to get rid of the leadership and pockets of Islamic Jihadists. The Taliban in Pakistan is gaining the strength it lost in Afghanistan.

downwithusaLeadership in the United States still kisses the rump of China while getting deeper in debt to this aggressive nation who intends to take over western civilization without firing a shot. North Korea is as crazy as it always has been, even causing China to be concerned while its nuclear capability increased. China seems to be picking up where the Imperial Japanese left off in World War II – even Australia and New Zealand are concerned.

There are more subversive organizations, infiltrated into our infrastructure than ever before, and despite continual promises over the decades – our southern border is not secure.

change_obamaIf anyone can show me what this president did that was positive and actually worked – PLEASE clue me in.