Liberal-Progressives Celebrate National Condom Week

The major problem with liberal-progressives is they have no line drawn as to how far they should go – on any topic …

Campus Reform Report, California: It’s National Condom Week folks, time for sex games at Berkeley University, celebrating sex organs, sponsored by the Planned Parenthood organization that organizes to have pre-born infants murdered in procedures they have made as normal as getting a tooth pulled – when the promotion of condoms doesn’t work courtesy of taxpayer dollars. Websites are promoting and celebrating this like Advocates for Youth and Think Progress. And during the university’s touring session, a group of elementary and middle school students were exposed to a man dressed in a giant penis costume. It’s even posted at Facebook.

Progressive-Liberals live in a world where students should not fail because it would hurt their feelings and make them insecure. A world where Utopia is not a fantasy world and everyone would be much happier if everyone were completely equal in terms of income and wealth. A world where giving in to the international bullies and mass murderers is called ‘diplomacy’ and compromise. A world where Christians are painted as religious fanatics and radicals, while Muslims in the military are allowed to violate disciplinary traditions of the armed forces dress code. It is a world where anything goes when it comes to satisfying one’s personal pleasures, just as long as one doesn’t injure anyone – except pre-born infants. A world where insane criminals that require to be put to sleep like rabid animals, but instead looked upon as just people who have been misunderstood.

A world where natural law is a myth, everyone is equal (except those operating the government), and people must be monitored and controlled for their own safety from cradle to grave. Then they wonder why the world is turning upside down and the United States is slipping into the waste bin of history.  Click here for photo of young children in front of National Condom Week poster at Berkeley University.

Children are not allowed to be children anymore – you know the wonderful world of innocence?