Reformation: Reforming Society and Government

Since this is the year of congressional elections voters should be researching and investigating those who want your vote, either for election or reelection.

The object is reformation, and the reformation is not just political, but society included. What has been continually used in politics and society is obviously not working, and despite this the same approach and mindset is made. It is insane, as Albert Einstein stated in so many words, to expect different results with the same ideas and actions that caused the results that is not working.

To begin with citizens of this second revolution to oust tyranny is to arm themselves with knowledge, not what government controlled schools want you to know and the progressive socialists that have gained control of it – but what worked so well in creating a nation that was once the greatest in the world. No system is perfect, despite what anyone will believe or want you to believe, but the constitutional republic based upon what the framers of the US Constitution created is the best in human recorded history. Learn about how the framers came up with their ideas and the reasons why. Using the US Constitution and its amendments as the foundation, read the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist papers. By studying the likes of Thomas Jefferson, the most prolific writer of the period, we can see that his education in classical history aided him greatly. But folks like Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison also had a great part in the founding of our nation and creation of our Constitution.

The great tip in doing this research and research about those who are campaigning for election/reelection is that you choose reliable sources. Look at things from outside of the box, and give little trust in what the media presents, because the media, called the ‘press’ when the Constitution was created and the First Amendment written, was meant to be the eyes, ears, and voice of the people – not special interest groups and government. The Press (media) has long developed the habit where when they realized that sensationalism sells newspapers (the news in various media today), that is what they focused upon – and sometimes not accurately or objectively. Editorials and opinions should be kept in a separate section than the news – because the latter should be accurate and written objectively.

The Internet is the most useful tool in history of communications that provides vast knowledge at one’s fingertips; however, it is also the last bastion of freedom of speech and thus will have people and organizations of all types and agenda that can provide good sources or not – some just being an arm of propaganda of a particular movement.

While the Republican Party, one of two traditional political “clubs”, still has a chance to reform itself; I am afraid that the Democratic Party has gone so far into corruption that it will never heal itself. Once upon a time the two parties acted like a fulcrum and a viable medium to which political decisions could be made from ideas generated from both schools of thought.

It is like the trade unions. Based upon the principle of laborers getting fair wages, affordable benefits, and not working long hours for cheap – it has never achieved or has forgotten that principle for which they were formed. Unions have become dangerous parasites who use coercion, corruption, and violence to achieve control over all of the workforce of this nation.

The biggest mistake of the evolved government system was to allow the unions to have any control in matters of employment within the government. Remember, it was the socialist movement, following the ideals of Karl Marx that created unions. In a recent headline, we can see how unions have become too powerful and counterproductive; and the present executive administration has proven how dangerous and powerful they have become. Unions have become parasites that kill its host.

Like Jihadists, unions rely on fear and violence to gain membership and retain control over the populace. Workers should have freedom of choice and decide whether unions are beneficial to them or not; and unions should not be allowed to control employment within government agencies and departments. Since the government has taken control over education, this applies to the teachers union, especially since the alarming discovery of teachers using illegal drugs and union members not required to take a drug test before and during employment.

Part of this great reformation Americans should be enacting, a second revolution, is to clean up the education system. If the system is failing to educate children and we continually fall behind other nations in terms of education and literacy – what good is it and why do we continue to use failed programs and ideas?

Progressives do things because it makes them ‘feel good’ – common sense and facts be damned. And while they preach equality, there is no such thing in natural law. Not everybody can be an Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney, or Stephen King in terms of being good at a particular field. However, every one of us have potential to be good at something, so while we are not equal in those terms, there should be no barricades to citizens to become, through education and diligence, what we want to do in life. As Abraham Maslow stated:

If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.

It is just that people at a young age have to figure out what is best for them, a difficult task that should not be stifled by nosy-body progressives or people in government who want to control you.

Another part of reformation is to laugh off the political and media stage those that compare the Tea Party movement to Taliban Islamic Jihadists. The Tea Party organization is an important part of the reformation movement – the second revolution – that does not want to destroy government, but reform it back to how and why it was formed. Constitutional law is the key – not Sharia Law or any other form of government. Folks, I kid you not – there are people who believe this stuff.

As John Hawkins wrote at Townhall:

Conservatives believe that everyone, no matter what his race, gender, sex or religion, has that potential to be something special. On the other hand, the essence of liberalism is encouraging people to fail, both because failures are more likely to vote Democratic and because it makes liberals feel better to tell other people how to live their lives. So much of modern liberalism is oriented around teaching people to see themselves as victims, to be dependent on government and to nurse a sense of grievance against the rest of society. You don’t become a champion on welfare. If you’re waiting for the government to solve your problems, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Happy, successful people don’t ramble on about imaginary “micro aggressions,” “white privilege,” and “being held down by the patriarchy.” Independence, self-reliance and seeing the government as an obstacle, not a sugar daddy are the first steps towards being all you can be in America.

The Founders, framers of the Constitution, viewed government as a necessary evil and it was the responsibility of the citizens to keep a watchful eye upon those entrusted to operate that government For the People. It is also why the founders established limitations upon government and created three branches that are supposed to act like checks upon each other. Since the 1920s, this has progressively deteriorated into the mess we have today. It is because the people realized they could vote for a person who promised all kinds of stuff courtesy of those who pay the most taxes, in other words, other people’s money. The price to be paid is gradual loss of liberties, freedom of choice and property rights and eventually all rights and liberties established because those that operate our government have complete control.

We do not need a government nor a society who condones it, that pays mothers to have children out of wedlock with welfare programs and food stamps and develop a generation(s) that actually believe it is their right to do so. This part of the reformation must begin in society and return to the time when it was embarrassing to have to collect unemployment or some subsidy until getting a job or getting back a job after layoff or any other disaster that required an individual to seek help rather than fall into complete poverty and destitution. And despite all the progressive ideas of liberals and their claimed crusade against poverty – they create such an economic mess that poverty increases and other economic classes lose ground.

People might think it a clichè, but history can teach lessons, and it DOES repeat itself. In rational thinking we all know that history does not repeat itself exactly, and changing times requires that lessons learned require some sort of new approach behind the age-old concepts – but concepts that work. There is one thing that Hawkins mentioned in his article that always holds true: corruption and degenerate behavior (contrary to the Golden Rule) will destroy any society. It does not matter whether you are religious or what religion (except established Islam) one chooses – morality and family values count in a successful society. Tolerance does not mean that a society requires to put up with intolerance. I was never one to pick upon a specific religion, but Islam has become the thorn in civilization globally, and their agenda is only to establish a world theocracy where only Muslim’s religion would be allowed and the “elite” clergy will run it by Sharia Law, a law established in early medieval period. If the progressives want to talk about something outdated, as they claim the US Constitution is – Sharia Law is it. Yet, in the name of tolerance (while being intolerant towards Christianity and not protecting the Jews), they concede to an intolerant, violent movement that threatens the infrastructure of this nation as it has become in Europe. In both cases it is because the people have embraced the progressive socialist movement, despite its historical proof that it always fails, especially economically.

As Margaret Thatcher wisely stated:

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

Civilizations are destroyed, disappearing in history who do not learn lessons in history and maintain systems that are proven to work – like our constitutional republic established by our wise Founders.

Thomas Sowell:

Out of every hundred new ideas ninety-nine or more will probably be inferior to the traditional responses which they propose to replace. No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for those are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history.

Liberal-progressives throw tried-and-proven traditions and doctrine out the window, always trying to reinvent the wheel. They live by their feelings of the moment, not the tried-and-proven methods of rational and common-sense thinking. They do not consider the consequences of their actions, nor do they like the idea that with freedom of choice comes the responsibility of accepting results from personal choices, when it the results are negative.

These are the things you must keep in mind when you go to the voting polls this year and choose who is going to represent you and the Constitution of the United States. By cleaning out Congress, it will be a major step in beginning true reformation back to the successful republic that the Founders created and had hoped would endure. This means that We the People must no longer place our faith in political party, be it Democratic or Republican, but to the individuals who ask us for our vote. We the People must teach the media that we are no longer going to allow them to pick who will run campaigns in primary elections. The primary election is important because those chosen from each party will be the ones who make the final bid for election.

Are you not tired of choosing the “lesser evil”? I am.

And as far as President Obama, as John Ransom wrote:

He’ll Take Your Truck with his Pen and His Phone.

Yep, he sure did bring CHANGE!

I am sure it was not the change expected, but then again, no one looked for the details. It was more important having the first African American as president – not choosing the African American who is a constitutionalist, like Allen West.

The Republican Party establishment certainly deserves as much blame.



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