Hillary Clinton Candidate for 2016? You’ve Got To Be Kidding

hillary_wickedwitchofamericaWhen it comes to coverup and denials, Hillary Clinton is a pro. It began with the Whitewater Scandal, which Wikipedia has entitled “controversy” in the posting. She backed her husband’s lies in the scandal that led to impeachment proceedings that ended up a failure. Still today, she blames Monica Lewinsky for that big scandal instead of her sexual predator husband when this month she declared that Lewinsky is a narcissistic loony toon.

Hillary has preached about feminism and women’s rights, and joined progressives in the false allegations that the Republicans have an anti-women policy. So many times this female politician has been called for testimony and her vicious nature revealed with her “What does it matter?” remark. Her hypocrisy and lies have been recorded countless times, but to the liberal-progressive socialist, she is an example of the ultimate feminist.

It is conceived that she has 47 bodies in her political wake (along with husband) and a former Secret Service agent wrote how vicious and unfeeling the socialist troll could be. That count does not include those killed at Benghazi under her leadership as Secretary of State.

Despite a report by True the Vote of 173 cases of interstate voter fraud (mostly double voting) in Florida and Maryland alone, Hillary claimed it was a case of a phantom epidemic.

hittheroadbarackShe spearheaded the political attack against GW Bush for Iraq joining progressives who said that he lied about presence of WMDs and people died because of it. She openly called General David Petraeus a liar in the Senate Chamber. But when asked pointed and fair questions about why she did not provide or ask for proper security for American personnel in Benghazi, she lost her temper and declared that they were dead, so what does it matter whether there were smoke and screen media reports that blamed it all on a video and blamed demonstrations that did not take place. The attack occurred at midnight, ruling out being a demonstration gone bad. It was a planned assault against American diplomatic real estate and personnel. Hillary and Barack need to be unemployed like so many millions because of their policies.

As Maggie wrote at her blog:

Listen up all you girls planning to vote for Hillary: she despises who you are. If you’re a stay-at-home Mom, really…she has no respect for you or ‘your’ kind. If you are God-fearing, well, you probably also bake cookies for your man. She despises you. If you don’t need free birth control, she despises you. If you would NEVER consider an abortion, Hillary wishes you had been aborted. What a bother you are. On the other hand, if your Mom and Dad work for the Muslim Brotherhood, you are adored. Give me one reason, just one, why you would vote for this woman for president.

Indeed. She needs to answer for her corruption taking place across at least two decades, culminating into the death of those Americans who never were protected from danger and when attacked. She was the Secretary of State, front-line and responsible for lack of proper security and President Barack Hussein Obama to blame for refusing requests for help and ordering units that could have done so to “stand down”.

It is hard to believe that American voters would actually trust H. Clinton to be the next President of the United States. But then again, it was hard to believe that the American voters (with help from prolific voting fraud) reelected President Obama in a close contest.

i-see-dead-people-voter-fraud-democrat-political-poster-1288473312-625x489Instead of preparing to run for the 2016 presidential election, Hillary should be undergoing a trial, and the commander-in-grief, President Obama should be in the middle of impeachment hearings. Despite so many requests for those hearings, I see none in sight.

Another good reason to clean out Congress of progressives and RINOs this election year of 2014. They are the poster people for ultimate corruption, like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are poster people for moronic behavior.

The Clintons are icons of what is bad for American – and along with Obama and company, destroying our constitutional republic in the wake of the march towards socialism and welfare state.


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