Above the Law: Obama’s Czars Follow Ignoring Ethics and Constitutional Law

Eric Holder, surprisingly reported in New York Times, along with the Wire and Patriot Post quoted the US Attorney General telling state attorneys:

state attorneys general don’t have to defend laws that they believe to be discriminatory, drawing fresh questions over the sanctity of state’s rights and the issue of gay marriage.

Should we be surprised after his alleged perjury (not fully investigated or followed) before congressional committees and his involvement in Operation Fast-N-Furious scandal and other things like failing to conduct proper investigation of the IRS targeting scandal and Benghazi? What good is the Department of Justice when its leader, Obama’s czar, refuses to enforce laws in place and wants immigration laws to be dissolved so more Mexican and other international invaders can come to the United States uninvited, bringing with them criminal elements that include drug cartel members and Islamic Jihadists.

Read about how the Obama administration is screwing over the veterans that he (and other presidents) sent to another nation’s war.