What Liberal-Progressives Say …

Liberal-Progressives, who are not as “liberal” as they pretend to be, say:

  • Conservatives do not care about the environment. False. We do care about the environment, it is just that we look at it from either out-of-the-box or from a logical view – or both. We do not believe in junk science, where flawed data from one researcher becomes scientific truth instead of an hypothesis. Like the global-warming crowd to those that insisted the world was flat, and some even insisting it is so despite facts presented to them. Scientists that reputed the flawed hypothesis-come-true data concerning climate change, which was the new description of global warming after revelation from the Climate-Gate scandal; blaming something that has been natural since the Earth’s development began on human footprint. Indeed, in looking at it logically, since the Industrial Age began, humans have put a negative impact upon Earth, polluting air, water and land. However, that has been recognized decades ago and Republicans and Democrats alike saw the need for legislation that would not only stop the pollution, but clean up the mess. Like space exploration, it was money well spent until environmental activists saw a way to make millions of dollars tugging on the strings of emotion and consciousness. Remember how people lost property rights because of an obscure owl? Well, it turned out to be a different story. And that is an example of how liberal-progressives when their data and facts are exposed, how they fudge the numbers and information in order to remain in the “right” or politically correct. In summation, liberal-progressives draw no lines as to how far to take things and refuse to logically discuss anything unless it agrees with what they believe or what the establishment wants them to believe. Conservatives love nature too, and many are anglers and hunters; so that is important to them. Progressive politicians want you to believe that if they control people through legislation and regulation than the global warming problem will disappear. Since they have taken control of our educational system, there will be a growing amount of people who believe progressive politicians. The educational system must be controlled by a union of parents (citizens) and teachers that is not corrupted by socialist politics and parasitic trade unions.

  • Conservatives do not care about women’s rights or look upon the female gender as equal. False. Since the days when women finally were allowed to vote as an added amendment to the Constitution whose preliminary thoughts were founded in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, which includes women. I cannot think of any conservative, Republican, who has pushed against equal rights and pay for women in recent decades. Indeed, while Democrats spread those lies, they think that We the People do not notice how many women are involved in politics today – in the Republican Party. How many women are conservatives who are on talk shows and news media, like FOX News. The scary thing is that too many citizens believe that crap, not stopping to think logically or look at the world through their own eyes instead of what progressives want them to see. This is obvious since both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were reelected. However, to be fair, GW Bush did nothing what Ronald Reagan warned about and neither did his father GWH Bush. The Republican Party establishment has become no different in agenda than the Democratic Party, and only be bare margin. Within this discussion falls the issue of abortion, where progressives say that a woman has the right to make choice about her body, which in a sense is true, like any other human should make their own choices. But when it comes to abortion, those choices do not just concern a woman’s body but an unborn, living infant. Conservatives agree in cases of child molestation, incest, or rape – the woman should decide if she wishes to continue her pregnancy to full term, at least if the female is old enough to make those decisions. Abortion is easier than ever, not that I long for the days when a woman had to go to an underground sleazy doctor in order to have an abortion; but the problem is that people expect other taxpayers to pay for it – along with their accidental pregnancies through sexual promiscuous activity. Thus we have generation after generation of welfare mothers and children without the tried-and-proven parental guidance of a mother and father – both who have important specific tasks to raise children to be productive and responsible citizens. In the work place, I can think of no conservative who would not agree that women who are performing a job that a man does should not get the same pay scale. This is pretty much old issues, because there are more women in different careers than ever before and most men no longer feel uncomfortable having a boss that is of the female gender. Conservatives are not against equality, but they are against policies and legislation that makes the female gender get all the advantages over others, when jobs require that one be qualified, not part of a specific minority or social group.
  • Economy has been ruined by conservative ideology and the “1-percent”. Like much of what the progressive politicians deal with, there is an element of truth in this. At the same time that the 16th Amendment was put into place, the Federal Reserve system was also created that was a brainchild of the powerful financiers who met at Jekyll Island to create a system where financial institutions worked in the background to control money nationwide and worldwide. Politicians in the federal political realm have convinced people that the accounting reality of debts and credits is too complex for the average person among the populace who have manipulated matters of money that the US Congress is in charge of according to the articles of the US Constitution. That financial conglomerate that was enacted on Jekyll Island grew internationally through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank that creates and uses inflation as a means to socialize the populace. A fellow by the name of Edward Griffin and a dedicated constitutionalist, Ron Paul has accurately predicted the results of allowing the Federal Reserve and the like to take control of that which was intended to be governed by constitutional law and private sector. Banking regulations are needed only to the degree where the consumers, the citizens, are protected from fraud by financiers. Today, as the economic situation continues to be bad and only getting worse, we have politicians who would have us believe that spending more will get our nation out of debt, and instead of budgeting, they raise taxes stating they need to in order to decrease that debt – but continue to spend irresponsibly. Indeed, if we did what politicians say is necessary, we would all be in poverty and most likely incarcerated. The Federal Reserve is not operated by our federal government and it is NOT a bank. It is a cartel that prints money despite not having the specie (gold) to back it up. Thus, as government continues to plummet into deeper debt, they just print more money and put a smoke screen in place to hide what they are doing. All during this process, debts owed to other nations increase. In the case of China, this is dangerous not only to our economic future, but a matter of national security and eventually a danger against our sovereignty. When financial institutions (and the auto industry) gets into a sticky situation, they merely have the politicians legislate a “stimulus” bill because, they claim, those financial institutions are “too big to fail”, and by failing the country will enter another era of severe economic depression. Take note, like global warming and climate change ideology, the use of fear as a tool to get the populace to go along with their schemes never seems to fail them. This becomes even more obvious and applied more frequently as the federal government controlled educational system produces an educational system where those lies are backed up by students who are taught to believe all of it. Tyrants like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao all knew, as the creator of communism (Marxism) knew that if government controls education and what will be taught and not taught – control of the people is more complete. The end result is a generation (after generation) that believes the government is all-knowing and must control our lives because the populace cannot do so was efficiently. Here in the United States we can definitely see the results make this a false statement and ideology. Today, after screwing up the grand social programs of social security and welfare policies, not they want to control one-fifth of the national gross product that entails the healthcare and medical institutions. The major problem with the social security (retirement) programs is that over the decades politicians from both sides of the political fence have stolen from social security that was meant to be a trust fund – used for nothing else but that social program. Watch the following video, if you have not seen it before and Mr. Griffin explains it quite clearly.

  • Those who condone capital punishment (death penalty) are sadistic. Keep in mind that the liberal-progressive is against the death penalty and has caused our justice system to fail, are all for mass infanticide in the form of abortion – government controlled, paid by taxpayer funds, and available for any reason. At the same time they condone mass infanticide, the encourage the major reasons for abortions today – prolific sex. Instead of teaching values or leaving it to the parents, educational institutions have a massive condom program (also paid for by tax payers) and, recently, became National Condom Week. The judicial system has become too liberal. Criminals have more rights than their victims. The system is set up so all one has to do to escape the death penalty is to declare insanity, which is ridiculous considering one is certainly not “sane” who commits such acts of violence – be it temporary insanity or otherwise. With the use of DNA testing, there is less chance of people being wrongly accused of murder, a capital crime requiring capital punishment. The liberals join others in complaining about the overcrowded prisons in the United States, yet refuse to allow the death penalty. It is a vicious circle because liberal progressive mentality has caused the breakdown of the family and family values, which in turn produces youth that drops out of education and becomes part of the criminal element that comprise street gangs and soldiers of the drug cartel. So, as you can see, the problem within our society is, looking at the big picture, is a myriad of facets of progressive socialism (liberalism), ignoring constitutional law, facets concerning education, moral ethics, and degraded family values.
  • Conservatives back the wealthy aristocratic and collectivism is the only way for true equality. False. It is true that, as shown in the Jekyll Island conspiracy that created the Federal Reserve and the income tax system, that there are billionaires who are part of the conspiracy against constitutional law or anything that is against their control over money and with control of money governments become controlled and in turn, the people. The constitutional republic was created by the framers of our Constitution that emphasized individuality for a very good reason. The following video explains well collectivism versus individualism and shows why government should not have policies of income and wealth redistribution, social engineering through regulation, and the true concept of individualism and the role of government that should be For and By the People.

Collectivism is promoted by socialists, communists, and fascists and the government that controls everything becomes the gist of failures within society and economic well being.

All these problems that have developed is something not just pertaining to the United States, but concerning Europe that had developed welfare states before our government did – with the gradual blessing of the people. Indeed, this problem is threatening, along with theocratic takeover by the Islamic Jihadist on the road to the destruction of Western Civilization. Mr. G. Edward Griffin presents the Quigley Formula that is the background and reason why the Founders of the United States and framers of our Constitution did not want a democratic government, but instead a constitutional republic.

How can we turn around this train speeding toward destruction of our land of the free and brave?

Read and understand the US Constitution and its amendments, which also means studying the framers who developed it and understand why and what they did. This will provide a solid foundation for your stance against progressive socialists from dissolving our sovereignty and the constitutional republic and resolving to elect those who are constitutionalists.

And this is the final excerpt in this “they say” essay about liberal-progressives: recently the attack against the Tea Party movement has, through media and political propaganda would have people believe that constitutionalists, like Ron Paul, are radicals, racists, and want to destroy government. All a big lie. Constitutionalists are reformers that want to return constitutional law to our government and remove the earmarks and policies of socialism – all of which the Founders had warned future generations against. They are NOT against a government, for that would be anarchy – but they are against anything that alters or destroys the government designed by the framers of the Constitution – which was the foundation of what made this nation so great above others. Of course, their were other advantages, like a vast amount of natural resources available and the will of individual, strong-willed people, who unified without the need of collectivism – favoring individual liberty guaranteed in the articles and amendments of the US Constitution.

And in regards to the illegal immigration issue, that is really an invasion, both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for not enforcing our immigration laws that are not as strict as Mexican immigration laws, and failure to secure a border where a multitude of invaders arrive, not just for a better life – but justify their behavior in the belief that they are just reclaiming stolen real estate.