Issues That Concern US Foreign Policy and Why It Needs Fixed

In the GOP New Hampshire debate on January 8th, 2012, Rick Santorum stated:

As commander-in-chief, Rep. Paul can pull all our troops back of overseas, put them here in America, leave us in a situation where the world is now going to be created huge amounts of vacuums all over the place, and have folks like China and Iran and others. Look at the Straits of Hormuz. As I said last night, we wouldn’t even have the Fifth Fleet there.

Ron Paul replied:

We’re still running a foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson, trying to make the world safe for democracy. And, look, we have elections overseas, and we don’t even accept the elections. Change in foreign policy is significant. But that’s where a nation will come down if they keep doing this. We can’t stay in 130 countries, get involved in nation building. We cannot have 900 bases overseas. We have to change policy.

During that same debate, Newt Gingrich stated that he would increase foreign aid. They did agree on the Kyoto Treaty, but had different reasons for opposing it.

While the gist of Ron Paul’s policy on foreign affairs is solid, he apparently has not performed his homework when he contends that Islam is a religion not inherently warlike, but he text in Qur’an and the doctrine of Islamic leadership disputes that. Dr. Paul needs to wake up to reality and read in the headlines where Muslims destroy churches (and synagogues), torture and kill them, all in the name of Allah, Mohammad, and the Qur’an. They openly declare war on the United States, but too many pretend that it does not exist. According to them, the United States and its allies are evil and declared war on Islam – just be protecting Israel.

In respect to foreign aid, I agree with Dr. Paul that our leadership as the misconception and believing that foreign aid benefits our national security is something that comes back to haunt us, over and over. Tax money from American citizens is what fund the foreign welfare programs, which means funds are being used that could be used domestically. In effect, it is taxation without representation because I am sure that the people would vote against it, if they were able. But that type of system is what democracy is all about, and that is NOT what the framers of the US Constitution had in mind when establishing the federal government of the United States. However, our leadership, specifically the President of the United States, authorized and funded by congressional approval, does not have to be so quick about giving funds freely to other nations, unless that nation has experienced a horrible national tragedy like an earthquake. Even food aid has been misused, where it has historically been used as a tool for maintaining oppressive political power. Most of the foreign aid grants have been promoted by special interest politics and policies using national security as an excuse. And then we have leadership like Barack Hussein Obama who provides funds, weapons, and supplies to the very people who have declared war upon western civilization and all free nations of the world; nations that do not bow to Sharia Law. His foreign policy has been a joke. What president in our history ever bowed before a sovereign of another nation!?!

Too often in the last few decades, the leadership in Washington DC has used national security as an excuse to counter personal liberties with legislation like the Patriot Act and under-the-table actions like what surfaced concerning agencies and departments like NSA, IRS, and the Justice Department. Meanwhile, the US goes deeper in debt and they still cry for more funding after wasting $80 billion at the least.

Mr. Paul also states that government uses fear to get the people’s support in fighting against those we need not fight, which he includes Saddam Hussein, known as the “Butcher of Baghdad” and his demented sons. Hussein gave the US and allies no choice, but to take him out. He had a chance to reform after the Gulf War, but did not. Mass graves prove that he took revenge upon people, entire villages, for wanting freedom from fear of Saddam and his henchmen.

Yet, after providing Iraq the opportunity to become a free nation, Islamic Jihadists and Fascists are infiltrating and bringing back that which died when Saddam Hussein was hung for crimes against humanity, no less guilty than Hitler and his SS.

If anything had messed up Ron Paul’s chance to be president, or at least run against Barack Obama, it was his zeal that the United States become an isolated nation. Many can agree that we do not need 900 bases overseas for our national security; however, if we learned anything at all about history – we certainly cannot ignore the world around us.

Ron Paul was correct in that we invested $70+ billion in Egypt, but our president chose the enemy as an ally. The history of US foreign policy shows that we invest funds into dictatorships rather than spread the goodness of freedom as an unwritten moral responsibility. The Founders who became presidents did not get involved in conflicts occurring in Europe, especially when our nation was so young. We couldn’t afford it monetarily, militarily, or morally. Even when there was oppression against US trade ships by the infamous Barbary Pirates and monarchy of Tripoli, declaring war and sending war ships was the last resort. It had to be done because the United States became involved because foreign entities attacked interests of the United States.

Ron Paul stated:

We have a foreign policy where we blow up bridges overseas and then we tax the people to go over and rebuild the bridges overseas and our bridges and infrastructure are falling down. We have a $1 trillion foreign operations to operate our empire. That’s where the money is. You can’t keep borrowing from China and keep printing the money. We have to cut some spending. We have to have faith and confidence that the market works, but you can’t do any of that unless you look at the monetary system.

Fixing the World: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Chiang Kia-shek, 1943

Fixing the World: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Chiang Kia-shek, 1943

The United States after World War II, helped Germany and Japan rebuild themselves. It was a lesson learned. After World War I, Germany was oppressed and the people punished for their aggression that began the first world war and the result was a desperate people whose inflation was so bad, it took a duffel bag full of marks to match one US dollar – and that was during the 1920s before world depression hit. Desperate Germans listened to an obscure politician by the name of Adolf Hitler, and through coercion and later through fear, took over the government and became the government that planned to make all of Europe under Nazi rule. Hitler only entered a pact with Joseph Stalin, whose intentions were much the same as Hitler, until Der Fuehrer felt his army was ready for attack upon the Soviet Union. When that happened, Stalin decided it best to join Britain and US in the fight against fascism, all the while having operatives and communists in the United States with the same intentions he had when he made the pact with Hitler – create Soviet satellite states and concede to only take half of Germany. Churchill and Roosevelt had felt they needed the Russians, and unbelievably discussed what the Soviet Union would take over when Nazi Germany fell!

Today, the United States funds both Israel and Palestine, despite the obvious conflict between the two – and our foreign policy dictates when Israel should make peace or step up to defend itself. That is dishonest foreign policy and wastes tax dollars we cannot afford.

In 1953, the United States set up a dictator called the Shah of Iran and it bit us on the behind in 1979.

As Ron Paul says it is better to trade than to deal out bad foreign policy and foreign welfare. Trading is usually good for everyone, but giving in to bullies is not.

Everyone knows why Iran wants nuclear weapons, and it is not for defense purposes as Mr. Paul claims. As Daren Jonescu stated at American Thinker: [2011]

Everyone knows why the mullahs want a nuclear weapon, and that, in their minds, the desire is reasonable; the question is whether it ought to be acceptable to the so-called free world that a theocratic despotism harboring dreams of a global theocracy achieved by provoking a doomsday scenario should acquire nuclear weapons.

Michele Bachmann, a candidate in 2012, stated:

Look no further than the Iranian constitution, which states unequivocally that their mission is to extend jihad across the world, and eventually to set up a world-wide caliphate. We would be fools and knaves to ignore their purpose and their plan.

Ron Paul ignores and denies (naïve to believe it) the fact that Muslims have emigrated to European and Scandinavian countries, causing trouble there and insisting that those nations change their traditions and politics to match their own – Sharia Law. True, progressives in the United States see the danger of Sharia Law in the US, but it is disconcerting that a constitutionalist like Mr. Paul would ignore just what Islamic Law could mean and that Islam cannot be tolerated as long as it remains intolerant towards other religions, has a jihad doctrine of hatred and violence, and continues to support those bent upon global domination. There is no comparison to the US Constitution and certainly against the nature of freedom and liberty.

To Ron Paul, the Islamic threat has been caused by US intervention and resentment against what they have called US imperialism. This is what comes from the camp of Islamic jihadists. And mentioning “camps”, we have jihad training camps operating here in the United States – are they not a danger?

There is no question that our foreign policy needs reformation, stepping back and giving it a hard consideration; however, ignorant isolationism is swinging fully in the opposite direction instead of finding proper policies that will keep the United States in tune with other nations without being driven into bankruptcy and constant wars. There are viable options, even realizing how complex and frustrating foreign affairs can be. One thing for sure, no one can ever depend upon the United Nations fixing anything and Israel should not be left to fall under the oppression of Islamic nations surrounding it with intentions of committing acts that Hitler never completed.

Poster, 1945

Poster, 1945

As the poster above does not reveal, European nations under control of Stalin and Soviet Union were freed from Nazi oppression to be replaced by ruthless Stalin and his puppet/useful idiots in Soviet Union Satellite States. Remove one tyranny and replace it with another. If it wasn’t for the united effort and US airlift, Germans on the west side would have starved because of Soviet cruelty and woe to the people of East Germany.

Indeed, Freda Kirchwey, a solid supporter of the New Deal that FDR implemented and editor of The Nation, stated in 1943:

You and I and the President and the Congress and the State Department are accessories to the crime and share Hitler’s guilt. If we had behaved like humane and generous people instead of complacent, cowardly ones, the two million Jews lying today in the earth of Poland and Hitler’s other crowded graveyards would be alive and safe. … We had it in our power to rescue this doomed people and we did not lift a hand to do it – or perhaps it would be fairer to say that we lifted just one cautious hand, encased in a tight-fitting glove of quotas and visas and affidavits, and a thick layer of prejudice.

Remember, it was FDR and his administration that put Japanese Americans into detainment camps with no property rights, indeed, no rights and liberties whatsoever, just because they were Japanese.

Much later, in August of 2012, when Laurence Zuckerman wrote FDR’s Jewish Problem, stated that FDR’s Holocaust record was the propaganda of conservatives and right-wing Zionists. Apparently he did not read Kirchwey’s article nor did he do his homework when it came to FDR’s policies.

Early in the development of Nazi rule in Germany, after the Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938, the FDR administration refused admission of at least 15,000 German Jewish refugee children. When a German ship appeared off the coast of Florida, after being refused sanctuary in South America, the FDR administration refused to accept political asylum for its passengers leaving the German captain to reluctantly return to Germany where those Jewish refugees were immediately sent to camps. Today, the same political intellect ignore US immigration laws and ignore the fact that we are experiencing a serious (and have for decades) illegal immigration mostly from Mexico – all through Mexico – problem that would be considered a foreign invasion by other nations.

After FDR there was the Truman Doctrine and Freda Kirchwey wrote about the Korean War and Truman’s foreign policy:

All governments are hypocrites and questionable policies are packaged to please the eye of the guileless, moral beholder. It is useful to expose this particular deception only in order to bring to bear as much pres-sure as possible in defense of the people of those countries, especially of Greece; and to illumine the real and specific intentions behind the President’s verbal camouflage. Put baldly, Mr. Truman’s message was a plain declaration of political war against Russia. Nothing more, but also nothing less. Under his plan, American money and arms would be employed simultaneously to establish economic stability and crush rebellion in Greece, thus accomplishing what Britain has failed to accomplish and ending the danger of a Communist-controlled government linked with similar governments in the other Slavic states. By this maneuver the President thinks he can prevent a political “chain reaction” which would engulf Turkey and open the whole Near and Middle East to Soviet domination. … The truth is, Russia’s influence in the Balkans rises from two things: first, from the fact that the Red Army defeated the Germans and then occupied the area; and, second, from the more basic fact that those countries, ripe for change long before 1939, emerged from the horror of occupation and civil war and economic collapse with no practical alternative to revolution. The necessary and inevitable overturn in no way threatened Moscow’s long-range interests. On the contrary, the Soviet Union backed-revolution in the Balkans for national as well as for ideological reasons. Neighboring countries with Communist-controlled governments have provided a security belt, a strategic bulwark against possible future attack and a defense against the pres-sure of Western economic interests. While the Western powers have done their best to stifle social change, Russia could capitalize upon it; a vast advantage in fighting a political war.

FDR remains to be the political hero of the Democratic Party, just as Ronald Reagan became (after Abraham Lincoln) the hero of the Republican Party; however, there is more myth behind the greatness of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his negative, socialist policies outweigh any of his accomplishments. The New Deal legacy continues, and the Democrats continue their untruthful allegations that the Republican Party is a racist party with the clear historical fact that Roosevelt did nothing to prevent or stop the Holocaust, that he wrongfully interned Japanese-Americans, and his stained record concerning the rights and liberties of African-Americans. Strange that Barack Hussein Obama [also: Barry Soetoro) would emulate such a historical figure, but then again, he continually takes the wrong side in Islamic Jihad issues. He has thrown Israel almost completely to the dog pack of Islam, and has ruined anything good that came to the surface in our foreign policies in the past three decades.

I realize that hindsight can be so clear, but we must also contend that history mirrors itself and will repeat itself if we do not pay attention to mistakes previously made. Of course, in reality, humans are bound to create new mistakes – but it is a travesty when lessons learned are forgotten, especially when it comes to something as important as foreign affairs.

Ron Paul is overzealous when it comes to matters of foreign policy in that he insists that the only reason there is conflict is because of the US sticking its nose in other nation’s business; and that certainly has a particle of truth. However, isolationism never worked. So let’s be realistic.

Do we need 900 bases around the world? Can we just have quick reactionary forces stationed strategically in several areas and reduce the amount of those bases to 20 (not including continental US) that are at full strength? In that way we can still protect US interests and help allies when necessary. We must always remain technically advanced and train our troops to be the best, for as Reagan stated, our best defense is military strength. Which means we do not use it unless necessary and only in the interests of the United States, not another nation’s conflict or as peacekeepers in conjunction with United Nations’ troops – all actions being blessed by Congress.

As far as nation building, the concept is sound, but acting upon it is not, at least in the manner of the past has not turned out as planned. The best way we could convince other nations to follow our suit is to return to being a constitutional republic and not only lead by example, but become the role model for free nations – not democracy, but government that is limited and protects rights and liberties instead of figuring out ways to limit them or take them away. We can no longer afford to be a sugar daddy for other nations. It makes more sense to pay off debts owed, especially to China, whose agenda was revealed in the 1980s and 1990s that they intend to put themselves as the supreme world power – economically and militarily, and as the wise General Sun Tzu wrote:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Deceit and lies is the hallmark of the Obama administration and its counterparts in Congress. The problem with lying is that one must make up more lies to cover those already in place, and soon even the perpetrator of the lies no longer knows what reality is, and thus, become a victim of their own lies.