Where In the Heck is Global Warming When One Needs It?

Light Side of Lighthouse: Who'd Ever Think?Tomorrow will be the first day of March as I sit and watch heavy snow fall with a wind chill temperature of 10° F and falling. This month there was only two “warm” days when temperatures reached 30° F. This cold wave has swept across the nation and the South has experienced snow and ice they haven’s seen for a while.

And still, global warming advocates, who have changed that term to “climate change” insists that the world is going to continue to heat up and disaster will strike. Frankly, as I have mentioned before, I would rather have some warming trends rather than an ice age, because the latter kills everything that allows prolific life.

I am sure that the useful idiots of junk scientists and moronic, corrupt politicians know that once upon a time in pre-human history there were dinosaurs who existed because there was prolific plant life – larger than the species found today, living happily under climate conditions that we call the greenhouse effect today. Even early humans migrated away from the Ice Age belt of an area in order to survive, and that phenomenon destroyed many species, both flora and fauna. Therefore, I fear an ice age more than some warming. And do not tell me that a warming period will create more conditions like the Sahara Desert, because recent scientific examination reveals that the largest desert in the world was created when the African continent of today formed by splitting away from the South American continent of today, Indeed, evidence showed that the two longest rivers in the world, the Nile and Amazon were once connected before that continental split and drift. The Earth has changed greatly over the eons of time, even long before human presence. I certainly am for conservation and preservation of natural resources and the enjoyment of nature; however, I look upon it all in logic.

Myth Blaster: Category 5 Blizzard - Emergency Weather BulletinPlants require CO2 to proliferate, and in return they produce life-maintaining oxygen. It is a perfect example of natural cohesion between plants and animals, because much of that carbon dioxide is exhaled by mammals and from other natural sources.

The Climate Change alarmists have forgotten what they learned in high school science and biology, if indeed they paid attention or were afforded the opportunity to learn about it. The hypothesis of the idea of global warming was founded by a scientist whose computer module was inaccurate, yet it became gospel truth to progressive liberals who are used to paying attention to emotion instead of logic – manipulated by those who know that.

The first person to get on the band wagon of global warming/climate change was Sir Crispin Charles Cervantes Tickell. Indeed, climate change is now officially a science, despite being initiated in the 1960s. Today’s harbingers of global destruction was brought to you by the computer models of the 1990s where attempts were made to confirm the Milankovitch theory.

The consensus then formed that greenhouse gases were the culprit of the alleged global warming affect caused by human emissions. It expanded greatly when people like Al Gore and friends realized there was money to be made in this new Chicken Little hypothesis. Elements of truth were intermingled with false data. Meanwhile, while Gore was telling everyone they must do their part to conserve energy, his electric bill at his mansion (per month) was as much, or more, than what the average person pays annually and he drove around in limos and flew around in jets like Hollywood hypocrites do.

Even when they were proven to be wrong and proof from email written by junk scientists that it had gone to far to be proved wrong – they created “new” data that continued to lead on the useful idiots of junk science. After all, those scientists did not want to look like the fools they were or lose funding for their projects and livelihood.

Let’s face it, liberals and progressives hate being proven wrong. Most of us are uncomfortable with it, but do not continue to sell something that is not true.

Frankly, when I am freezing from bitterly cold subzero temperatures, I truly would consider punching the next person that mentions global warming or call me a climate change denier.

martes_foinaHey, I am not denying that the climate gets crazy once in a while and regions experience unusual weather fluctuations, but if we want to look for dangerous signs – we need to study the sun carefully. If the sun decides to overreact and turn into a dead star – it will be the end of Earth and humanity. So, I would like to remind the global warming, junk science stooges something – let’s quit wasting tax dollars and getting deeper in national debt providing welfare for dead beats here and abroad – and quit fighting other nation’s wars – and start focusing on space travel and other world colonization.

The Earth has gone through some serious changes and disasters in its history, I do not think that humans exhaling carbon dioxide or coal stacks with air cleaners is going to disrupt Mother Earth’s karma. The fact is that, at least in the United States, our air, on the average, is cleaner than when the Industrial Age was in full swing.