Hillary Clinton: First Woman President?

maoclintonandleninobamaHillary Clinton is a scary person, categorized as a “meanie” (and worse labels) by those who worked for her when she was a First Lady, revealed by former Secret Service agents and staff. She has been deeply involved in scandal after scandal and other people go to jail, but she remains unscathed. She was behind the Travelgate scandal. Her first scandal was Whitewater, and there is a long list that follows her whatever part she plays in politics and business.

She intends, as she has dreamed since her twenties when she made a political pact with her future husband, a marriage that was more self-serving, to succeed in her quest for power. Hillary has always considered political power and it is the driving force in all of her political actions and ideology. She has accused her political opponents of the very ideology, actions and agenda she maintains. People have ignored her involvement in scandals and painted her as the faithful wife during her husband’s scandals – even when he clearly committed adultery. She just didn’t fire the White House travel office staff, people who served several presidents, both Democrat and Republican; but she and her husband used the IRS and Justice Department framed those government employees of the White House.

The following is an excellent video that puts this progressive socialist under political microscope, and as one witness constantly states in the video: When investigating scandals, invariably Hillary’s involvement becomes clear. She is a notorious part of the circle of corruption that exists in Washington DC. She enjoys leadership, but refuses to take responsibility. Hillary and the commander-in-chief are guilty for their action and non-action in dealing with the American interests in the Middle East and the especially the tragedy of Benghazi – yet neither have the ethic or moral integrity to recognize it and will do anything to prevent restitution. That incident alone is certainly grounds to ensure that neither the president and former Secretary of State and their associates ever hold a public political office ever again.


Will American voters in 2016 vote for Hillary so there can be the first woman as president like they did in 2008 to elect (and reelected) the first “Black” president? Will she ever answer for her part in the Benghazi tragedy (and other scandals)? Probably not in the material world.

A progressive spy went to a donor meeting sponsored by Mitt Romney in 2008 and recorded him telling those present, in a private meeting and a political discussion about the election campaign, that 47% of the voters of that year were government dependent and would be difficult to convince against Obama’s “Change” agenda. Not only was his statement correct, but if you look at the decades leading up to that dependency you will find that the Democratic Party has been behind that movement to create a society that is dependent and adheres to their lowered standards of character. Dependent people suffer like the Ukraine and Croatia problem in “United Russia” under leadership of Putin and company. Politics and political leadership in America have been playing a dangerous game with our liberties and sovereignty, as well as our economical well-being. They are doing it despite their oaths of office to obey/enforce constitutional law, its articles and amendments, because political power is their agenda; and like the people will welcome that change because they rely upon emotion and listen to propaganda without stopping to analyze it logically.

Lighthouse Snippets: May 5th, 2012Hillary’s attitude toward the American people (out of the public eye) is likened unto that of the relationship between a feudal lord and peasants. She is the proverbial Wicked Witch of the West depicted in the story Wizard of Oz.

If change for the good, true reformation is to take place, We the People must once again embrace the articles and amendments of the US Constitution and insist that those that operate OUR government do the same.

Our nation requires solid leadership like Margaret Thatcher provided for the United Kingdom and Ronald Reagan provided for the United States – not a female version of Barack Obama.



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