Putin, Obama, Israel, Oscars – Lions and Tigers, Oh My!

President Obama has skipped another national security meeting, according to Weekly Standard.

JoeBiden_TheGaffeMachineHis domestic scene is a shambles with Democrat Socialists pushing to make the public like Obamacare with Joe Biden out like he was an insurance agent canvassing. During his display of stupidity, in front of KTVK-TV cameras, while visiting a Pancake House in Scottsdale, Arizona, he stopped at the interest and sat down with a woman named Jackie visiting from Canada, and stated:

Everybody young signs up for health care. It’s affordable. You can get subsidies to do it, and it’s in your interest. And if you don’t even want to do it yourself, do it for your parents. Give them peace of mind.

Perplexed, the Canadian said:

I just didn’t know if I should just say ‘I’m sorry.

Can Our Constitution Survive?She also added that she was for health care reform and hoped it worked for people in the United States. Unfortunately, Obamacare is not a “fix” by any means, and certainly not “reform”. It is control over one of the most important aspects of the private sector – soon to be nationalized near you.


That sales pitch occurred hours after President Obama released a video entitled Let’s Move. For more Joe Biden moronic moments visit Huffington Post: 14 Times Joe Biden Was So Joe Biden. Biden is probably the reason why Congress is so reluctant to impeach the scoundrel.

CBS News and New York Times polled recently to find that only 40% of Americans are satisfied with the Obama regime. That means that 59% of the population are disgusted with his inept, corrupt administration. I am glad that people are waking up – but shouldn’t that poll of disgusted Americans be more like 80% to 90%?

MRAP_Salinas_California_78A recent Obama program is to send 13,000 armored mine resistant vehicles (MRAP) to states and cities, some refusing to accept them. Of course, California is accepting them. The armored vehicles, built like wheeled tanks, are supposed to be distributed to 500 cities courtesy of the Obama government, paid for Americans who pay taxes. The program is part of a National Defense Act. The federal government is preparing for some sort of national or regional disturbance or a civil war – and that is why a questionnaire was put to US armed forces personnel asking if they would fire upon US citizens. What does a town like Salinas, California need with military armed vehicles?

In the foreign affairs scene, our foreign policy has taken the turn for the worse, when it needed reformation before 2008, and has screwed up affairs concerning Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and recently – the Ukraine. I doubt if any national leader takes him seriously anymore. He has been a pansy in foreign affairs, and his first visit in the Middle East he bowed to a Sheik.

Meanwhile, Putin, who longs for the good old days of the Soviet Union when he was KGB, is going boldly beginning his sweep of real estate. We certainly have leadership (for some time) that pays no attention to mistakes made in history, like the chronology of Nazi aggression and Soviet Union. The excuse of the Ukraine issue is that the state is primarily Russians. Let’s see, there were many Germans in Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, but it certainly give Hitler the right to invade.

As the Hillbuzz wrote: Sarah Palin was Right … she predicted that by the UN allowing Georgia to fall into Russian control in 2008, so will the Ukraine follow. Is Russian leadership yearning to regain its Soviet Satellite States? Of course, the progressives made fun of Sarah stating that was a ridiculous “notion”.

While playing patsy and pansy with other nations, he acts like a bully when it comes to Israel. 

Pancho ObamaHow many times have the government of Israel put out its hand to make peace and Palestine slapped it? Our nation is playing both sides, and this has been occurring during the Bush administration in a lesser state of being. Palestine is a Jihad nation, but Obama is providing funds. Apparently, Israel isn’t worried or scared of Obama threats. Who could take a community organizer seriously anyway.

Folks, this guy and his minions need to go.

But people like Oprah Winfrey would tell the BBC that Americans hate Obama and say:

He’s just saying that because Obama is black.

Now, armed men seized the Crimea regional government of Ukraine and raised the Russian flag.

In 2008, the same type of coup occurred in the Republic of Georgia.

And with all these problems overseas and the home front, the GOP establishment better get their act together and return to the true republican platform, as Kurt Schlicter stated: The GOP Needs to Stop Attacking Conservatives – and that includes the Tea Party Patriots.

hand_point2  Star Parker describes the Cultural War Against Christians, where the federal government is worried about Christians being religious zealots and the truly violent religion has Jihad training camps strewn across the United States with the last count being 35. Is that what the armored vehicles to 500 cities are for?

hand_point2  Matthew McConaughty won an Oscar for his recent film and he thanked God. It seems there are more than pagans and misfits in Hollywood. And as Katie Pavlich wrote:

Meanwhile, Cate Blanchett, who won for best actress, thanked pervert Woody Allen for her Oscar win.

McConaughty got less publicity than Blanchett because the media, especially the Hollywood journalists, do not respect people with good character.

Obama should have received an Oscar for the portrayal of an inept president and foreign policy moron.

hand_point2  And, when it comes to populism, governments around the world are scrambling to raise the minimum wage with Switzerland in the lead. That nation not only has a great defense system where all citizens that are physically and mentally able are part of the national militia to join the small professional army that prepares for national defense and does not get involved in other nation’s wars. The militia soldiers keep their personal equipment they receive in training camp (18 to 21 weeks), which includes their personally assigned weapon, at home. After a legislation was passed in 2007, ammunition was not included, citizens must purchase ammunition to keep in practice at the range. Ammunition is kept in a local center to be distributed when necessary.

Switzerland is considering to implement a ‘Universal Basic Income‘.

hand_point2  And in the domestic scene, wife of murdered police officer launches an online petition to stop the nomination and appointment of Debo Adegbile; and get this – Obama wants to appoint him to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Mumia Abu Jamal murdered Daniel Faulkner, Mrs. Faulkner’s husband thirty years ago and Adegbile made Jamal a celebrity who still operates from prison thanks to the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP. According to Townhall, even some Democrats intend to block this one. While the LA Times praises him. Can you guess who nominated him?[Read compelling article at Maggie’s Notebook]

Why would anyone want someone who appealed for release a convicted murderer – without reasonable doubt?

hand_point2  From the Patriot Post: “A Lesson in Tolerance” …

When New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez had her aides call to schedule a hair appointment, hair stylist Antonio Darden refused. He explained to a local TV station, “Because of her stances and her views on [same-sex marriage], I told her aides no. They called the next day, asking if I’d changed my mind about taking the governor in and I said no.” Darden himself is homosexual. So evidently when a photographer doesn’t want to take pictures of a same-sex commitment ceremony in New Mexico, that’s punishable discrimination. When a homosexual does the same thing, however, it’s just fine. If it weren’t for double standards, leftists wouldn’t have any.

Stinky_Pet_OdorWe need a president and commander-in-chief who will stand up against acts of aggression and reform our foreign policy where we do not try buying friends or side with despots and tyrants.