What Happened to We the People and Our Republic?

I wonder and worry greatly about turns of events and the direction that fellow Americans are allowing our nation to slip into.

Stories about FEMA camps and Islamic training camps in the United States is looked upon as misguided conspiracy theories. Oh, how the People so forget and pay little attention to history.

The first people, truly the first Americans, once erroneously called Indians (Indians live in India) – were forced unto reservations, their children put into schools that were nothing but indoctrination institutions. Then, the Imperial Japanese government decided to make an air attack and destroy the US Navy and cripple our abilities to fight against fascism and theocratic dictatorship. Soon after, Japanese immigrants, who were naturalized Americans who had rights and liberties under constitutional law like every American – were taken from their homes and put into internment camps. How could that happen to American citizens? In addition, American society posted racist signs in their business establishments mostly saying: No Japs here. Worse, it took decades before the US government reimbursed those Japanese Americans who had lost homes and businesses, not to mention income they were earning.

Today, after the liberal-progressive “politically correct” movement took hold in our government and educational institutions, the pendulum swung too far the other way.

We have at least 30 Islamic training camps who are not training to be good Muslims, but training terrorist tactics and Jihad strategies – all operating unaffected, unrestrained, or disbanded by a government (and Democratic Party) that put Japanese Americans in internment camps without trial as to determine their involvement in any espionage activities.

We have a government, which has been maintained by Democrat and Republican presidents alike, that has established FEMA camps they claim is in case there is a terrible regional or national disaster where there are many refugees that need shelter and supplies. Yet no one can explain why the high security fences at the top are positioned to keep people IN – not protect from without, and other suspicious anomalies. To further one’s suspicions, no one, not even an investigative reporter (getting hard to find nowadays since they are all in the pockets of those in Washington DC – if in the Democratic Party – is allowed to enter and take pictures or report it. If it is a disaster relief area – why the secrecy and avoidance of answering honest questions?

Just like the myriad of scandal that has surfaced in the Obama administration being determined “nothing”, nope no scandal and corruption here. All denials and lack of investigation and coverage by corporate political media, certainly to be in the headlines for weeks if the likes of Bush were in office. On the Internet, such questions and investigations are met by toads and trolls who instantly claim it is right-wing conspiracy nuts, never paying attention to the details and facts presented, and insisting that Bush orchestrated the September 11th, 2001 Islamic Jihad attacks in New York and Washington DC (Pentagon).

After JFK was assassinated, the public became disillusioned about the federal government and growingly not trusting it. The counter-culture of the 1970s with demonstrations against the Vietnam War were definitely backed and instigated by communist organizations operating here and elsewhere; but it also was the beginning of the era where people grew less trustful of their federal government and sometimes state governments. Too often for good reason.

The history of racism runs deep and long in the history of the Democrat Party – so Johnson being the man he was, who could not wonder if he was part of the King assassination. Indeed, the people that use the “race card” the most are democrats, combined with the gender political war, hoping citizens will not count how many women are members of the GOP and holding public office and CEOs across our nation.

Folks, it is all about the ancient tactic, in politics and war, that Julius Caesar made famous, but General Sun Tzun was the first to recognize: from Latin, divide et imperadivide and conquer.

Didn’t Barack Hussein Obama not promise unification because he was the first “black” president (or wanted you to vote for him in 2008)? And we thought, and were correct, when we thought Bill Clinton was a pathological liar. Obama holds the record. The Bush father and son presidents certainly were/are not angels, to be fair, but the aforementioned two have a long history of corruption and association with corrupt people.

Democrats made McCarthy look like a person on a witch hunt, and although the congressional oversight committee became like witch hunters, McCarthy never achieved in rooting out

The Roman Empire destroyed itself before other sources sacked Rome and left the empire in ruin.

Today, we face the beginning of the end of the republic we call the United States. I fear the outcome, not just that I am an American One religion is suppressed while another religion is given carté blanche to our government infrastructure, thanks to progressive democratic-socialists.

Too many of We the People have taken for granted what legal immigrants know: that the United States can be a good place and provide the freedom to seek a good way of life and make dreams come true – the American Dream. We’ve lost insight and reality to just what that means.

Since it was We the People that allowed, for various personal reasons, the progressives to take over and destroy the concepts and wisdom of the framers of our Constitution, then we are the main battle group to fight our way back to the main course. We did not keep faith with the phrase, stay the course, of the revolutionary war that gained American colonists freedom to become the United States of America, a constitutional republic, that was, and still could be, the role model of all nations on our planet – and beyond.

This time, the revolution must begin within our own psyche and determination to know what the Constitution is, what it means, and why it was written. This revolution must be fought with the voice of the People, using common sense, demanding that tried-and-proven traditions be returned and the principle that integrity and character ARE important; and that association does reflect upon the character of an individual. Many of us have said things and done things that we regret, but if we have been determined to rectify that and reform – than the foundation for reformation will begin to process.

We the People can begin with this year, 2014, when congressional members already in office and citizens that want to be elected will want your vote. Do not give your vote, the right and honor to vote, bad vibes. Listen to what candidates have to say, but at the same time use the power of the Internet to seek the facts on what their political background consists of – and factual personal backgrounds.

What was their voting record?

Did they stand by their oaths of office if they are seeking reelection?

Have they bowed to being loyal to political organizations and special interest groups instead of attentive towards the need of our nation and protection of and enforcing the US Constitution?

Have they fulfilled any of their campaign promises from the last election?

Do they fall into the “good-old-boy” syndrome that has taken over our nation’s capitol?

Do they not only understand the Constitution and its amendments, but abide by them and ensure that bills that pass through Congress are constitutional in their design and intention?

As you can see, as far as votes are concerned, the two traditional political parties (‘clubs’) are only a “means to the end” – and never are they more important than loyalty to our Constitution.

Being a citizen of the United States has its responsibilities and responsible voting is one of the prime task set before us. Another important task is raising our children, the future We the People, to become responsible and conscientious citizens that know the value of having good character and a reputation of integrity. We should not expect less of those we expect to operate our government for us, We the People.

Save the Republic – I know we can be united on this, and as Ronald Reagan has general faith in humanity and the American people, strive to bring back rights and liberties (like property rights) and insist upon a government that limits itself as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and ensure that the amendments are not countered with progressive “interpretation”.

We do not need double-talk hypocritical politicians – we need statesmen and stateswomen who know what their task is laid before them by the Founders of our nation and framers of our Constitution.

Now that you have received your “pep talk” – are you going to rally and do what is required of every citizen, naturalized or not?

I hope so, for the days upon this material plane are numbered and I would like to leave it with confidence that We the People are moving in the correct direction, for the sake of all fellow Americans and our children – and their children.