Climate Change: No Wonder the Global Warmists Changed the Description

Light Side of Lighthouse: Who'd Ever Think?The bone-aching chill this winter was not just a fluke. Despite what the progressive useful idiots say, the fact is that average temperatures across the United States between December and February have dropped 2.26 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the past twenty years based upon correct data at the National Climate Data Center. There have, of course, been unusually warm winters, but that is what climate does – move in cycles. There has been no indication or facts to substantiate the global warming theorists – anywhere on Earth, despite those brief fluxes for at least 17 years. “Global Warming” certainly is not global.

To cover their stupidity and for junk scientists’ deception (or incompetence) – they have changed the term ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’ – just in case regions of Earth go into an Ice Age.

Since prehistoric periods in Earth’s story, animal life has survived devastating circumstances from the splitting of the continents to severe earthquakes in the modern era. It is egotistical or just plain naïve to believe that any government body can legislate away the act of nature that has been around before humans came into existence.

global_warming_gore_fireBut that is what governments in the so-called modern age has taken upon itself to enact, in the United States, United Kingdom and other nations around the globe. The people end up paying the bill for the costly mistakes and purposeful waste of precious legislative time, while others, seeing the opportunity, like Al Gore and company, have made millions on schemes based upon junk science.

The productive nations of this planet should be reaching out to the stars for more knowledge of the vast universe, more resources, and colony planets that may one day be needed when the star we call the Sun burns itself out. Indeed, the funds and energy spent on schemes of nations to destroy and subjugate each other could have been well spent on scientific ventures as important as space exploration. On our own planet we have a vast area that remains unexplored under the depths of seas and oceans.

The United States should not be leading such foolish ventures as the global warming, now climate change movement, and is testament that inventors and scientists were better people of science than too many in the scientific community today professed to be – if the global warming theory is what they come up with.

In the final analysis, humans like other species in Earth’s history, must learn to adapt and survive or become extinct. Few scientists examined the most possible culprit of any such changes, regional or global, and that is the Sun whose bursting explosions get violent every eleven years.

sexedu2It seems that humanity’s worst enemy are themselves, at least a portion of them – and that portion seems to be growing like some unwanted fungus.

State of Our Union: Fiscal Cliff Bill Passes Congress for Obama's Signature - and Income Tax Still in EffectThe men that founded the United States of America were living in an Age of Reason, and Age of Enlightenment, fully armed with classical education that led them to create articles in a constitution that could survive for a very long time – if the People would allow it to. The framers of the US Constitution and its amendments had no true model to follow in terms of government, so they used histories mistakes and the outcome of civilizations as their guide as what not to do.

Most of all, they used the old standby called Common Sense, which was the title of a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine.

The US Constitution, was written, discussed, and voted upon by the same people who drafted and issued the Declaration of Independence, another hallmark in human history.

Today, those that are supposed to be part of statesmanship (man or woman), are wasting precious legislative time and the people’s funds to take part in something that is based upon no factual data, and indeed it was found that the charade was to be continued by leading scientists because they could not face the embarrassment of following a cult, rather than examining scientific data and proper procedure in scientific conclusions. Still, despite the spotlight of that scandal, there are people who are viciously calling sensible people “deniers” (and worse) who have decided that the hoax has gone too far.

Constitutional Crisis: A Main Issue This Election YearBut then, this is an age where a government founded with a constitution, whose leadership wastes funds and time with legislation like the Affordable Care Act and draconian and oppressive laws like the income tax system, proclaimed by the 16th Amendment that passed in 1913 despite the US Supreme Court denouncing it in 1911, forming the financiers’ tool called the Federal Reserve, and other destructive acts committed by those entrusted to operate the government meant to be For the People and By the People. Today, more time is spent as to how the Constitution can be circumvented (or ignored) rather than paying attention to it and protecting it from being diluted.

No one likes to admit to be duped or taken advantage of, but it is time to quit pointing fingers and demand that only constitutionalists apply when it is time for candidates to campaign for public office – federal or state government.

As far the climate: I bid for warming rather than another Ice Age – for there would be no food or means to grow it.