Was Obamacare Meant To Fail?

The accusation that Obama and his army of socialists had planned that the Affordable Care Act was not meant to work, is evident in what Keith Koffler wrote at White House Dossier

Health insurance premiums will soar during the coming months, right as the 2014 election season gets underway, as insurers grapple with the failed rollout of Obamacare, according to an explosive article in The Hill. Insurance industry officials tell the newspaper that premiums will double in some parts of the country, harming Democrats’ chances and hampering the next round of enrollment efforts in 2015. … Amazing. Truly incomprehensible. We were told we would save money – in the realm of $2,500 per family. And yet, it’s going to cost more. And that’s before insurers start cutting services and coverage in order to make up the money they are losing. The probable response here, given the Obama White House mindset, will be government mandates to force insurers not to raise rates. And then when the companies start to go out of business, calls for government to take them over. And eventually – particularly given that Obamacare is failing at its core mission of covering the uninsured – demands for a single-payer program.

What is it with progressives? They think that just by changing names or insisting that something be called specifically what they want – will change the failure of it. Remember, Pelosi stated that Obamacare, I mean Affordable Care Act, must be passed in order to see what’s in it. But, Pelosi – it’s NOT affordable or going to be affordable or EVER be affordable, just as you and the boss you boot lick promised we could keep our doctors and present healthcare package – and save money. Delusional prevarication. Check out this latest video of a person that people in California should be ashamed that she is representing them …

And that is, according to their record of events and policies, and actions – what they had wanted all along – like when Hillary Clinton pushed for it back when her husband-of-convenience was president.

National Review, Bill of Rights Institute, Fox News … all reported that the so-called Obamacare was, and is, unconstitutional. Yet, the Supreme Court failed in what the purpose of what the justice’s mission is all about – protecting the rights and liberties, the rule of law (US Constitution and its amendments); all of which is in their job description and the oath they took when seated as a Justice of the US Supreme Court.

For various reason, the People of the United States, its legal citizens, have been lied to since the administration of Woodrow Wilson. This president, combined with unethical and unconstitutional behavior and practices, has outdone those liars and deceivers. For example, “unification of our nation”, not transgressing against constitutional law like GW Bush (Patriot Act), actions and inactions concerning Benghazi, and the big Obamacare lie that premiums will be more affordable (saving on average $2,500 per year, per family), et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Meanwhile, insurance companies are scrambling to get the business – and websites are warning: don’t miss the deadline or Big Brother government will punish you for not being able to afford what was supposed to be cheaper, not supposed to hinder as to what doctor you choose – or affect presently held insurance coverage.

Obamacare FailureThe Democrats in Congress are desperate and worried – all of this is going to (hopefully) bite them on the cummerbund come congressional elections this year – hopefully that includes the GOP RINOs as well.

The blame has been put squarely upon Hillary Clinton with concerns about the Benghazi attack – do we have any reports that she is being called in to trial? She has already testified and has demonstrated her coldness over the cause of death and the coverup afterward of Americans serving our nation – where is her criminal trial proceedings?

In her plans of 2016 political activism, she has recently stated:

My biggest regret is what happened in Benghazi.[January 27th, 2014]

That was after Rep. Frank Wolf called for select committee to investigate the Benghazi attack. Referring to committee(s) already established after the attack Wolf stated that the current process hasn’t worked.

That is because Eric Holder is still the US Attorney General.

Rep. Wolf has established a bill, H. Res 36, that would create a committee to investigate (re-investigate) the scandal. Introduced in January 2013, We the People are still waiting for results.

According to GovTrack, linked above, it is still in committee to establish a committee; despite three family members of the victims, several military community individuals, and conservative movement leadership, the resolution is waiting for a committee in order to establish a committee in order to conduct a thorough and proper investigation. Hopefully it will prove that Obama ignored the calls for help, as testified after the incident, and why the executive administration made a “gag” type order and threatened anyone involved in order to prevent any of them revealing the truth.

George Washington, during his time in office, was disgusted with feet-dragging committees just for a simple agreement to a treaty he wanted approved – he should see what is happening now.

As Rep. Wolf stated:

You don’t just separate this into one committee, this into another committee, because the administration can tell one committee one thing and the other committee another thing. And you don’t limit people to five minutes to answer and ask questions because maybe you want to take a line of questioning to go for a half an hour to develop the thought. Then maybe one member says ‘I didn’t realize that and based on that, I want to follow though and ask.’ So we need a unified effort and what the select committee does is it takes people from the Intelligence Committee, people from the Armed Services Committee, from the Oversight Committee, from the Foreign Affairs Committee, from the Judiciary Committee and, also, we added the Homeland Security Committee. You sort of bring everything together. Now, we’re at the 16-month period.

According to Breitbart.com

Nonetheless, Boehner and the rest of House GOP leadership continue blocking the efforts to create a select committee and refuse to bring Wolf’s resolution up for vote despite the fact it already has the support of more than 75 percent of the House GOP conference. When asked why GOP leadership is not allowing a vote on his resolution, Wolf said: “I think you’d be better asking them. I don’t know.” Boehner has been tight-lipped on the matter, but in response to last week’s letter from the victims’ families and conservative and military leaders demanding a select committee, an anonymous House GOP leadership aide said the concerns they raised in their letter were “absurd and inaccurate.”

So, Boehner, “poster child” of the GOP elite establishment now makes himself the person, minus a committee, to say what is “absurd and inaccurate”. Indeed, once the GOP establishment had the support of the Tea Party, but now, since they were turned against and blamed for the loss of the last two presidential elections, the Tea Party is condemning GOP political club and warning that true conservative constitutionalists are not going to put up with it.

As you can see, cleaning out Congress will not just involve paying back the Democrats for their deceptions and support of an unconstitutional president. The issue is important with the amnesty still in the air and the US border not protected as prescribed by legislation during Bush years.

Fellow Americans, We the People, must be responsible voters this 2014 election and all future elections – making the US Constitution, principles, and ethics the goal over political club (party) loyalty. We can no longer ask, but demand that true reformation be enacted and carried out. As you can see, Obamacare is just the tip of an iceberg stock full of changes to be made, and not the kind Obama had in mind in 2008 up to now – changes that the American voter failed to get details on. Our only “Hope” is to revert our government into limited and ‘For the People’ operations like the Founders wisely intended.


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  1. rita waage says:

    I stand square on the side of trimming government. Our freedoms have been diminished, as rung after rung falls away under us, we the people. We no longer possess the right to free speech, are herded like cattle not a free nation of individuals. I offer no solutions, fear and distrust should never walk the streets of our nation. Liberty should thrust her arm high, a beacon to the many not the few who garner the spoils as our nation seems to lose ground. Food up 4 % news of the day, buried deep with worthless dribble called our national news. Look around, where is hope, where is happiness? Our own children homeless and hungry. Florida has huge numbers of both. I have seen a young girl begging food at a fast food. So much to say, What is happening? Solutions needed, take up the torch young people…deliver us from this new evil. I am at a loss for words and comprehendion. RW

  2. Yes, Rita, disheartening and sad … but We the People, those who strive for the return of the constitutional republic, must not fall into apathy; We the People, We the Constitutionalists must keep a steady course, for if not evil will win … “the only way for evil to succeed is for the good to do nothing”.

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