Common Core: Thirty-Five States have Adopted a Politically Motivated Program

I am sure you have heard about the Common Core program installed by politically correct government useful idiots, who have developed a generation of students that is far behind other nations and an embarrassment to the standards of the United States.

Maggie’s Notebook breaks down the system and quotes a retired professor of Stanford University, who stated:

…in large measure a political document that, in spite of a number of real strengths, is written at a very low level and does not adequately reflect our current understanding of why the math programs in the high achieving countries give dramatically better results.

This program has been enacted in 35 states and is a testament as to why our educational system is failing – the central, federal government controls it when it should be in the hands of the state governments, delegated to regional and local academics with the traditional parent-teacher teamwork that worked so well in the past.

Government has made the cost of living so high that both parents in most cases must work. By so doing, there is less time for parents to be parental and coordinate with teachers and local administrators to ensure that their children are learning what they need to know to become productive and knowledgeable citizens. But this is what a tyrannical, big brother government wants, as tyrants of history has proven, like Stalin and Mao. The best way to fast-track a nation into becoming useful idiots for the state is to indoctrinate the children who become the first generation wards of the state and who only know what that state allows them to know.

Today, math is more important than ever that must go beyond the basics and entry-level algebra because of the advance of technology and the need to understand it and to encourage development. According to what is reported, students in the United States are at least one year behind other students of other nations, and by the time they reach college – two years behind, especially in mathematics. The progressive government solution to problems within the educational system is to pour more tax dollars into it and their policies having underlying political reasoning, instead of programs that would actually improve the standards of education and knowledge of graduates who become part of the real world. The issues are not focused upon only one problem, but a series of problems that all point back to a government whose purpose is to subjugate and generate youth that are servants of the state instead of the other way around.

Simply put, those that taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth.

See the documents at Maggie’s Notebook. And read at Townhall he article that provides five ways America is creating a generation of wimps.