Foreign Diplomacy: Putin the Great vs Obama the Apologist

hand_point2  There are movements that call for impeachment hearings against BH Obama, but as Rush Limbaugh and Keith Koffler have agreed – it just isn’t going to happen. World Net Daily questions that and Alan Keyes disagreed.440632

 It all has to do with the reason why a candidate with a mysterious past and shady associations became president in the first place: because of race. And I refuse to believe that this factor was not part of the political scheme of the Democrat Party – a political entity with a long history of racism and corruption, who learned they can keep descendents of former slaves within control of the “plantation” by exchanging physical chains to invisible chains of welfare dependency. Yet, despite that, the middle-class African Americans are at an all-time high – not because of government handouts, but because those people saw the value of an education and knew that hard work is how to get ahead.

hand_point2  Star Parker knew this and today she has become a successful columnist and authored the book about that particular plantation ideology. She also founded a non-profit organization called CURE. She is dedicated into urban renewal and improving education, showing people that if they apply themselves, they can achieve without progressive civic programs.

Since it looks highly unlikely that Obama will ever be held accountable in impeachment proceedings, the thoughts are that by voting out Progressives and RINOs out of Congress this election year, especially in the Senate, Obama will be what is called a lame duck president.

hand_point2  As I stated in 2009: It is just as wrong to vote for a candidate because of their race as it is not to vote for someone because of their race.


Alan Keyes says Obama can be impeached

Foreign Policy for Dummies

Foreign Policy for Dummies

  Fast forward to the present: President Putin of Russia, a KGB officer for sixteen years for the Soviet Union, seems to miss those days of the Soviet Socialist Republic. But one thing is certain, the international community respects Putin far more than the apologist wimp who bows before sheiks, President Obama. Putin’s approval rating climbs as Obama’s falls. Here is a link in discussion of Putin actions against Crimea, where he justifies his actions against Crimea sovereignty.  It was quite evident from the start that Mr. Obama the social organizer, needed a course in foreign affairs; and since he constantly reminds the public that he used to teach constitutional law, many wonder if he will ever apply what he states he taught. Obama’s weakness has become evident and disconcerting.

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