Reflections on a Cold Spring Morning

reflections_dianapru-1997When it is found that liberties have fallen into the dust bin of history in the United States, those that notice or once experienced those liberties will ask: What happened? Someone who will remember or know what liberties they once had will say …

It is because generations slowly became apathetic to growing corruption in all levels of government.

State of Our Union: Fiscal Cliff Bill Passes Congress for Obama's Signature - and Income Tax Still in EffectIt is because socialism was considered a better and “fair” system, not seeking the truth and relying upon the entity that is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the People – the corporate media.

It is because we voted for those who considered the Constitution of the United States “outdated”; where those elected to serve the People and protect that Constitution that “guaranteed” those liberties and freedom by oath were allowed to pick-and-choose which part of the Constitution is applicable to current issues.

Abolish_IRS_5It is because knowing the name and biography of their favorite sport players was more important than knowing the name and actions of those supposed to be representing the People and upholding the Constitution; therefore allowing corruption to become embedded into the system.

It is because the People complied with those who send our youth to fight in foreign lands while infiltration and subversion was allowed within the United States; where leadership in our government feared constitutionalists.

It is because we did not ensure that our leadership enforced immigration laws and did not recognize that the United States was being invaded via the southern border.

Guttenberg FileIt is because we allowed generations to come to believe that welfare was a right instead of programs to help people help themselves.

Election 2012: Knowing Importance of Constitutional CongressIt is because we allowed those operating our government to pass laws and enforce a tax system that stole from one part of the population to give to another; a tax system that punished those who produce and reward those who do not.
ron-paul-desk.jpgIt is because they believed that the Second Amendment, like other parts of the Constitution was “outdated” and that by disarming lawful citizens criminals would no longer have access to firearms – with the mindset that the government and law enforcement would protect the People from criminals and their violent and insane acts.

lady-justice-01.jpgIt is because of a justice system who ignored their oaths of office and allowed the Constitution to be ignored and not enforced – not protecting that which established those liberties and freedom as well as its limitations.

It is because we allowed our government to spend funding provided by taxes to involve the United States in matters that did not and does not concern our national interests; thereby putting our nation further into debt and beholding to nations like China.

Anti-Piracy Bills or Internet Control?It is because the People allowed their voting decisions to be based upon what the media wanted them to know and believed those seeking office for reasons other than serving the People instead of using common sense and information accessible in the modern world of the Internet.

ClimateGate: Finally Enough Information Against Junk ScienceIt is because they gave in to a consensus rather than common sense and truth, relying upon emotion rather than reason; which in turn fell into the agenda of those who would procure the power and control over the people.

It is because they had the mindset that it is the government’s job, those operating our government, to do that which the generations of Americans who built and maintained the former glory of our country did for themselves and for others.

Social Security - Insufficient FundsIt is because we believed politicians that Social Security, meant to be placed in a “Trust Fund” ran out of funds because of a particular generation rather than the fault of government stealing from the funds to spend on something else.

Constitution 101: Judiciary of the United StatesIt is because were led to believe that patriotism is loyalty to the government, when it is really loyalty to fellow Americans, a nation as a unified whole, and government only present as an instrument of the People.

It is because the limitations provided for the branches of government were not enforced nor did the People do their duty and ensure that it was so.

State of Our Union: We the People - Reform NowIt is because Americans allowed government to control education, and thus control knowledge and truth; and at the same time, focusing upon our faults instead of our accomplishments as a People under constitutional law; thereby creating generation(s) of citizens that believe in a government not By the People.

obamacareIt is because we allowed the government to take away property rights, take over the right to work, take over private industry, control health care,  and allowed financial institutions the power over currency when it is the responsibility of Congress.

govtpersecutionofchristiansIt is because we allowed a intolerant religion preaching hate and violence to counter a tolerant religion that preaches peace.

We establish no religion in this country, nor will we ever. We command no worship. We mandate no belief. But we poison our society when we remove its theological underpinnings. We court corruption when we leave it bereft of belief. All are free to believe or not believe; all are free to practice a faith or not. But those who believe must be free to speak of and act on their belief.
Ronald Reagan

unitednationsimage2It is because we allowed the United Nations to be infiltrated by the enemies of freedom and liberty instead of remaining a model of a constitutional republic.

HateCrimeTNIt is because we allowed laws passed that were against the principles of free speech, the First Amendment, and prosecuted people for their thoughts and not just their actions.

no-racismIt is because we allowed racism and not unity become the norm, which in turn created a guilt complex between one ethnic group over another because one group believed another “owed” them something for actions in the past.

It is because we have allowed our society in the false name of diversity and tolerance that has caused our society to evolve away from traditions that bring out the best of any civilization, and allowed those who draw no lines between that which holds values and principles, discounting the international Golden Rule of established moral and civic conduct – replacing elements of truth with doctrine established by those who expect the populace to behave in ways that they themselves do not hold applicable. The rule of law is replaced by the rule of man, those that have placed themselves above the law that they require others to follow.

I am sure readers can come up with more, but this should be enough for thought.

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill