Core of the Tea Party: What It Represents and What You Should Expect From YOUR Government

Listening to pundits and politicians, progressive that is, and reading commentary of fellow Americans who believe the media propaganda that the Tea Party movement is a racist and violent movement against government. In the case of the latter statement, that is in truth – Tea Party patriots are against any other government except that which the founders created by framing the Constitution of the United States as a constitutional republic based upon written law in those articles and amendments.

The Tea Party was organized to ensure that there is a return to that which was founded and worked so well in making America great and something its people can be proud of, but have failed for various reasons to keep it – as Benjamin Franklin pessimistically stated. So this is a type of follow-up of the last article, this time standing up to the progressive socialists and those who listen to them, whether they be pundits, politicians, or politically biased media …

IMMIGRATION: There is no doubt in our history that our nation began with immigrants who contributed in various ways to create the United States. Primarily it was originally English colony-states, each with its own governor and all loyal to Great Britain/England until its tyranny forced the colonists to make grave decisions. This conflict led to the Declaration of Independence that declared certain truths that must be addressed and recognized – or else. The Tea Party movement was named so after the event that led to that independence in the harbor of Boston where a group of patriots defied authority. Today, that same spirit has returned, but this time the patriots are armed with knowledge and use their voting power and voice in multitude as their ammunition. Anyone thinking that another open rebellion using violent methods could ever end up successful as that which was initiated in 1776 is living in a dream world, like the Utopia that progressives promise. It would end up in disaster and anarchy, and tyrants would only be traded for others. Despite what pundits, politicians and political media have declared – the Tea Party demonstrations have been peaceful; unlike the progressive and trade union demonstrations they do not want to admit occurred. They have a right to gather peacefully to publicize their views, whether justified or not, but do not have the right to become an unruly mob. It is worse when protestors are people who have broken our immigration laws and stand defiantly against the rule of law, which is that only so many immigrants are allowed annually to ensure there are jobs for them, and they must go through a medical checkup, as well as a background check to ensure that the United States is not receiving another nation’s problems, like members of the drug cartel or Islamic Jihadists. When those illegal aliens cry foul and demand they be allowed to come here, laws or not, because they insist that the United States, parts of it, actually belong to them means they are not immigrants – but invaders. When they insist that the US and its citizens change traditions, to include official language, to meet their homeland’s traditions; then they are not here to assimilate, but to invade. They do not want to be Americans if they insist upon creating parts of the United States as their territory through pockets of their culture and invaders if they insist parts of the United States belongs to them.

One can honestly wonder why they would want to go to another country, presumably escaping conditions in their own, to make a model of the country they left? As far as amnesty, it has been tried in 1986 by the Reagan administration and Congress – and failed. It failed because they rewarded law breakers and inspired more to come here illegally with the concept that if they stay long enough they will become citizens. In addition, this situation causes great national security concerns, for there is no control as to who comes into our country; especially important in this period in history when Islamic Jihadists want global domination through subversion and drug cartels want to expand their illegal business. When the job market becomes strained, the amount of legal immigrants allowed are reduced. In reality, those illegal aliens are literally telling law-abiding legal immigrants that they do not count because they are crossing the border anyway. Legal immigrants are appreciative of their ability to become an American after they meet the prerequisites. Too often they become better loyal citizens to constitutional law than those born here. It is because they know what it is like to not have those rights and liberties. One of the major problems today is that the immigrant of the illegal variety is here only for (a) economic security or (b) to infiltrate and subvert based on the false pretense that ethnically land of the US is theirs. Millions of immigrants that came here legally before them came here to better themselves, but came here to be Americans. Mexicans and their subversive organizations claim that the United States is being racist by enforcing our immigration laws and society pays for it economically and socially in the form of illegal aliens enjoying benefits afforded to taxpaying citizens, increased crime rates, and breaking more laws after they cross the border – like forged documents and voting illegally. Mexicans are mentioned here because they are the majority of illegal aliens, but there are other illegal aliens from China and other nations beside Mexico. We must secure our borders, ensure that the executive branch headed by the President of the United States enforces the rule of law and does not kowtow to the Mexican government (or any government) that sanctions and/or encourages invasion of their people for whatever personal reason, and ensure that those immigrants who follow the legal path are welcomed as new Americans, a people who when united are strong and live in harmony. Except for Native Americans, we are all descendents of immigrants (or immigrants ourselves) who have one common denominator – We the People are Americans.

Bar_CastleWallNATIONAL DEBT: Our national debt has grown at an incredible rate over the decades, but not as quickly reaching proportions towards bankruptcy since 2008. BH Obama cannot be blamed for the incremental climb of debt, but it can be honestly said that he and cooperative Congress has pushed the national debt faster into oblivion than any other president in US history. Frankly, it is sad, because he is also the first African-American president in our history – which should be a proud moment for everyone. But it is not because the people chose an African-American who promised “Change”, which Americans wanted, but they failed to listen to reputable sources as to his background and his true political ideology. When I constantly insist that all those who wish to campaign for federal elected office, should pass a background check just like government employees are made to do – before being qualified to be a candidate. BH Obama, as a former FBI agent stated, would never have passed muster. Another thing that the voters missed was his voting record in Congress and his qualifications to handle affairs that concern our nation, important issues that concern domestic and foreign affairs. A president is most effective when he chooses the best that can be found to serve in his cabinet, agency chiefs, and advisory staff. Having leading, professional economists would be a good first step. The national debt as of this writing amounts to a debt for every American to the amount of $54,000 (man, woman, and child). The problem is that it is growing, faster than any other time in history, every hour that the progressives have control of our federal (and certain state) government. If those that operate OUR government would just cut 18% of spending, we could reach a workable budget by the year 2019 – without raising or creating new taxes. It seems that we have been trained and programmed to blame the president for everything, but it is Congress that writes bills (president may ask them to create something) and then passes it via the Senate and the House before it reaches the president’s desk for signature. Yes, the president has an option to veto it with a written note to explain what changes are to be made in order for him to sign it. It is part of the check-and-balance system so craftily set up by the Founders. Each of the three branches are supposed to provide oversight over each other and congressional oversight committees are to provide a watch upon what goes on in Congress. In today’s federal government, that check-and-balance system is disappearing, and the important US Supreme Court Justices do not abide by their oath of office, and one of them actually spoke out against our US Constitution on Egyptian public TV! Two major things are needed besides this cut, without mentioning further details: (1) repeal the 16th Amendment and replace income tax with consumption tax on a flat-rate basis (21% is not reasonable, it should start at 21% and by 2019 be reduced by mandate to 15% or less); and get rid of the power of the Federal Reserve who thinks it is okay to print money without any specie to back it up. The following video clearly shows common sense mathematics and the debt has grown instead of decreased since this was made by Bill Whittle:

It is time that the federal (and state) government start taking the national (and state) budget as serious as they do their own. Indeed, if any of us peasants would have handled money they way they did the prisons would be so full they would have to create a maximum security prison like depicted in John Carpenter’s Escape From New York 1981 film.

Bar_CastleWallHEALTHCARE: This issue has to do with freedom of choice. It also has to do with the fact that insurance companies have had their way through powerful lobbying for far too long. It also has to do with that portion of the medical industry that gouges their customers, for example, a hospital charging 8 nurse visits (24 hours) when only two visits were actually made and one could not be found for twenty minutes after midnight. (true story because it is my experience). Then there is the problem if paying for two pairs of surgical gloves used and charged more than the cost of a box of 100. It certainly is true that high-tech equipment is costly, but charging $750 just for a technician to examine results of a scan is a bit much – and totally unethical when that charge is on the bill twice when only one technician examined it once. Of course, since you are not paying cash and using medical insurance, that requires paperwork, especially when it involves government programs like Medicare/Medicaid; thus you are paying an extra fee for administrative purposes, which invariably make you pass out at the amount. Then you have to be rushed to a hospital emergency room because you passed out, and as they wheel you into the emergency room, cha-ching, the $500 charge goes on your bill before anyone even looks at you. As you can see, the problem, as well as the solution, does not involve one simple examination. But Obama’s Affordable Care Act, passed by an unethical Congress where most did not read it and/or read it fully – passing it to see how it works, as the moron progressive socialist Nancy Pelosi stated in so many words. The shame of this passing goes to all three branches of government – first, Congress for passing it at all; second, for the president signing it; and third, for the US Supreme Court not declaring it null and void. You see, our check-and-balance system has become a thing of the past, but that’s okay because the progressive-liberal socialists say that it is an outdated document after they declared it to be a “living” and “flexible” document that can be bent and molded into whatever ideology is in vogue at the time. Attention is only paid attention to when it applies with their agenda and/or personal goals – in this case, Obama’s health care package that not only proves he lied to the People, but he is a closet socialist. No wonder so many are now believing that the Democrats wanted the program NOT to work so they could go for what they wanted all along and what Hillary Clinton tried to push for back in the glory days in the White House – complete socialist health care system, single payer system. You know, like the one working so well in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, like France who is going bankrupt and overrun by Jihad Sharia Law immigrants. Worse, the IRS is involved, which means that self-employed and small business folks, the backbone of the American economy and part of the American Dream are going into the dust bin of history – along with rights and liberties and freedom of choice naturally. The health care system must be a part of the free market, which means competition will take care of those who would cheat and overcharge their customers. And, taxpayers would not have to pay for everyone’s health care – a system that would be horrible if you are looking to be operated on for something important and over age 50 or 60. In a totalitarian system, old people are a burden to society. Doctors and medical staff and technicians must go through more than just four years of college, and that education costs money, mostly through education loans that must be paid back. Obamacare is hardly in operation and already doctors are retiring early and eventually will be hard to find (qualified professionals) because they will not be able to earn enough to pay back those education loans, Once again, the solution, like the problem is not just focused in one area.


Bar_CastleWallEDUCATION: This subject is mingled in with the other subjects presented here. Far back into the history of the condition between the government and the ruler/government a major part of controlling people is keeping them ignorant and making knowledge only available to the ruling class or elitists, those sanctioned by that form of government. I do not have to tell you how broke our education system is, just look at graphs and reports and see where the United States stands in world standards. Once again, Bill Whittle presents common sense and common facts, specifically talking about the major reason US educational institutions is broken, because we allow those who we elect to keep using the system that always fails and always failed throughout history …

TAXATION AND TAX REFORM: The income tax system is unfair (despite what progressives/socialists want you to believe), intrusive, and an instrument for government control. No government, organization, or person has the right to take from the top of what you earn – automatically and without regard for your budget, based upon a non-budget government policy. No society should ever believe that just because Joe or Sally next door make more money they should have more taken from them. This is called distribution of income, the element of income tax, and outright stealing. Excise taxes are based upon consumption, which was the first tax system of our nation. The 16th Amendment was passed without lawful ratification and, according to sources, passed without full congressional session. It requires to be repealed to get rid of the income tax system, and a major blessing will be that IRS will have its vampiric fangs removed and its power dissolved to where it becomes a much smaller auditing agency of the federal government. A flat consumption tax is fair, thus the reason why the bill to make it so is called the Fair Tax Act. It was presented years ago by a representative from Georgia by the name of John Linder to Congress in 1999. That was the 108th Congress and the bill was designated as HR 25. Since all taxes are based on percentage, that means that those that are wealthier will automatically pay more in taxes because they spend more. Tax exemptions and tax rebates for poverty level Americans are included. One tax exemption would be no federal taxing of food and the other would be for home purchases. The details need to be worked out, but it has not ever made it much passed a Ways and Means committee; despite that in 2009 a poll taken [Rasmussen Report] in Congress showed that 52% Republicans and 44% Democrats were in favor of consumption over income tax. A national polls showed that 44% Americans were in favor of such a change. Thanks to the Tea Party and other organizations putting out the word and showing facts and statistics, educating and re-educating, that percentage should have grown – at least for the amount of citizens in favor. In order for Congress to put this on top priority on their agenda, citizens must unite and search for candidates that is for limited government, true tax reform as mentioned, and getting rid of laws and regulations that is intrusive and unconstitutional. Since 1999, HR 25 has been repeatedly introduced with no result; which means the problem is not just with the Democrat Party, for GW Bush totally ignored it. The 16th Amendment must be repealed simultaneously with the Fair Tax Act in order for smoother transition and Americans not paying both taxes. It will be a lot of work, but Congress needs to finally earn their pay. The Tea Party has made this their primary issue, although they are determined to have a limited government like the Founders created. Once again I present Bill Whittle


Bar_CastleWallBIG GOVERNMENT: This issue ties in with all the others, its main cause is that We the People allowed those we elected to ignore the limitations mandated by the US Constitution.  The term “big government” is not just the fact that the federal government is larger in scope than a state government, for example; but the fact that it has gone far beyond the scope of its constitutional limitations – which is why we suffer under an income tax system, immigration laws are not enforced, and so forth and so on. Big Government, like socialism and communism, kills itself. Indeed, nothing is mentioned about democracy in the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution because “pure” democracy also kills itself – ending up rule of the mob (those self-appointed elites) instead of by rule of law.


flagbarAnd finally, I would like to present Bill Whittle, a 5-month-old video, where he portrays himself as Virtual President

Election 2012: Last Message Before November 6thSaveTheRepublic_02Check out the Tea Party – and let’s unite as Americans, un-hyphenated, regardless of race, gender or whatever. If you are a citizen, you are an American first of all things.

We cannot unite with racism and people who strive to continue that movement’s acceleration. Remember – an important strategy for tyrants is to first divide the target and then conquer …