Nancy Pelosi: Spokesperson For Obamacare

The faithful Obama stooge is at it again, the wealthy socialist once again demonstrates there is no bounds to her hypocrisy and moronic ideology …

Frankly, the woman needs professional help. How can this woman look at herself in the mirror or sleep at night?

Here is a transcript of what she stated in the press interview …

The American people having a healthier life. What our Founders wanted for them: Life – having a healthier life – liberty, the freedom to pursue their happiness, not job-locked, but having benefits that having healthcare policies that are portable, they could be self-employed, be a photographer, they could  start their own business, they could change jobs, they could reach their aspirations. And isn’t that a wonderful thing for a society and for an economy? Any questions?

Our Founders, she says, wanted Americans to have benefits like Obamacare, whoops – Pelosi chastised the press for calling it Obamacare, she insists it is the Affordable Care Act, which it is by legislative name. The boondoggle program deserves to be named after the person who relentlessly insisted that the Affordable Care Act was what Americans needed, whether they wanted it or not, and don’t worry you can keep your insurance and doctor – we were reassured countless times both by Obama and useful idiot, Pelosi. As Gingrich stated: Obamacare by any other name still stinks! Democrat-Socialist-Progressives seem to think by changing the name or insisting only a certain name be used will change its demeanor, you know, life from global warming to climate change. The Progressives and their junk scientists got their bases covered by changing it to climate change phenomenon – just in case we experience another Ice Age.

Her statement with words from the Declaration of Independence is a way to justify their strive to make citizens dependent upon government and thereby be controlled from cradle to grave (and beyond the grave with their death tax). I wish that Thomas Jefferson were alive to hear this moron destroy the meaning of the Founders intentions, like they “interpret” constitutional law treating it as a “living” document despite insisting it is outdated.

As Keith Koffler wrote in his post at White House Dossier:

The Founders were concerned with protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness against government, not using government to, as Obamacare does, take a little life and liberty from some and give it to others.

Good grief, Pelosi – go home and enjoy your wealth and quit making everyone’s lives miserable. Shame on the constituents who keep her in office. I think I need to create a new category for Pelosi, Feinstein, Mayer, et cetera – “Useful Morons”. I guess it would be funny, like the Three Stooges films, if it didn’t concern the destruction of our Republic.