Return of Jeb: Another Bush Seeking Presidency

After the Republican Party elite establishment used the Tea Party organization of Americans wanting a constitutional republic in order to get votes and when their poster-boy establishment pick did not win (he lost because he cannot debate or stand up to the fire) – that same establishment threw the Tea Party under the bus and blamed them for losing the election.

Now the third of the Bush clan is looking to run for president in 2016, his campaign agenda focusing upon defeating “It takes a village” Hillary Rodham Clinton, who threw Ambassador Stevens and company under the boss costing their lives.

I think the Bush clan need to remain in Texas, on the ranch, continuing their family legacy in the private sector where they belong. We do not need the same political “blood”, but need fresh, innovative and most importantly, those determined to return constitutional law in government. The Bush clan talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Remember it was Bush senior who wanted the New World Order, and then his son  went behind closed doors to work out the North American Union plan. GW Bush laughed when questioned about the secret meeting of leadership between US, Canada, and Mexico; like Obama laughed at demonstrations against Obamacare, shrugging off the will of the People. GW Bush, like Clinton saw the economic doom on the horizon, but did nothing except ensure those that were primarily responsible get bailed out. It was GW Bush who said he would “look into” changing the tax system to a more fair flat tax across the board, based upon consumption, not what people earn (Fair Tax Act) – and did absolutely nothing about it in his two terms in office. The Bush clan kissed Mexico president ass when it came to the illegal immigration problem that would be considered an invasion in reality. The Bush clan promised to secure Mexico, but did not and like those before them ignored our immigration laws that Mexico called unfair while that country’s immigration law is stricter than ours.

GW Bush declared war against terrorism without recognizing publicly that it was a war against Islamic Jihad, thus Islamic Jihad training camps began to form in his second term and I refuse to believe he and his “Homeland Security” did not know it. Sending troops to fight the enemy abroad so America would be safe, Homeland Security ignored or failed to realize that the enemy was already established here, like CAIR. American patriots do not want Sharia Law, like what is establishing in Europe – we want constitutional law established by wise founders in 1787. The Bush clan are not to be counted on in the movement of saving our Republic. We do not need RINOs or Progressives in order to make constitutional law reestablished. We need Americans who walk the walk, following up their rhetoric with action.

Despite all of those transgressions – none of the Bush clan can beat the horrible record of Barack Hussein Obama.

Bachman has a point about Obama admin not being “transparent” – but the real crime is that when units wanted to respond to the attack, Obama gave the order to stand down and left Ambassador Stevens and those who died, to fight for their lives for seven hours – longer than it would take to make a counter attack; and the fact that Hillary Clinton ignored officials in Benghazi who had asked for increased security because of local intelligence reports.

The Bush clan may have failed the People when it came to domestic issues, but Obama will go down in history as being the biggest failure, as the following clearly shows by the numbers:

Graphic_Obama_Chart_1And Congress, which includes Republicans (RINO) who put their establishment business as usual policies before the Republic, the following graphs show that they are just as responsible for the mess:

Congress Record - JobsWelfare SpendingThe key changes required in the movement toward true reformation is: (1) Repeal 16th Amendment and replace income tax with flat-rate consumption tax that can only be raised by two-third majority congressional vote and signed by a president; (2) ensure that the IRS becomes nothing but an auditing agency, greatly reduced in size, scope, and power; (3) audit and then dissolve the Federal Reserve or at least ensure that Congress does its job per Constitutional law and overseas monetary concerns; reduce monetary and infrastructure foreign aid to only that which pertains to national security or foreign interests like trade; (4) reduce greatly the amount of US military bases around the world, and fortify those regional bases for quick action in actual emergency; continue to maintain a strong military that is provided with state-of-the-art technology and equipment with best training; (5) Congress will provide a viable budget as prescribed by constitutional law, and instead of seeking new ways or increased tax base, reduce spending in order to keep the national debt manageable; (6) enforce immigration laws and at same time reduce welfare; (7) finish the border security plan that still has not been accomplished and at the same time demand that the Mexican government do their share or be accused of invasion; (8) completely renovate and reform our educational system beginning with returning the responsibility to state governments and the People through parent-teacher organizations. Of course, there will be more on this list, but this will be key elements that will keep America strong in terms of military power, reduce spending and thus reduce the debt. I would be a good idea to make English the official language and insist that immigrants (legal) assimilate into our nation as citizens by learning our official language. Meanwhile, our society must return those principles and ‘golden rule’ values back into practice; and stop government from interfering with good parenthood and encourage marriage as a sacred institution instead of some political tool to use. As far as those in Congress: limited terms and no retirement to be paid by taxpayers to anyone who is elected to office; and government employees pay towards their own retirement like the rest of us. Most importantly, when it comes to employment, no private entity, specifically trade unions, will be allowed to have control of employment and employees of the federal (or state) government. Trade unions are parasites who eventually kill its host. Private sector is just that, and private property as well.

And, as a final note: government cannot (and should not) “create” jobs, but encourage jobs by making it less expensive to operate with minimum regulations and fair taxation that encourages economic stability and growth – as well as jobs. The only jobs that government “creates” is when it is a limit government prescribed by the Constitution of the United States.

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One comment on “Return of Jeb: Another Bush Seeking Presidency

  1. rita waage says:

    yes, Keith, we do not need to turn to either family, the Bush or Clinton, to make progress in the great American way. In 1995 it was apparent a new course was set when CEO’s sitting on each others boards used the occasion to pick each others brains to line their nests to the tune of 15 to 20 million a year in salaries and no risk perks…this snowballed as their peers were included as many lateral positions were created for their buddies and pensions of the common man slid to 401K’s and other ways of ridding the companies of any sharing of bonuses and other responsiblities. New starts saw good wages fall to $8.50 levels, pensions gone, the common man lost but the upper few gained year after year, then the old line of shirts began feeling the loss of promised goals going in to retirement. The rest is history. Too big to fail, bankrupties were the code of the day to rid large corporations of bonified debt…it is obvious the office of President is a figurehead position, when is this going to be recognized for what it is? We are kept on the road to finger pointing, kept divided by deception in the form of untruths flung around the web, when will America wake up and smell that proverbal coffee, stand up to an ever increasing government pushing us down, down to a level only the few win. I did NOT vote for Obama, I wrote in Dennis Kucinch, who long ago stood for the people fighting to retain the Ohio city he was mayor, to keep control of the city energy. When will we have a real choice? I pray that Clinton will not get on the ticket but who will run on either side? Iowa has long been a right to work state and has not suffered, the republican party has all the labor departments of various states in their pocket sending members around the nation to break up unions and are starting with city and state unions. This accomplished the writing is on the wall. The construction industry is trashed and injuries of nondocumented workers injuries easy to erase, simply remove them from hospitals and records gone. This is where we are headed. Check out Chicago, no English spoke on construction sites, even when they put together the neighbor’s house brought in in sections from Wisc. no English spoke and our sons and daughters are unemployed. Those Chicago workers who gather on street corners to do a day’s work are seldom fully paid for time worked, all this is swept under the carpet. Keith, you pushed my buttons with Bush/Clinton article. Be well. RW

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