Hillary for President? Think About It

Hillary Rodham Clinton was on the legal team that brought down Richard M. Nixon, but unlike her husband, he chose to resign instead of impeachment hearings. It was all over a cover-up and alleged targeting political opponents with the powers of the IRS. According to a poll, she leads at 61% for Democrat candidate of 2016. Frightening. She has been involved with a myriad of scandals across the span of her political (and legal) career on the coattails of her corrupt husband. She has taken a stand on her own, of course, as senator and then Secretary of State – but nothing to brag about there, except an obscure socialist book entitled It Takes a Village.
Decades later, scandal after scandal, she continues to strive to reach ultimate political power of being a president, not to mention being the first woman president like Obama was the first “black” president. The result of choosing the wrong person as the first “black” president is obvious, especially since every time anyone brings up scandals or tries to investigate them – this attorney general cries “racism”. His lap dog, Nancy Pelosi also uses the race card when it comes to defending amnesty for illegal aliens. Meanwhile, Senator Reid is in the middle of a Chinese real estate deal that his son closed and the government lost money over the sale. How can we “sell” to foreign entities? Lease, okay, but sell NO.
Hillary loses the primary election to Obama, so she is rewarded with assignment as Secretary of State. During that campaign in 2008, one of Hillary’s ads showed a red phone and the statement that as president she would be available.
A Secretary of State, Hillary’s “red phone” rang at 2 AM with the announcement that our embassy in Benghazi was under attack and personnel including Ambassador Stevens was in extreme danger. Hillary was in charge, no one came to their rescue, and after fighting for seven hours they were killed. She ignored previous calls that more security was required because of atmosphere in the region – ignored by the Secretary of State. Her boss gave the order to “stand down” when frantic calls reached his “red” phone. Four died. For reasons only known to Hillary and Obama, the first series of news announcements of the incident claimed that the attack was over some obscure video made by a US citizen, thinking no one would notice that it was the anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. This is called a cover up, the same problem dealt with by Democrats and the lawyer team that Hillary served on to impeach President Nixon. In congressional hearing investigations, she angrily states: What difference does it make? She was referring to questions about the cover up and stating the people were dead now, so lets move on. Moving on is a key element of escaping responsibility – like her husband did. After the attack occurred and the State Department insisted it was because of a video, Hillary made a public apology for the video disregarding the fact that four Americans were killed by Islamic Jihadists, of which no apology was made by anyone. The families of those that died demanded answers and prosecution against those who allowed them to fight for hours with no help arriving despite being able to get there between 2 and 4 hours. It is because Hillary did not insist upon it and the president ordered them to “stand down”.
While Hillary was Secretary of State, America’s foreign policy was in chaos, with the help of her boss, President Obama. We’ve lost credibility in South America and pretty much the entire Middle East, and meanwhile insulting our ally, Israel. We are looked upon as a nation of apologetic weaklings, and who do not uphold policies or what is said.
The Washington Times has reported that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, $6 billion cannot be accounted for. There were already allegations of her department wasting tax money. No one seems to be investigating what happened to that unaccounted for billions. No wonder the national debt is so high. Most of that money unaccounted for happened while Hillary was Secretary of State. Accountability = zero.
Unlike what Hillary stated in a congressional hearing, it DOES make a difference – all of it.
It certainly makes a difference when 2016 comes around and it certainly makes a difference this year, 2014, when congressional members who voted for the Affordable Care Act and ignored the myriad of scandals coming from the executive branch and still has done nothing about Fast-N-Furious, the IRS, NSA, or Benghazi. Democrats have not realized that when one of their own commits fraud, unethical practices or just plain criminal act – it reflects upon their party as a whole. Well, at least that is the way they play it when a Republican is caught doing such things. They have allowed their political entity to become so corrupt that they do not dare turn on one of their own; which means that scandal must be swept under the rug at all costs. Even the cost of the lives of Americans working for the Secretary of State.
Is this the kind of people you want running YOUR government? If you think not, and say NO, then do something about it. Demand and ensure that constitutionalists and stalwart citizens who stand up against aggressors and foreign bullies and quit sending Americans to fight other people’s conflicts unless it is in direct contrast to our nation’s interests – to be elected to operate OUT government. This is the year to start the transition and the long road towards true reformation. It can begin with Obamacare and then start snowballing to get rid of the income tax system and audit the Federal Reserve. Stop foreign welfare checks, reducing it to a trickle in order to begin the process of reducing national debt. Make those accountable who break our laws and view the large amount of illegal aliens as invaders, securing our border better than we have for decades. Ensure that the US Supreme Court justices obey their oaths of offices, just as those who are elected to manage our government making constitutional law the key to government operation, not foreign laws or the dribble coming from the United Nations. Stop persecuting law abiding citizens and Christians, and instead, dissolve the Islamic training camps that have been in place since Bush was president. Stop crony politics and make constitutional law the important issue, not political entities on both sides of the political aisle.
Will all that make a perfect world? Never. But it certainly is better than what we have now and what we are going to have in the future without honest reformation.
Our nation became great because of its people, and from those people came great citizens who served the people and operated our government. It was all started by 56 founders, who had wise and honest men among them who developed a system of government that human history has never excelled. Yet, our educational system takes the side of political entities whose agenda is clear, and who does not point out the great efforts and wisdom of our founders, but instead busily rewrites history to make things look different – to make things look the way they want it to be.
If the people who are operating our government disgusts you, remember that they came from our society and they were put in office by that same society. It is time we take stock and issue the day of reckoning towards corruption and anti-constitutionalists. The key to that is unification, which means we need to get out of the racism syndrome and into We the People state of mind. We can no longer allow the likes of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Jeb Bush, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, and BH Obama to have their way. The American way is the American Dream, and they are based upon the Constitution of the United States and its amendments and the industriousness of We the People. More Americans must be responsible for their own lives.
English Proverb:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I would like to add: don’t involve government in the process of whether that man has the right to fish or not; or the rhetoric that those in government can fish better than the man.

Do we want or need the likes of Hillary Clinton or anyone with her background and political philosophy and mundane record?

I think not. The United States and We the People cannot afford anymore.

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  1. Miss Lou says:

    As with anyone in politics, they have their good and bad bits.

    Granted when I consider how I vote, I like to do so based on the policy positions of parties.

    I live in Australia, where we currently have a Prime Minister in place that has made some terrible decisions (my opinion). I never voted for him or the party he represents.

    I do think that collectively it is the responsibility of all Australians to come up with solutions, if we are going to criticise the decisions of those we provided with the power to make them in the first place.

    It’s very easy to point out their flaws and how badly they have messed up, but what would we do differently if we were in their position? Of course sometimes, I just have a bit of a whine.

    In relation to Obama, I am in favor of many of the policies he has put in place. The Affordable Healthcare Act for one. Not perfect, and always room for improvement, but a step in the right direction. – Once again, my personal opinion based on the information I have, which is both positive and not so much.

    I also like Hilary Clinton. Yes, there are some flaws and yes, there have been mistakes, though there has also been some fantastic achievements and after following her work very closely during a research project I did on the Sexual Trafficking of women and children, I would never define her record as mundane.

    If I lived America, I would support Hilary Clinton with my vote if she put in a bid for president. I think she would be an asset to the country and I also think that her and her family currently do a huge amount of good in the world. This includes Bill Clinton, despite the fact that cheated on his wife and lied to the American People. Australia and Australians have always been our ally and I hope that is always remains so, just as our special relationship with the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. It may be, in part, that we have one major thing in common – we speak English; and often I wish we Americans would have stuck with the “Queen’s English”, if you understand my meaning.

  2. With all due respect, I am glad you are in Australia because we have too many people here in US that believe that scandals are “mistakes”, committing adultery in the workplace with an employee and committing perjury is okay. These people are elected and when they take office they are paid to do a job, yet everyone else is supposed to “come up with a solution”? They continually have the same policies, which continually is a mess – but never change that which is causing it. Expecting any change when the same actions are taken that create the mess is pure insanity. You favor the Affordable Care Act because you do not live here and have to pay the myriad of taxes that come out of one paycheck; meanwhile, 47% of fellow citizens (which probably includes illegal immigrants) pay little or no tax. In this blog, it is not just pointing out what is wrong but also pointing in the direction to fix it. Maybe you do not understand it or know it but we have the best constitution ever written in government history. Unfortunately, socialism has worked its way into our government and now those people you admire are working at dissolving it and in the meantime ignoring it. Socialism has never worked in its history, but people just do not pay attention. Socialists here think they have a special brand of socialism, American Socialism, and that it will work while others fail. As Margaret Thatcher stated: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.
    Hillary is not the only person here in America who worked at dissolving the trafficking of women and children. Apparently you did not read the facts stated here, but then again, facts do not seem to manner to people who use their emotion instead of logic in political thinking. It was not a “mistake” that the missing records that the court sought to prosecute Hillary and Bill Clinton over the real estate scandal had mysteriously shown up in a closet after she moved into the White House as First Lady. It was not a “mistake” when $6 billion was unaccounted for when she was Secretary of State and is still unaccounted for. It was not a “mistake” that four people died because she did not perform her job as Secretary of State and ensure her people under her watch were not protected and when asking for help received none. If you want a corrupt government just keep people like Hillary around. Just what foreign policy do you like what Obama has enacted? Miss Lou, I am sure you are a very nice person, and I enjoyed serving with Australian military personnel when assigned to NATO LSE in Turkey. But complacent people who are not firm against what is right and wrong or stand up against corruption and speak out for rights and liberties get the government they deserve. Evil only wins if good people do nothing. When there is scandal after scandal after scandal – how can anyone believe them anymore. If a snake bites you, do you look for an excuse not to be more careful around snakes in the future?
    Thank you for your time in presenting your opinion and I hope you can understand that the major problem with our government in recent decades, on both sides of the political aisle, is that we have strayed from constitutional law, a system with checks-and-balances and dictating a limited government. Free people means freedom to be productive and make their own choices, which in turn makes a better society and a better nation to live in. There isn’t any Utopia, but the best thing is what our Founders created in their wisdom, foresight, and classic knowledge put to use. I am sure that some of those points could be applied in places where socialism has taken over like the United Kingdom and apparently Australia.
    Hillary is the kind of a person that uses people who think like you, relying on emotion that clouds logical thinking – just read the books written by people that worked for and around her. If you look hard at her record and her personal character, you would soon picture evil in persona. And, as the saying goes: Evil is what evil does. Flowery words and agreeing with noble causes does not strike out bad actions or erase bad character. On the other side of the political aisle – Bush and Romney fail in the rule of law and limited government arena as well – just not so badly. Having a first woman for President of the United States would be nice, like having the first “black” president – but it destroys the whole concept when the People choose a person from those ranks with bad character and whose policy is tyranny and actions that are against the wise ruling of limited power of government.

  3. Miss Lou says:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, I do very much appreciate it.

    In relation to the Affordable health care act, I did quite a lot of research on it, personally, just to try and understand it. Many of my American friends have had challenging experiences with the healthcare system there and respective insurance issues. I have to admit I was very disappointed with the roll out 😦 Though fundamentally I believe it is a good start to improving the terrible system that was in place.

    I personally do not think that healthcare should ever be a profit making industry and that every single person should have access to affordable quality healthcare. For some people, affordable means free.

    Here in Australia I consistently pay over 40% of my income on taxes (plus GST on selected products and services)

    I do think there is room for improvement, but generally I have a positive view of how my taxes are spent, particularly when it comes to supporting the well being of members within the community.

  4. Miss Lou: If your read those massive pages and fully understood it – incredible is the word. It is something that is making things worse as the United States economy continues on its road to dismal failure. If you only pay 40% then you are better off to stay in Australia. There is always room for improvement in any system – but if our government does not pay attention or chooses to ignore the rule of law, which clearly states limitations upon government, then we will continue on the road to totalitarianism. If you want to help your community, you should be acting upon that as a personal choice and do so with your money, it is what you earned. However, no government has the right to declare giving charity is a must for every citizen in the name of welfare of a portion of the population without the consent of those who pay into the system; ultimately what will occur is what occurs here – more and more people are becoming dependent upon government funds paid for by productive people who do not get breaks because they are paying for what other people should be paying for if they were productive. I am not talking about events and circumstances, disasters, that people cannot prevent. Any welfare program should be a helping hand back into the fray of life, not a system that encourages people to live on the dole of government handouts. A hand – up not a hand – out. Communities can help each other with better compassion and understanding than a centralized government that does not know what either hand is doing within its bloated bureaucracy. Thus, limited government.
    Thanks again for participating in discussion here, and I hope you can see what I am presenting. I suggest that you read the Federalist Papers, US Constitution (and amendments), Jefferson’s Writings, Debate on the Constitution, and The Politically Correct Guide to the Constitution of the United States.Maybe it will give you some ideas to solve issues in Australia; it certainly would solve many issues here. Lack of corruption is definitely a must, and with proper check-and-balance system it would be reduced and provide over-watch over each branch to ensure that perpetrators are caught and dealt with.
    Best regards to you, Miss Lou.

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