I am not shutting down Lighthouse Journal, but need to turn more attention elsewhere. Most of the posts will be at Old Glory Gunsmith Shoppe. Blogger is more receptive to the needs of blogs and bloggers, so that is the major reason. I am not moving this bog again, so it will remain with dwindled new postings.

Thanks so much for your readership, I hope you will find my other blog as interesting and informative. Since I love to write about history, and feel obligated to write about unconstitutional acts committed by government – they will appear at OGG Shoppe.

This was my first blog and has been running since 1999. It makes it harder to let go for that reason and the many friends I made along the way. Time to set it aside, out of the limelight. I am not sure if I made a difference in providing folks information and tidbits that may have awakened some and reinforced any fervor of We the People making any change to where we are back on the course of a constitutional republic. Hopefully I did.

I also write for:

Veritas et Theologium

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2 comments on “Notice

  1. Miss Lou says:

    I have enjoyed reading your posts for the thought they have inspired. Critical thinking or well considering thing, particularly our position on social matters and politics is an art form and something I think that many of us neglect at times.

    Thank you for providing the space to continue to have access to that by directing us to your Blogger blog 🙂

    Although I have only come across your work recently, I already have an appreciation for your dedication to your prose 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and please don’t disappear altogether!~!

    Much appreciated

    Miss Lou

  2. Miss Lou: Thanks for your gracious accolades. At the other blog (Old Glory Gunsmith) there is more than just articles about firearms – history, comment on situations concerning our constitution, and recipes to add to your collection. It also covers topics of how to prepare, just in case, for a civilization melt-down and natural disasters; with the ideology that it is better to have and be prepared and not needed, than need and not have or be prepared for. While I support Constitutional Militia elements and organizations, “For the People, By the People”; I do not condone some para-militia groups who are racist, anarchists, or childish people who are not realistic/logical in such matters.
    In addition, I have another blog that is theological, based upon my upcoming multi-volume book that took decades to put together as manuscript, and it concerns global theology, history and philosophy. It is entitled “Veritas et Theologium” (Latin translated: Truth in/of Theology).
    I am looking forward to your commentary discussions in the future. I hope that I have achieved the objective I had since 1999 to encourage people to think for themselves and wake up (like I did) to what an element of Americans are doing to our constitutional republic. Younger generations have slowly been indoctrinated by a minority of the population that has decided that other forms of government is better than that established by the Founders who created the best constitution and form of government in the history of civilization. That agenda has rewritten history and discounted the founder’s achievement concerning the constitutional republic because many of them had slaves. It is unfortunate that slavery could not have been abolished at the signing of the Constitution and ratification by the states. However, it would have caused half of the states (original 13) not to join the union that created the United States. Many hoped that legislatures and states would see that slavery does not belong in a constitutional republic, but unfortunately it took a civil war to finally end slavery. The Constitution was created so amendments could be added (changed or deleted); which is another plus – but not too easily (two-thirds vote and state ratification), so as not to destroy the basic wise foundation of it.
    Anyway, thanks again. Will watch for your commentary in the future.

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