Americana Files


Davy Crockett: King of the Frontier

H. Norman Schwarzkopf – “Stormin’ Norman”

Alaska Purchase

Milton Friedman


Jane Addams

Adams-Otis Treaty

Samuel Adams

John Quincy Adams

John Adams

Henry Adams

Ableman vs. Booth

Abolitionist Movement

Dean Acheson

Abigail Adams

Battle of Athens

Wisdom of Our Founders

George Washington: Establishing a Republic

Clabber Girl

The American Cowboy: History and Legend

For the Love of Automobiles: American Jeep

Pioneers: The American Spirit and Traditions

Short History of Door County Peninsula

Brief History of the US 4th Cavalry

Iron Pony: Victory Motorcycles, American-Made

Barbary Pirates: A Lesson in American Foreign Policy

John Paul Jones: Hero of American Revolution

Will Rogers: Cowboy Humorist

Jack Simpson: Man of the River

George Washington: First President of the United States

Ronald Reagan: Anniversary and Legacy

Tale of Abraham Lincoln’s Watch

Joseph M. Arpaio: America’s Toughest Sheriff

Kathy Flippo: Life of a River Rat


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