Core of the Tea Party: What It Represents and What You Should Expect From YOUR Government

Listening to pundits and politicians, progressive that is, and reading commentary of fellow Americans who believe the media propaganda that the Tea Party movement is a racist and violent movement against government. In the case of the latter statement, that is in truth – Tea Party patriots are against any other government except that which the founders created by framing the Constitution of the United States as a constitutional republic based upon written law in those articles and amendments.

The Tea Party was organized to ensure that there is a return to that which was founded and worked so well in making America great and something its people can be proud of, but have failed for various reasons to keep it – as Benjamin Franklin pessimistically stated. So this is a type of follow-up of the last article, this time standing up to the progressive socialists and those who listen to them, whether they be pundits, politicians, or politically biased media …

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Sarah Palin: Still Strong and Sensible – CPAC 2014

Sarah Palin is at her best in the CPAC 2014 gathering. Here is her latest video. For detailed transcript, visit Maggie

sarah-palinSarah used some parody lines from Dr. Seuss, which reminded me how far off track our society has become and how apathetically they have allowed progressive socialists and political controlled corporate media to destroy the common values and important family values that makes ANY nation either strong or weak. Any of you who took a sociology course understand that when the family nucleus becomes deteriorated – so goes the nation. The problem with “liberals” is they refuse to draw lines, thus they have become useful idiots for the progressive socialist establishment, just as the GOP Beltway establishment has not allowed true Republicans to perform their required job – a job that taxpayers pay them to do and their oath of office: to comply with and protect the US Constitution and its amendments, barring the 16th Amendment that should never have passed or been signed (Woodrow Wilson) … Congress requires that it be replaced with a consumption tax that cannot be raised without two-thirds vote by Congress and that the 16th Amendment be repealed forever. Thus, the IRS Gestapo will fall into the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Dr. Seuss should be what young children are reading, not how George and John or Sherry and Patricia are so happy as homosexual partners. Children are no longer to be just children, and it is the progressive’s fault that there are so many young teenagers that get pregnant, having sexual encounters before they are 16. Young girls at age 10 are wearing makeup and trying hard to be so adult-like, when they should be enjoying their youthful years. Parenthood has become as stained as the political scene, which is part of the reason why our society is destroying itself, and everything that constitutes common sense, moral, civic, and family values that promote character, not destroy it or tailor it according to what those who run government say it is.

Anyway, thought that I would pass this great video of Sarah Palin doing what she does so well. She is successful because she speaks from the heart and remembers her roots, and prefers the heart of America rather than the elite who think they are it.

Tea Party Movement: Patriots or Propagandists?

Tea Party PatriotsI am sure whatever your political ideology may be, you have heard about the Tea Party movement, which is a national organization that features a main website despite its splintering into subdivisions with states. Of course, its name is derived from the historical event in 1773 when, in protest against excessive and unfair taxation as well as monopolization of the tea import, American colonists dressed as native Americans, dumped wooden cases of tea into the Boston harbor from a merchant ship the night before unloading. This event was an important link to what would become the American Revolution.

Thus, under that concept, the Tea Party organization was founded in 2009 and with the help of YouTube videos, social networking sites, Facebook, and Twitter, it has grown in popularity. In the background, a major political entity, separated from the Republican Party and at the same time sponsoring those members who believe in limited government and reduction of bureaucracy by the name of FreedomWorks, created by Dick Armey, former congressional member. It was meant to be an alternate to the progressive-socialist entity called that was created during the presidency of Bill Clinton, with the concept that even though that president committed perjury, adultery, and violated the ethics of workplace sexual harassment; it was time to move on because Congress did not impeach President Clinton. Last year, Dick Armey has removed himself from FreedomWorks because he claims that money has corrupted and moving away from what the founding principle was meant to be. Of course, the progressives immediately went in for the proverbial kill.

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Concept of Liberty: What the Founders of the United States Created

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word freedom is listed in close context of the Encyclopedia of Philosophy [Volume 3-4), excerpt …

hand_point2…the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.

It’s close literal relative is the word, liberty (Merriam-Webster) …

hand_point2the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely; the power to do or choose what you want to; a political right.

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No Restitution and Few Limitations for This Administration

King Barack IWhat we have here is a failure to communicate failure to adhere to an oath of office … failure to listen to We the People.

The foreign policy of this president has long been ridiculed – and disturbing in several ways.

Troops are fighting against Jihadists and the US Armed Forces via the Pentagon is falling short in common sense, as in the case of all the warning signs being ignored and a US Army officer killed and wounded people on a US military installation within the United States.

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State of Our Union: Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Dangerous

The week before Independence Day, I was in discussion with a young man, whose name and place is withheld, did not know the significance of the year 1776.

After getting over the shock of how the this generation is so out of touch of what their rights are and why they must be maintained and protected.

In the following video, Mark Dice pretended he was obtaining a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, favor the Patriot Act, and promote the ‘New World Order’. It is not only shocking, but brings tears to my eyes ….

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Blue Slipping and Constititional Powers

The Senate immigration-amnesty bill has not been sent to the House, the theory is that Senator Harry Reid knows it is unconstitutional because all bills pertaining to revenue must originate in the House. Hmm …

Beginning in 2012, this issue was brought up regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare] bill that passed Congress – which originated in the Senate; yet the Supreme Court only questioned the part of the IRS imposing a tax for those that did not comply; which is a direct tax, which is unconstitutional, which means the income tax system being a direct tax forced out of the wages [stolen] and salaries of Americans is also unconstitutional.

This whole scenario is an example of how Supreme Court justices pick and choose and alternate their “interpretation” of constitutional law – and part of the reason of the growth of big government and corruption within our federal system.

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Constitution 101: Bill of Rights and Other Amendments to the Articles of the US Constitution

Is the relinquishment of the trial by jury and the liberty of the press necessary for your liberty? Will the abandonment of your most sacred rights tend to the security of  your liberty? Liberty, the greatest of all earthly blessings – give us that precious jewel, and you may take every thing else! Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel.
Patrick Henry, speech to the Virginia Convention, Richmond, Virginia, June 5, 1788

 The Preamble of the Constitution has nor force in law and serves as a reason the document was created, as well as reflecting the desires of the Framers that wished to make a more perfect document than the Articles of Confederation to be a benefit to the people instead of detriment.

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Fall of the Republic: Do You Realize How Many Rights and Liberties Have Been Lost or Weakened Thus Far?

preamble_to_the_united_states_constitution1Americans have been steadily losing their property rights, one of the key elements of the US Constitution and its amendments, deemed important to the Founders because of tyranny experienced under British rule.

Thomas Jefferson, 1788:

It astonishes me to find … that so many of our countrymen … should be contented to live under a system which leaves to their governors the power of taking from them the trial by jury cases, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of commerce, the habeas corpus laws, and of yoking them with a standing army. This is a degeneracy in the principles of liberty … which I would not have expected for at least four centuries.

When the US Constitution was drafted, approved and finally ratified by the states of the Union, it was assumed that the description of specific powers granted to the government would leave no doubt, as to what the government could do and could not. The absence of powers over the rights of the people should have kept them protected. The Founders decided to be specific and add to the Constitution ten amendments to declare the Bill of Rights. The Constitution details the powers authorized by the federal and state governments and the Bill of Rights is a guarantee of those rights as part of the US Constitution.

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On the Coronation of Lord Obama

We the People of the United States have allowed the executive office of the President of the United States to be elevated to an elected monarchy, despite the limitations of consecutive terms established by an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
William Henry Harrison in his inaugural address on March 4th, 1841 stated:

Limited as are the powers which have been granted, still enough have been granted to constitute a despotism if concentrated in … the Executive branch. … The tendency of power to increase itself, particularly when exercised by a single individual … would terminate in virtual monarchy. … The tendencies of … governments in their decline is to monarchy. … The spirit of faction … in times of great excitement imposes itself upon the people as the genuine spirit of freedom, and, like the false Christs whose coming was foretold by the Savior … impose upon the true and most faithful disciples of liberty. It is in periods like this that it behooves the people to be most watchful of those to whom they have entrusted power.

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