Peace-Loving, “Fair”- and “Open” Minded Progressive Liberals?

I think not. They are the epitome of hypocrisy …

Real Science has revealed a New York Times article concerning global warming deniers – those smart enough to know better, depicting in a cartoon how the progressive-liberal paints conservatives and constitutionalists as radicals, racists and lies that they are violent in their demonstrations and protests. Yet continually act upon that which they accuse others. Here is an example of the ‘warm-and-fuzzy’ ideology of progressive-socialist liberals concerning ways to deal with the surplus of icicles:

screenhunter_359-feb-23-07-52Folks, do your duty as a constitutional citizen this election year, 2014 and every election year after.

Unconstitutionality and Unfair Taxation of the People’s Income

Abolish_IRS_5The Framers of the United States Constitution, founders of the United States of America, were wise and had the foresight to ensure that the articles and amendments of that document For the People and By the People should endure. But only if We the People did their duty in ensuring that those that operate OUR government did not usurp, dilute or do away with rights and liberties established. What liberties and rights that remain today can be traced to the framers of the Constitution, their wisdom and their perseverance in establishing a document that would withstand time – only if that document was honored. We the People have allowed politicians and special interest groups to dilute and remove some of those rights because of false promises of those who wish to see government in charge of every facet of the People’ lives. They insist they know better how to run our lives than we do, and have convinced a growing majority that “fair” collectivism is better than individual liberty; when history has proven differently.

Where in the Federalist Papers does it suggest that the Founders intended to tax the labor of its citizens?

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The Will of the People and the Strength of Our Constitution

President BH Obama spoke at the Disabled American Veteransconvention in Orlando, Florida – who invited him is beyond my imagination. He used the moment to put the blame on condition in the United States upon Congress this time instead of GW Bush. The news wire reported that to the applause of hundreds he stated:

It’s hurting our military. I made it clear that your veteran’s benefits are exempt from this year’s sequester. But I want to tell you going forward the best way to protect the VA care you have earned is to get rid of this sequester altogether. We’ve got these reckless, across-the-board budget cuts called the sequester that are hitting a lot of folks hard. Congress needs to come together and agree on a responsible plan that reduces our deficit and keeps our promises to our veterans and keeps our promises to future generations.

Those promises have nothing to do with the sequester. Veterans have been refused benefits and Congress has found ways, without oversight by this president or the previous two presidents – finding some way out of their obligation to veterans who have fought other nation’s wars – sent by the president and condoned by Congress.

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Reasons For Serious Reformation of the Federal Government

How much scandal, anti-constitutional and anti-United States acts, policies, and agendas does it take for the US Congress and the American citizens to realize that Obama and associates are detrimental to the future of the United States of America? Indeed, considering the past two administrations, how much does it take for the American people to demand that We the People return to control our government as prescribed by the US Constitution and elect individuals who actually believe in the Constitution and respect its limitations of power of the federal government and adherence of state governments to the unionified laws of the Constitution?

Beginning with the most recent:

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Info Highway: April 15th 2013 and Notes From My Desk

hand_point2– Senate Democrats are holding up a resolution to honor deceased Margaret Thatcher, who died at age 87. Apparently the tribute made by Obama and Bill Clinton was a front. The tribute cites M. Thatcher as a –

…life-long commitment to advancing freedom, liberty, and democracy and for her friendship to the United States.

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‘The Shadow of the Gun’ And Marxism is Upon Us

The US Senate seems to be coming to an agreement concerning the firearm ban that Senator Feinstein initiated, waiting for the opportune news headlines, to propose that would punish lawful citizens for the action of one person out of millions in the United States.

Obama File: Yet Another Scandal and LawsuitTeachers and professors are using our educational system to indoctrinate our children and the corporate media turns its head – focusing on hating firearms instead of those persons who use them as a tool for evil.

The real evil is the political tyrants and their mouthpiece in the form of mainstream national news. Today, headlines report about a standoff with a deranged person holding firefighters/medics hostage ending up with a SWAT team taking him out – but ignores at least five stories like the man who stopped a robbery in progress with a legally concealed firearm.

They claim it is because of “sensationalism”, but it really has to do with their personal views and ideology. Is it not sensational and commending that a fellow citizen stopped crime when law enforcement was not available or able to show up in time?

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“Don’t Tread On Me” – A Subversive Statement to Tyranny

hand_point2– “Don’t Tread on Me” signs, posters and bumper stickers, originating in the 13 colonies that Declared Independence in 1776, called the Gadsden & Culpepper flag is deemed a threat by “Big Sis” at the Department of Homeland Security. Those that operate OUR government say that constitutionalists, like Tea Party people are subversive, while we have 35 Islamic training camps in America, Hispanic organizations who intend to “take back stolen land”, and Islamic organizations sanctioned by the federal government who supports enemies of the free world like the Muslim Brotherhood. The Constitution and its amendments is what made America the best country in the world, now we are ranking in the 20s in terms of education and other things that marked as once being great. We are no longer great because we allowed certain elements, organized people, to slowly indoctrinate at least two generations and now into the third, thinking that the Constitution has caused all of our problems today when it is because We the People allowed those we elected to govern to turn away and ignore constitutional law. Socialism is acceptable in today’s American government, but not constitutional law; despite their illusion and rhetoric that they stand by the Constitution and their oaths of office.

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The Time to Decide What Type of Government You Want is NOW

What do you expect from your government?

What type of government do you think operates most efficiently?

First, a large institution operates less efficiently than a slim organized smaller entity. Indeed, the larger an institution grows, the more chance of fraud and waste.

Second, the larger institution requires more divisions and thus more people to operate, which increases cost of operation, especially when a private entity dictates employment – who can be employed and who can get fired.  An efficient institution that abides by the Rule of Law will cost less to operate.

What type of government would you like to have?

The founders of the United States were men of  intellect, educated in the classics of law and philosophy, and most were graduates of a college or university, except for Benjamin Franklin who, like Abraham Lincoln, was self-taught by reading profusely. Indeed, Mr. Franklin could speak French that was the diplomatic language of the day.

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Letter to the Editor: What Has Become of Our Nation?

Election 2012: Knowing Importance of Constitutional CongressLetter to Tawa City newspaper editor from a concerned citizen:

Election 2012 - Tax Reform Not Campaign Issue, AgainHas America become the land of the special interest and home of the double standard?

Let’s see: if we lie to the Congress, it’s a felony and if congress lies to us its just politics; if we dislike a black person, we’re racist and if a black dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment right; the government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and they do almost nothing for the victims; in public schools you can teach that homosexuality is OK, but you better not use the word GOD in the process; you can kill an unborn child, but its wrong to execute a mass murderer; we don’t burn books in America, we now rewrite them; we got rid of the communist and socialist threat by renaming them progressives; we are unable to close our border with Mexico, but have no problem protecting the 38th parallel in Korea; if you protest against President Obama’s policies you’re a terrorist, but if you burned an American flag or George Bush in effigy it was your 1st Amendment right.

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Odessa Files: Predictable Results

In August of 2009, Victor Davis Hanson wrote the predictable results of citizens falling for the lure of government control:

When radical leaders over the last 2,500 years have sought to enforce equality of results, their prescriptions were usually predictable: redistribution of property; cancellation of debts; incentives to bring out the vote and increase political participation among the poor; stigmatizing of the wealthy, whether through the extreme measure of ostracism or the more mundane forced liturgies; use of the court system to even the playing field by targeting the more prominent citizens; radical growth in government and government employment; the use of state employees as defenders of the egalitarian faith; bread-and-circus entitlements; inflation of the currency and greater national debt to lessen the power of accumulated capital; and radical sloganeering about reactionary enemies of the new state. 

Any of these points sound familiar?